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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

If you are working on a new YouTube channel or already have a channel and are trying to keep up with uploading new videos every week, you already know it takes ages to complete one video!

Hours turn into days as you research keywords, write scripts, brainstorm engaging titles, and check your competitors to find the perfect tags. This complete and honest Tube Magic review will check if this new AI tool for YouTubers really delivers!

I have been in the process of producing videos for my new YouTube channel for a while and doing everything by myself takes a huge amount of time!

This is why I constantly seek new ways to speed up this process. I jumped on the opportunity to sign up for Tube Magic by Matt Par and see what it can do for my video creation.

As a student of Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course, I’ve got a unique perspective on whether Tube Magic lives up to the principles taught in the course.

So, let’s dive deep and see if his software can truly implement the strategies that Matt shows in his course, but much faster!

What is Tube Magic By Matt Par

Tube Magic is a new AI tool for YouTubers. It speeds up the video creation, allowing users to create more videos in less time.

Tube Magic perfectly matches the needs of the faceless YouTuber!

Starting a faceless YouTube channel is one of the fully automated business ideas you can start online.

It can generate an engaging complete YouTube video script and give you ideas for new videos based on the content on your channel or your competitor’s channel.

Tube Magic also gives you the specific tags to use on your video when you upload it (so you don’t have to waste time doing keyword research) and also writes your video titles for you.

Tube Magic Matt Par


The original version of the software was called, and it was acquired by Matt Par, the young millionaire YouTuber, in March 2024. Since then, he has continued to develop it and add more exciting features.

A Complete & Honest Tube Magic Review –

Tube Magic Features

Tube Magic features

Generate Video Ideas –

The Video Ideas feature is used for the first phase of your video creation.

To get new video ideas, all you need to do is to put your YouTube channel handle or any channel within your niche, and Tube Magic will generate ideas for you.

You will get a new video idea for your channel every time you click the Generate button.

Here is an example: Let’s say I picked one of the YouTube channels in the affiliate marketing niche (this is Ross Minchev’s YouTube channel).

The video idea I got is ‘SEO Strategies to Boost Your Clickbank Earnings in 2024’ — that’s just perfect!

video ideas

If you like the video idea Tube Magic gave you, you can generate the script directly from this page by clicking the ‘Generate Script’ button.


Video Scripts

When you ask Tube Magic to generate a video script for you, you will write the title of the video, select the type of video, and specify the number of words your script should be. That’s it!

Video script generator

Once you click ‘Generate,’ your script will be ready in no time!

I took a screenshot of the intro of the new video script it generated for me –

AI script generator

Here are all the video script templates you can choose from –

A general script

A short (up to 60 seconds)

A ‘How-To’ video

A script outline

A list video

Script Outline

This feature is a huge time saver. If you want Tube Magic to generate the script outline for you so you can take it and elaborate on each bullet point yourself, this is the feature to use. Let’s see how it will generate an outline for our video. I took a screenshot of the beginning of the outline, as you can see it gives you not only the bullet point but also key points to discuss for each of these bullet points – 

Script outline

Good to note that the video script outline generates this outline based on Matt Par’s best practices that he follows when he creates Faceless YouTube videos. 

Video Research –

This is a really cool feature. By typing a keyword that you want to create a video for, you can get the most viral videos on YouTube for that keyword. You can also add filters like a Date Range, Views and Relevancy.

Here is an example of a search I did for the keyword ‘side hustle ideas’ (I took a screenshot of the first three results) –

YouTube Keyword Research

This is just a cool feature! If you have been using another YouTube tool just for keyword research on YouTube, you know how valuable this information is.

With TubeMagic, you can enter a seed keyword in your niche. The tool will generate all semantic and long-tail keywords, as well as their monthly search volume on YouTube, the competition, and the score that TubeMagic gives to that keyword, so you’ll know if it’s worth pursuing or not.

Here is a screenshot I took from searching the keyword – affiliate marketing (the screenshot is just taking the beginning of the page) – 

YouTube Keyword Research

Warp Upload

The Warp Upload tool will generate your video title, description, and tags! All you need to do is upload your video to YouTube as ‘unlisted’ and then copy and paste the URL of this unlisted video into TubeMagic.

TubeMagic will transcribe your video so it can give you the best meta data (title, description, and tags) to optimize your ranking on YouTube.

The tags are created by analyzing other viral videos in your niche to find the best ones for your video.

Logs Feature

All the video ideas and video scripts you create in Tube Magic are automatically stored and saved in the Logs section, so you won’t need to worry about losing any of your work. This is also good if you want to revisit something you started weeks or months ago.

Community Posts –

If you are not familiar with community posts, they are short-form content (which could be text, images, quizzes, polls, and more). Community posts are another way of engaging your audience by asking them to comment or answer questions on YouTube.

All you need to do to generate a community post for your YouTube channel is just put in your channel handle (or a competitor’s handle) and click ‘Generate.’

Here is an example I created by copying and pasting a competitor’s YouTube channel’s handle –

YouTube Community Post Generator

I would say that this is pretty good!

My Videos Tab

The videos tab is at the top menu; this is where all your complete videos will be saved.

Feature Ideas

Matt also wants to get customers’ feedback and see what other features they want to include in Tube Magic. Customers can post on the Future Ideas page, and Matt Par and his team will review their ideas.

You will be able to post your ideas and also vote on others’ people suggestions.

Have a look at the Featured Ideas page screenshot below –

What are Some of the Upcoming Features?

Here are some of the cool features that Matt is working on –

  • If you prefer your dashboard to be light in color, for example, you will be able to choose a light mode.

  • My Documents folder is coming soon.

  • The keyword research feature is also in progress! Once it is finished, you won’t have to pay for a separate YouTube keyword tool like VidIQ.

  • The TubeMagic keyword research tool will allow you to see a keyword’s monthly search volume, YouTube competition, and even the score that Tube Magic gives this keyword (combining the search and competition data) so you’ll know how easy or difficult it will be to rank your video on YouTube for this keyword.

  • Video summary and video chapter generators.

Tube Magic Facebook Group

The Tube Magic community is the place to get full support for any questions you have about the tool, whether you encounter problems or just want to make suggestions.

It is also a great place to engage and connect with other YouTubers who use this software.

Tube Magic Reviews

Tube Magic Reviews

Pros & Cons


Pros –

  • It saves hours of work for each video you create! It generates your video scripts, helps you develop video ideas, writes engaging titles, and even researches the best tags you want to add to your videos.
  • Very user-friendly layout and dashboard. There is no need to watch lengthy tutorials or waste time figuring out how to use this software. When you click on the ‘AI Tools’ tab, you can see all the tools in front of you, and all other settings are on the left-hand side menu.
  • Tube Magic gets new updates every month! Matt Par generates a few hundred thousand dollars a year just from ads on his faceless YouTube channels, and as a super-motivated person, he is updating this software according to his needs.
  • You get access to a community of YouTubers using the software and Matt himself, who responds to questions about the software and records feedback from the community.



The monthly price can be a bit expensive for beginners. However, if you calculate the time it takes you to do all these tasks yourself (like research, scripting, finding tags, etc.), you would probably conclude that saving 2-3  days of work every month is worth much more than $47.

Tube Magic Pricing

Tube Magic costs $47 a month and includes all the features.

This software has no limitations, which means you can generate endless scripts, outlines, community posts, and more.

The $47 launch price means that as time passes and Matt adds new features, the price will increase.

If you hire a script writer to write the scripts for you, they will probably charge $50 – $100 per script, depending on its length.

Sign up for the yearly plan right from the start to get a huge $120 yearly Tube Magic discount.

Is Matt Par Legit?

As a student of Matt Par’s YouTube course for over a year now, I can tell you firsthand that Matt Par is legit and puts a lot of effort into everything he does.

Matt has become a multi-millionaire by starting faceless YouTube channels (and today has 13 of them!), making money from YouTube ads, affiliate commissions, and selling his flagship course, Tube Mastery and Monetization.


Tube Magic will absolutely shorten your journey of growing on YouTube, allowing you to upload more videos to your YouTube channel and earn more income from YouTube!

This post was a complete Tube Magic review.

If you are serious about making your YouTube channel a success this year and starting to make money from YouTube ads and affiliate commissions, then having a system in place is the perfect way to do this.

By using a system for producing your videos and an advanced AI tool designed especially for YouTubers, you will be able to make significant progress much faster.


This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! We only recommend courses & tools that we bought, used, and loved! Thank you for supporting the Busy Mom Side Hustle blog. For more information, visit my disclaimer page.

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