Perfecting Email By Sophia Lee Review 2024 – Is It worth it?

Last Updated: March 29, 2024

Do you want to start an email list for your website but don’t know where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the buzzwords that gurus throw at you, like automation and segmentation?

If so, then I have great news!

I’ve recently completed By Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Email course and can tell you all the nitty-gritty of this course so you can decide if this is the right course for you!

Building an email list is one of the most efficient ways to build a community of loyal customers who want to buy from you again and again, come back to your blog, and click on your affiliate links.

In this article, I will review Sophia Lee’s email course and tell you about the lessons, the pros and cons, and what to expect. Yes, I will cover all the ins and outs of the course that you can’t find on the course page.

So, let’s dive into the Perfecting Email By Sophia Lee review.

Perfecting Email By Sophia Lee's Email Course

Get all the secrets of Sophia Lee, a seven-figure blogger, to building a profitable 100k-subscriber email list!

Table of Contents

Perfecting Email Overview

Sophia Lee founded the successful By Sophia Lee blog and created three digital courses: Perfecting Blogging, Perfecting Pinterest, and Perfecting Email.

Only a year after starting her blog, she decided to start her email list. What began as a simple list has become a complete email strategy that includes 6 different email sequences and a weekly newsletter.

These lists have tremendously increased her profits from her physical product sales, courses, affiliate commissions, sponsorships, and even her earnings from advertisements on her site.


What Is Perfecting Email

Perfecting Email is the course that covers all of Sophia’s tried-and-tested strategies. In it, she reveals everything she does to get new subscribers into her lists, increase conversions and click-through rates, and, most importantly, her bottom line.

Oh yes, another thing included in the course is complete training on creating a free printable to help you get new subscribers faster.


Here are some interesting facts about the results that Sophia Lee managed to achieve with her email lists –

  • 33% opening rates for her emails (absolutely insane results!)

  • Over 116,000 email subscribers (data from the Welcome Module of Perfecting Email, 2022)

  • She has a 4.3% CTR on her links
    (click-through rates in an email are the percentage of people who clicked on a link in your email out of the number of people who opened your email).
Sophia Lee blogger stats

Who Delivers the Course?

Sophia Lee teaches most of the course, and Sarah (her business partner and the Operation Manager at By Sophia Lee) teaches two lessons about the Active Campaign autoresponder.

Who is Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee is a multi-millionaire blogger (making over six figures a month from her blog). Sophia Lee’s blogging journey started as a side hustle when she was 19 and about to begin her sophomore year in college.

When she started her blog, her goal was to earn money to pay for her college tuition, after seeing many moms successfully do that. She had no previous experience or knowledge of blogging, SEO, or digital marketing.

Today, she has over 900,000 followers and subscribers on all her social media platforms, including her email list, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

By Sophia Lee blogging

Perfecting Email Pros and Cons


  • Easy to understand – The Perfecting Email course is easy to understand. Like all other Sophia Lee courses, she explains everything in very simple words.

  • This is a practical course – it is not a theory. Sophia shows exactly how she does everything she teaches, step by step, including the design aspect of her emails and opt-ins.

  • There are lots of Examples from her website for every kind of email automation she teaches (including the copy, the strategy, the planning, and the design).

  • Very affordable – the full price of the course is $299, and you can get 19% off if you buy the Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle.

  • Great match for beginners – easy to implement even if you didn’t have an email list before.

  • Printable design tutorial – so you can start designing your own printables as a free opt-in for your subscribers.


  • You’ll need to learn how to set up an email automation sequence technically.

  • Sophia uses LeadPages and ClickUp to show her processes (although these are not necessary).

  • Building a big email list can take a long time.


Sophia built this course reflecting her exact email strategies, and you can tell that much thought went into it. Whether it is building engagement with your subscribers, selling your product, or increasing your affiliate commissions, she has done it all.

What’s Included in Perfecting Email

Welcome to the Perfecting Email Master Course

  • All the benefits of having an email list

  • Showing the stats of her success with her email journey and what the course will cover.

  • What to expect when growing your email list – Sophia sets clear expectations (like she did in Perfecting Blogging). Building an email list is not an overnight success.

  • Two pages of important glossary.
Perfecting Email

PART 1: The WET Ingredients of Email

All about creative printables that people want

  • How Sophia uses her printables as opt-ins
  • How to make people want to sign up for your email list
  • Six types of printables & gifts you want to consider, and which ones convert the best
  • Sophia’s process of creating free guides to use as opt-ins
  • How to best organize multiple printables (multiple opt-ins) on your website

The Secrets to Successful Opt-Ins

  • What are opt-ins? (and some examples from Sophia Lee’s website)

  • All the locations you need to put your opt-ins on your website for maximum conversions

  • Where to put your focus when you have multiple opt-ins on your website

  • Where to put different types of opt-ins

  • Trigger rules for pop-up opt-ins

  • How can you save all the types of opt-ins as templates and save an enormous amount of time every time you use them?

  • Create your profitable funnel. Learn about tripwires and how to make a low-priced product offer incredibly irresistible, from your free opt-in to an upsell.

  • Sophia uses four forms in Active Campaigns: in-line, Floating Box, Modular Pop-up, and Floating Bar.

  • How to start the form creation in Active Campaign and ConvertKit

  • The types of landing pages Sophia uses from Active Campaign.

  • Do you need to use a single opt-in or a double opt-in?

A Real-Life Example

  • Sophia shows how she creates a printable from scratch using Canva. Then, you can create your own printable for your irresistible free opt-in offer.

  • A step-by-step training on creating and designing your opt-in box with Canva and Active Campaign. It’s simple to follow, and the result is beautiful!

  • Create a pop-up in LeadPages and integrate it with your autoresponder (using LeadPages is not a must)!

  • Create your form in Active Campaign and publish it on your website.

  • A complete process from start to finish, including copy examples from Sophia Lee’s blog and step-by-step training on designing beautiful opt-in boxes with Canva.

  • How to make sure your forms look good on mobile and make the necessary changes.

  • Pop-up opt-ins – how they work, how to set it up, and design it in Active Campaigns.

  • The master list and subsequent lists segmentation – how new subscribers are divided between these email lists.

  • The technical process of generating the code from Active Campaign and implementing that on the form on your website.
Perfecting Email modules

The Dry Ingredients of Email

  • Creating your email sequences and automation, your welcome email, segmentation of your subscribers, weekly newsletters, and more.
  • About the 4 types of emails that are part of Sophia Lee’s email strategy
  • Open rates and click-through rates (CTR)


The Million Types of Emails We Send (and how we’ve perfected this strategy)

  • First Email tips and what to focus on
  • First email example from Sophia Lee’s blog – a rundown of the elements, the structure, and the VERY appealing design!
  • How to link your printables to your first email.


Welcome Sequences

  • How to build a Welcome Sequence for your audience that will successfully achieve these two goals—building trust and generating income!

  • Sophia’s email strategy includes 6 types of emails (including soft and hard sale emails). Sophia explains how to use them for your business and shows an example of one of her welcome sequences.

  • Optimal wait time between each email in the email sequence (not to overwhelm your readers but at the same time build their trust).

  • What do you add to the bottom part of your emails to increase engagement and profit?

  • How to prevent your emails from ending in your subscribers’ spam folder.

You Will Love Automation (the key to ROI in your emails)

  • Email automation strategies for different lists.
  • A walkthrough in Active Campaign – how to set up an email automation sequence.
  • How to use the Tagging and segmentation features to gather more information about your subscribers,  divert them to the right email sequence, and get better results.

All About Weekly Emails

  • The 3 types of newsletters Sophia uses in her email strategy
  • Setting up your goals for your weekly newsletter.
  • Test your newsletter results – the Sophia’s way.
  • What is segmenting, and how do you use it to increase your results

Email Sales – Earning money from your emails!

  • 3 main ways to make money with your email list.
  • The sales sequence strategy – what to include and what is the optimal timing for sending each email.
  • Some tips and tricks to increase your sales (tested over and over again)! 

The Big Switch to Active Campaign

  • If you are thinking of switching to a different email provider than the one you are using, these tips are worth watching.

  • A walkthrough of Active Campaign –
    • Reports & Statistics and what you can learn about your audience
    • How to stay organized by using labels and folders
    • How to gather information about your contacts

Unsubscribes & Cleaning Out Your Email List

  • How to ensure your list is ‘healthy’ and how to ‘clean’ your email list.

  • How to create a Re-engagement Automation Sequence.


Perfecting Email Bonuses

Lifetime Access to Course Updates

Like all of Sophia Lee’s courses, when you enroll in her course, you will get lifetime access to all future updates.

Sophia stands behind her courses and continues improving and changing them according to the new strategies she tests and implements in her business.

Free Templates

  • First Email Template

  • Second Email Template

Community & Support

In the private Facebook group, you can get support from other course members and from By Sophia Lee’s team.

This group is the community for all Sophia Lee’s courses.

Perfecting Email course community

Perfecting Email – FAQ

Which Tools Sophia Uses in Perfecting Email

  • Active Campaign (paid) – Sophia uses it for emails and landing pages (so there is no need to pay for a separate tool. She used to work with Leadpages for landing pages). All strategies can be used on other platforms.
  • Photo editing software – Canva (free)
  • Thrive Architect for designing her blog posts (not a must)
  • ClickUp – project management software (not a must)


Is There a Perfecting Email Discount?

The price of Perfecting Email is $299.

How Can You Get a 19% Discount?

If you sign up for the Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle (which includes all three of Sophia Lee’s courses—Perfecting Blogging, Perfecting Pinterest, and Perfecting Email)—you will get a 19% discount on all three courses!

Wrapping Up the Perfecting Email By Sophia Lee Review

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly email course that can help you grow an email list steadily and give you many ideas for your free opt-ins and email sequences, I highly recommend you check out Perfecting Email.

Perfecting Email will teach you how to start an email list from scratch for your blog, even if you have no idea where to begin.

It will give you the strategy and thinking behind your first email sequence, multiple ways to increase your monthly revenue, and even design tips for your forms and newsletters!


The Perfecting Email course is not a theory course. Sophia Lee has tried and tested all the strategies that she teaches, and her results are significant!

The segmentation of her email lists is fascinating, and any business can learn a lot from her email strategies.

If you want to start and grow a profitable email list, join Perfecting Email (Sophia Lee’s email course) today and make your business unstoppable.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! We only recommend courses that we bought, used, and loved! Thank you for supporting our blog.

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