12 Side Hustles for Working Moms 2024 – Profitable Trends

Last Updated: December 22, 2023

Do you have some ideas running through your head and wondering what could be profitable side hustles for working moms?

Whether you are a full-time working mom or a part-time working mom, you will find that fitting a side hustle into your busy life is a huge challenge. Trying to balance your day job with a side business on top of your never-ending work of taking care of your kids will need a lot of planning.

This is why starting with the right idea for your side hustle is important because working moms already have a lot going on in their lives.
In this post, you are not going to become a cleaner or an Uber driver. Not because you can’t make money doing this stuff, sure you can, but because if you want to plan
for the long run – how your side hustle can turn into a full income (and even more than that), then taking cleaning jobs is not the right way to go. So let’s start with the best side hustles for working moms 2024 that will not only be profitable but also will fit your schedule, and you can do it from home. Let’s start.

Side Hustles for Working Moms 2024

1. Start a faceless YouTube Channel

Recording videos without showing your face has become one of the most profitable trends since 2023, and with the use of AI, it is now so much easier to make money on YouTube if you are an introvert or don’t feel like showing your face. If you don’t want to record your voice – there is a solution for this as well: using AI software that sounds almost identical to a human voice.

So, what videos can you make on your faceless YouTube channel? These could be informational videos on a specific topic like personal development, cooking, Psychology, dogs, finance and budgeting, or almost anything you want!

As long as you provide value with your videos and people are looking for information about this topic on YouTube, you are on the right track! If this interests you, check out our step-by-step guide on How to Make YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face.


How Can You Make Money with a Faceless YouTube Channel?

There are several ways to make money on YouTube, and the first is by placing ads on your YouTube videos. To monetize, you must reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours first. It sounds like a lot, but the truth is that if you do your research and create valuable videos, you can get there sooner than you think.

The other 2 ways to make money on YouTube are affiliate marketing and brand sponsorships.

With affiliate marketing, you can link to products you recommend in your videos just below the videos, and people can click and buy the product through your link – that way, you will get a commission.

With brand sponsorships – when you start to grow an audience on YouTube, brands will begin reaching out to you to sponsor your videos; this could mean thousands of dollars per sponsor deal (depending on how many subscribers you have and how engaged they are with your brand).


Starting a faceless YouTube channel is one of the best side hustles for working moms.

Not only can you do it from home, of course, with your laptop, but there is no need to be in front of the computer at specific times to publish your videos on YouTube; everything can be scheduled upfront! How awesome is that? You can create a video on the weekend and schedule it to be published during the week when you are at work!


How Much Can You Make From Your Faceless YouTube Channel?

In the beginning, when you’ll just get monetized, you will make a couple hundred dollars. But as your channel grows and people continue to watch videos you uploaded even 1-2 years ago, you can easily make a few thousand and even $10k+ a month from your YouTube channel (the sky is the limit when you combine all these income streams and you are not just relying on YouTube ads).

2. Video Editor

This is really easy to start and set up, even if you haven’t done any video editing. You can download a free video editor to your computer and watch free tutorials on YouTube to get going. Some of the popular video editing software you can check out are iMovie (for Mac users), HitFilm, OpenShot and more.

Once you have edited a few video examples and you are ready to go, there are 2 ways to start making money with this skill –

The first one (from one of my favorite YouTubers, Ali Abdaal) is to go to the channel of your favorite YouTubers, download a video from their channel, edit it in a unique way and then send it to them for free and say something like – Hey, I like your work, I edited one of your videos for free, and if you like it I am happy for you to use it and would be happy to discuss more video editing opportunities. That way, they get to see your work for free, and if they like it, it would be much easier to start working with them.

The second option is to open an Upwork account, advertise your skills as a video editor, and start working with other businesses looking for a video editor. In time and as you build a good reputation on the platform and gain experience, you can raise your prices and easily make a full-time income just from editing videos.


How much does a video editor make?

If you go on Upwork, you can see that video editors are making from $20 an hour and up to $100 an hour, depending on experience and reviews.


Can you work from home as a video editor?

Well, this is one of those jobs that there is no benefit whatsoever for you to go anywhere to do video editing. All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection, video editing software and video editing skills. You can work flexibly on your own time and build your profile as a professional, experienced video editor over time.

3. Instagram Account Manager

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social network that has been growing rapidly in the past few years and is being used by about 1.4 billion people worldwide.
As more and more businesses use Instagram these days, Instagram marketing is becoming more popular as a freelance job or a career.


What Does an Instagram Account Manager Do?

Building a community of followers engaged with the brand,
Creating sharable posts, short videos and creative images,
Responding to followers’ comments and managing campaigns.


How to become a successful Instagram Account Manager?

These are the skills that you would need to have in order to become a successful Instagram manager –

  • Creativity, the ability to write short pieces of content that really engage people (copywriting),
  • Staying on top of new Instagram trends,
  • Basic design skills and
  • Basic video editing skills would be pretty useful to have – all of these can be easily learned!


How much does an Instagram manager make?

As a full-time salary, you can make between USD $6000 and $8000 a month; yes, no degree is required! 🙂
If you manage Instagram accounts as a freelancer, you can make about USD $500 per client a month (for small businesses), and when you gain more experience, you can charge much more than that.

This is an extremely flexible job that you can do from anywhere in the world and on your own time.

4. Facebook Business Page Manager

No matter how popular YouTube and Instagram have become, Facebook still has its own unique share of social media users. This is still the most popular social media platform.

Many businesses are using Facebook to engage and communicate with their customers and build a following.


What does a Facebook Page Manager do?

Create engaging banners for Facebook (no need to be a graphic designer to be able to do that)
Write compelling posts and share them on Facebook a few times a week or even daily.
Respond to customers’ questions and comments.
Post engaging content like short videos, surveys, competitions, rewards and more.
This can also include running a Facebook group.


How much does a Facebook page manager make?

As a Facebook page manager, you can start from $25 per hour; however, if you can also provide page analysis, do the graphic design or even run Facebook campaigns -you can even make $100 per hour.


Can you work from home as a Facebook page manager?

Yep, 100% of your work can be done from home and on your own time. You can even schedule the time your posts will be published on Facebook upfront if you can’t be in front of the computer to post them then.

5. YouTube Channel Manager

The number of successful YouTubers posting regularly on YouTube and making it their full-time job is growing steadily.
They are building their brand through their videos, growing a community and a following, building partnerships with other influencers and growing their business.

So how do they make money out of it? They are also selling their products to their community, making partnerships with other brands and earning a commission by doing that. And, of course, getting paid by YouTube for the ads that are shown on their channel.

As preparing the content and shooting the videos is already a very time-consuming task, they need someone to help with all the admin tasks involved with uploading a video to YouTube.

What does a YouTube channel manager do?

  • Basic video editing skills (like cutting off separate parts of the video or adding an intro at the beginning etc.)
  • Creating a thumbnail for each video (a thumbnail is a banner that you can upload to YouTube and includes an image and an engaging title for the video (so a thumbnail is what people see before they click on the video).
  • Creating an engaging title for the video and writing the video description.
    Experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


If that business has a website, it could also include uploading the new video to its website and writing the video’s transcript.

How much can you earn as a YouTube channel manager? In the US, if you are a beginner, your salary can start from $63,000, and when you get more experienced, it can even go up to $162,000 per year! (this is according to the Glassdoor website).

Can you do this job from home on your own time? Absolutely. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.

6. Creative Side Hustles for Working Moms – Sell Your Handmade Products Online

Today it is much much easier to start selling handmade products with little money. There is no need to have a physical store anymore, pay rent, and stand all day to sell your products to customers. These days are gone. Today you can sell your products from anywhere in the world to customers worldwide easily through the internet.

All you need to do is, once you create your products, start selling them online. Here are some of the options for you to create your own virtual shop online:

The easiest way to sell your handmade products is on Etsy. Etsy is an eCommerce website that allows sellers to sell their handmade or vintage crafts online for a small fee. You can create your own store on their website to upload images of your products, have a profile and write about yourself and your products, communicate with customers, and charge customers online using Etsy’s secure payment option (Etsy Payments).

What are some of the products that people sell there? Jewelry, bags, clothing, candles, woodwork, toys, art, drawings, and so much more!

If you have a hobby and want to create and sell your products, this platform is the way to go about it.

Before starting an Etsy shop, you would need to validate your product ideas, so you don’t end up wasting your time creating products that eventually won’t sell! Check out our post, ‘Best Etsy SEO Tools‘ to start your market research.


How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

A listing fee of USD 0.20 for each item that you list on Etsy US (this is just at the beginning when you list a new product on your shop) – and this fee is renewable every four months.

A transaction fee of 5% of the price you charge for the product plus the amount you charge for delivery and gift wrapping.

The second option is selling your products on eBay (no opportunity to build your brand and market your store). The last option is having your own website built for your store – this is the most complicated option as it costs a lot to create your own eCommerce store, and you will also need to do all the marketing yourself – which will take most of your time.

How much can you make selling your own products? Well, the sky is the limit😊the more customers you have – the more you can sell and make a profit as long as you can keep up with demand.

Can you do that from home? Yes, this is your business. You can work and create your products from wherever you choose and on your own time.

7. Side Hustles for Working Moms – Virtual Assistant


What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant can be a freelance paid by the hour or a part-time or full-time job. In all these cases – you are 100% working from home (virtual! Yay!).
So What does a virtual assistant do? It can be anything from scheduling appointments and organising calendars, answering customers’ phone calls, replying to emails during the day, arranging venues for meetings and conferences, coordinating the social media and marketing work with the social media manager and the graphic designer, or answering questions on the Business Facebook page.

It could be supporting an entrepreneur who is also working from his home or a business that requires more admin support from a remote location.

The absolute advantage of this job is that it doesn’t require you to learn or have complicated skills, and it is a 100% home-based job that you can start very quickly! You will need a good internet connection, a laptop and basic computer and office skills.


How much does a virtual assistant make?

Depending on your experience and the services you can provide, it can start from about $20 an hour in the US and go up to $40 – $50 an hour and even more.

8. Online Tutoring for Kids or Virtual Tutoring

Not only has the world gone through the Covid pandemic (and will continue to deal with it in the near future), but the business world has changed, and people are much more open to having online training instead of meeting face to face for every lesson. Online training can easily be with Teams (part of Microsoft 365) or with Skype.


What are the most popular trends in virtual tutoring?

Teaching a language (if you know a language very well – like an English native speaker, or you know another language like Spanish, Italian, French etc. You can tutor adults or kids from the area where you live or even from anywhere in the world. Becoming a virtual tutor doesn’t require you to spend money on travel and not even organise your home before a student comes.

All you need is your laptop, a good internet connection and software that you can work with to deliver the lesson, present your screen and communicate with your student with video. I work with Teams a lot, and it is very reliable and user-friendly software to use for meetings, tutoring and coaching.


What can you teach virtually?

You can teach kids Math, Chemistry, Science or anything that you know and can help with their school’s learning. You can teach how to play an instrument like a guitar, a flute, or a violin or even teach music to help kids with their music studies at school.

The demand for online tutoring has grown rapidly in the past two years, and almost anything can now be learnable online, even cooking classes and art!

How much does an online tutor make? It depends on the subject you are teaching and how experienced you are. Depending on the subject, you can start from $30 an hour and grow to even $70 – $80 an hour.

9. Side Hustles for Working Moms – Basic Graphic Design Services

As social media platforms continue to grow, there is a steep rise in demand for digital marketing materials! If you have an eye for design and know what colors can work well together or how to put a compelling presentation together, then there is so much that you can do!

Today, you can quickly provide graphic design services without having any graphic design skills and without using any complex graphic design software like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. You can use Canva Editor (a free online editor) to create beautiful designs using their beautiful templates and create any marketing material for brands and businesses without any graphic design skills.

What can you do with Canva templates?

Create presentations (from business presentations to special occasion presentations – like anniversaries, significant birthdays, graduations and more), design posters, design Instagram posts and Facebook posts, photo collages, beautiful invitations, YouTube thumbnails and all kinds of social media banners, Ebook covers and more.

You can use Canva for free and use all their hundreds of free designs, or you can use Canva Pro for more special design templates, options to resize your design, remove background from images, use a huge amount of stock photos and videos included in the Canva Pro subscription (Canva pro is only $120 per year!).

All templates and designs are very user-friendly; all you need to do is start! You can start by doing the easiest jobs, like removing background from images – this will only take you a few minutes, and you can charge about $10 for that. You can continue from there and specialise in things like creating social media banners or beautiful presentations.

10. Websites Building Without Any Technical Knowledge or Skills

Website building is a very profitable business that you can do from home on your own time. There is no real urgency when you are working on a project like this, and you can choose to spend a few hours in the middle of the week or invest large blocks of time on the weekends. Today there are a lot of website-building platforms that were designed especially for business owners, so they can build their own websites without having any technical knowledge.

However, it does take time initially to learn how to do it. It’s not complicated in any way. All you need to do is invest the time. In the past years, many businesses started with the idea of using these platforms to build websites for customers – without any technical knowledge, so if they can do it, you can too!“Repetition is the mother of skill,” said Tony Robbins, and I truly believe it and implement that in my life. All you need is time to invest in learning that and practice.

If you do something, again and again, it will get easier, faster and better. Here are my two favourite and easy platforms to go to if you want to build a beautiful website without any knowledge or technical skills – these are Wix and Squarespace.

11. Website Building (When You Have Some Technical Skills)

If, by any chance, you are a programmer and know how to handle code, I recommend you start to get familiar with WordPress. This is an extremely user-friendly platform, but only if you understand how servers, code and plugins work. This platform will save you 90% of the work of building a website, and if you also choose a beautiful theme – you will have an already-made design, and all you will need to do is install it.

No matter what skill you have, the world has changed, and new opportunities are becoming more and more profitable and efficient for busy moms to make the income they want flexibly – on their own time and from home. Choose one thing you can do from this article side hustles for working moms 2024 trends, plan, and start today.

One step at a time consistently will enable you to build the life you always wanted.

12. Pinterest Account Manager

Pinterest has become the best social media for bloggers. Why is that? Because it is an easy traffic channel where you can get traffic for free to your blog and much faster than Google SEO. Also, the vast majority of Pinterest’s audience is US-based, which is exactly the audience the media companies are looking for before they can approve your blog to join their program and earn money from ads.


What Does a Pinterest Manager Do?

The main goal of a Pinterest manager is to grow the customer’s Pinterest account. Grow their views, their following and the click-through rate to the customer’s website. Managing a Pinterest account involves creating engaging pins and uploading them to Pinterest.

The number of pins to create will change from customer to customer, depending on the marketing package they have signed with you. Some customers will ask for 2-3 pins a day, while others will have bigger accounts and will ask you to create and publish 5-10 pins a day.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create pins for Pinterest, in fact, the biggest accounts on Pinterest are not run by graphic designers. You can easily create pins on Canva by using the free stockphtos (or your customer’s photos) and adding engaging titles.

Another part of the job would be scheduling the pins to be posted on Pinterest at specific times and days. This could be done with the Tailwind app or with the Pinterest Scheduler.

If you want to master Pinterest and start making money as a Pinterest manager, check out all the details of By Sophia Lee’s Pinterest Course here.


How Much Does A Pinterest Manager Make?

As a Pinterest manager, you can be paid an hourly rate or can charge a fixed amount for a monthly package. As a beginner, you can be paid $20 -$25, however, with experience, you can charge $50 – $80 an hour.

You can also create Pinterest marketing packages for your clients where they can decide how many pins you would create and schedule for the whole month for them and decide on the price accordingly. Depending on the experience, this could start from $500 a month to $2000 a month.


Can You Work From Home As A Pinterest Manager

Being a Pinterest manager is the perfect job to do from home. Not only can you do it from home, you can do it at any time of the day and also only on weekends if you want. Using the Pinterest scheduler will allow you to create all the pins on the weekend and schedule them to be published during the week at specific hours, not having to be there at all!

All of these ideas I’ve done myself and with no technical knowledge.

If I could do it, then you can too. Try it:)

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you!

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