Honest Neuronwriter Review 2024 – How I Rank My Posts FAST!

Last Updated: May 14, 2024

Are you spending too much time writing every blog post? Do you put all your time and effort into writing well-crafted content, but your articles are not ranking on Google’s first page? Not to worry! In this post, I will reveal the method that the top websites use these days and how it can easily benefit your Google rankings and save you a lot of time!

This NeuronWriter review is based on my own experience with the tool, working with it since 2023 for SEO optimization and AI writing.

Using AI software (like Neuronwriter) for digital marketing and online businesses has become a big part of content marketing. In the past, SEO specialists had to edit the content manually, following lists of SEO strategies, for the content to be pushed in search.

Today, plenty of AI tools can help us do that. One of the most popular AI writing tools is Neuronwriter.

I came across this tool in 2023, and after reading reviews of content writers, I decided to buy it and see how it works.

Today, I can tell you that no post has been published on my website before it goes through the Neuronwriter optimization process!

New posts that I wrote and optimized with Neuron ranked very fast on Google. Old posts that I updated with the help of Neuronwriter started showing up in searches and getting traffic from Google.

As my traffic grew, so did my blogging income. The results speak for themselves, and I am going to share with you how this tool can work for you, too.

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Get all your posts fully SEO-optimized, rank faster on Google and drive more traffic to your website!

What is Neuronwriter? A quick overview

Neuronwriter is an advanced AI content writer and an on-page SEO content optimization tool. The tool is perfectly designed to optimize content for SEO and provides top-notch SEO recommendations based on advanced competition analysis.

The tool’s user-friendly interface allows beginners to use it easily and implement the recommendations without needing prior SEO knowledge, making the content creation process smoother and more efficient.

Most importantly, Neuronwriter helps you create content that ranks much higher and faster is search results while saving you a lot of time editing your content and researching your competitors.

Key Features of Neuronwriter


Create Projects by Domain/ by Topic

Starting a New Project – 

How to use Neuronwriter

A new project can refer to a specific website. If you have several websites, you can start a new project for each of them. Under each project, you will start a new query for every piece of content that you want to write with Neuron or optimize.

You can also start a new project for a specific topic and organize your content according to the topics on your website. For that, you will choose ‘Project not related to a domain’.

After you enter your domain name, the next screen is where you will provide more information to Neuron about your default search engine (where you would like to rank) – in my example, I chose as my target audience is from the US.

The Default Language I chose is English. It’s important to give the tool the correct information; this is how it will be able to search for your true competitors on the first page and will give you better-optimized recommendations.

Neuron writer

Neuronwriter Content Editor & Content Optimization – My Favorite Feature!!

To optimize your new content for search or an old one already published on your website, you need to start a ‘New Query’ under the relevant project. For this example, let’s take the personal finance test blog. Let’s explore these two options: ‘new content’ and ‘optimize content’.


Neuronwriter new query

Neuronwriting Review – Content Writing Tool (AI Writing Capabilities)

Neuronwriter has great AI writing capabilities, and I will show you an example later in this post so you can see how this feature sets Neuronwriter apart from other AI writing tools.

I want to rank/ create content for – this is where you put the keyword you would like to rank for. In my example – the keyword I want to rank for is ‘how to save money with coupons’ (note that this is not the title of your post, only your main keyword).


Advanced Settings – here, you can choose up to 5 articles that rank for this keyword and you think are of good quality. Neuron can analyze these articles and give you accurate recommendations for terms to include, headlines, and how to optimize your content for this specific keyword.

As you can see, you can also add additional semantic keywords that are important to include.

When you are done and click on the START button, Neuron will start analyzing the data –

Neuronwriter AI writing

First-Page Competitors’ Analyzer

Now, you can select your ‘true competitors’ for this specific article. For each post you write, you will have different competitors—these are the pages that rank on the first page for this specific keyword you are targeting (the content score will help you decide on the best ones).

choose competitors

Target Content Score

This AI writing tool will give you an overall SEO score for your optimized content based on the content score of the pages that rank on the first page. For our post example, based on the competitors that rank for the keyword ‘how to save money with coupons’, we would need a content score of 84 to be able to compete (that’s pretty high).

Here is the initial score for our post example after writing the title, the description, the intro, and the outline –

SEO score

When you start writing the content for each of these paragraphs (or generate them with Neuron AI), you will see the score increasing until you reach your target score.

AI Writing – Ai Generated Content Creator & Content Management – All Features


Article Intro –

You can have Neuron write an article intro for you. You can include the main keyword, additional terms, specific bullet points you want, and even the tone of voice (there are 8 of them: neutral, formal, informal, witty, funny, serious, respectful, and motivating).

article intro AI promot

Have a look at the result. This is absolutely amazing –

AI generated intro

Semantic SEO – Terms Suggestions

The Semantic Terms Suggestions feature is one of the best tools for obtaining SEO-optimized content and increasing your content score.

The tool will scan your content and highlight in green the terms you already included and in grey the terms you still need to include. Terms highlighted in yellow are terms you used a bit more than recommended, while those highlighted in red indicate excessive term use in your content.


Expand Text

You can start the sentence, and it will finish your writing.


Rephrase Text

Wrote something, and you think it is not good enough? Let the tool rewrite it for you.


Content Plan

Neuronwriter provides a complete content plan for a specific topic to gain topical authority.


Topical Map

Create a topical map for a specific subject you want to develop content for on your website.


Article Topic Ideas

Put in the keywords you want to target, and the tool will generate all relevant topic ideas based on these keywords.


Article Outline

Developing the right post outline is your first step in writing a new blog post. If you do it yourself, it can take 30 – 45 mins. Because Neuronwriter is an AI-powered tool, it can generate your outline for you with one click based on the keyword you want to target.

To generate an outline for your new post, all you have to do is put the main keyword you are trying to rank for and click ‘Write for me’

Article outline prompt

Look at the outline we got just from entering the main keyword of our post. The result is a comprehensive outline covering every bullet point we can think of to answer the customer’s intent.


Generate your post title based on terms and keywords your competitors use to get the best and most optimized title.


Get a well-crafter description based on specific relevant terms and keywords.

Write a Paragraph

Generate a complete paragraph for a heading including specific terms.


Generate a FAQ for your post and include relevant terms and keywords.

Product Description

Do you sell products on your website? This feature will generate a description for each product, including relevant words.

Category Description

Generate a description for each blog post category on your site.

Product Reviews

Writing product reviews for you so you can write more transactional content in less time.

YouTube Description

Generating descriptions for your YouTube videos while including relevant keywords.


Write an email based on the headings that you want to include.

Plagiarism Checker

If you use the AI content generator to write your article, it is always good to use the Plagiarism Checker to make sure this content is original. As long as you give your prompts to the tool, like specific sub-headings you want to include and specific keywords, and also edit the content, it is more likely you will generate new and original content.

Here is the result we got with the plagiarism check for the intro that was all AI generated (and this is because we put in our specific prompts, ideas, and keywords to use) –

plagiarism check

Internal Links Suggestions

The tool can suggest adding internal links between your posts on your website.

Next Content Ideas

 This feature is amazing! Based on a specific post you wrote, the tool can research for you and give you content ideas and a complete, engaging title for each of these new topics. You can select which one you want to add to your content plan. 

Neuron Academy

This is where you can find video tutorials on how to use all the tool’s features, start a new project, optimize content on your site for SEO, or optimize new content you wrote.


Chat Support

Neurowwriter offers support via chat, so if you ever get stuck or don’t know where to find something, you can easily chat with them and get an answer

Assign tasks to your team

If you have content writers or editors to whom you want to assign tasks such as writing/optimizing/updating old content, you can add them in your Team Settings. Their names will show up under ‘Assign to’ when you create a new task, so you can assign, for example, the writing of a new post to someone on your team once you create the new query for this.


Pros and Cons of Neuronwriter


  • Perfect SEO optimization tool – Neuronwriter is a game-changer if you want to optimize your content for SEO. The semantic term suggestions, heading checks, title and description optimization, and content score – all of these features work together to turn your content into a well-optimized post. You can use Neuronwriter to rank high in search and by that, increase the traffic to your website.

  • User-friendly interface – features are simple to use, and the layout is logical and easy to work with. It is easy to find what you need and start working straight away.

  • You can save your work and come back to it later. If you can’t optimize your post in one go, don’t worry. You can save it, return to it later, and continue where you left off.

  • Pricing is so affordable! especially if you buy it with a one-time deal. I bought the 3-code pack, and it is more than enough for what I need and includes all the features.

  • The tool is updated regularly, and new features are added every month! This tool has huge capabilities.

  • Neuronwriter integrates with WordPress and Google Docs.

  • The features of this tool can produce high-quality results – if this is the AI writing tool, the title and description generator, or the article outline generator -they all work great, and the content they generate is high-quality and useful.


  • There is not enough video training on the platform. There are a few short videos, but not for all the features. However, it is good to mention that new videos are added constantly under the Neuron Academy tab, and they have also started offering live training webinars.

Neuronwriter Pricing Plans

Neuronwriter offers yearly and monthly pricing plans on their website:

  • Bronze Plan – $19 a month (2 projects, 25 content analysis, 15 AI credits)

  • Silver Plan – $37 a month (5 projects, 50 content analysis, 30 AI credits)

  • Gold Plan – $57 a month (one-click articles, Plagiarism checks, integrations, custom AI templates, 10 projects, 75 content analysis, 45 AI credits) – most popular of the yearly plans

  • Platinum plan – for businesses working on multiple domains

  • Diamond Plan – for SEO agencies

Does Neurowriter Offer a Free Trial

Yes, Neuronwriter does offer a free trial. However, it is good to note that it is limited with the credits you can use a month, which means you won’t be able to use it as much as you want to complete full optimization of all your posts.


Appsumo Neuronwriter Lifetime Deal

Super cost-effective and a great lifetime deal on AppSumo. I bought the 3 codes NeuronWriter lifetime deal on AppSumo and this is a huge saving compared to the monthly (or yearly) plan on Neuronwriter website.

I purchased the 3-code plan because it has other features that you don’t get in the 1-code or 2-code plan. In the 3 codes plan, you also get access to the plagiarism checker, which is super important in today’s content creation world where you use a lot of AI tools.

You also get all sorts of integrations, and you can have many more content optimization queries a month, which is something I know I will need as my blog grows.

Appsumo NeuronWriter Lifetime deal 1 code – $89

Appsumo NeuronWriter Lifetime deal 2 codes – $178

Appsumo NeuronWriter Lifetime deal 3 codes – $267 (this plan is the same as the monthly Gold plan on NeuronWriter website).


Neuronwriter Alternatives

Neuronwriter Vs. Surfer SEO


Surfer SEO (a competitor to Neuronwriter) looks better visually, using icons at the top menu, while Neuronwriter uses text in the sidebar.


Neuronwriter has a very active Facebook group where the tool’s owner responds to questions, appreciates feedback, and continues to develop the tool.

Surfer SEO also has a Facebook community of users (content writers and SEO experts)

Google Chrome extension –

Neuronwriter has a Chrome extension called Contadu. The extension provides SEO optimization tips in your WordPress editor and Google Docs.

Surfer SEO offers a Chrome plugin that shows related keywords for every term you search and the volume for each keyword. Another Surfer plugin is for WordPress and Google Docs.


SEO Optimization Tool –

the Neuronwriter score for a piece of content is usually lower than the Surfer SEO course, which means that you will have to continue optimizing your content with Neuron to get a higher score and be able to compete. I think this is a good thing, especially when the competition is very high.

Additional features in Surfer

2 features that only Surfer SEO has are Keyword Research and Audit.

Conclusion Neuronwriter vs. Surfer SEO

Although most of the features are the same, Surfer SEO is a bit higher quality. However, I think the difference is not worth the huge price difference (and this is why I chose to use Neuronwriter and not Surfer SEO).

Is Neuronwriter Worth It

Yes, Neuronwriter is definitely worth the investment! I’ve been using Neuron Writer since 2023, and frankly, I have no idea how I managed to publish new content without it. I guess you don’t know what you don’t know! I thought all along I was publishing well-optimized content, but only when I started using Neuron did I realize that the content score I got was very low and there were so many recommendations to implement.

With Neuron’s recommendations, I could rank a few of my pages on the first page of Google, which was far away in search results and got no traffic at all.

I am still updating old content, and I am sure I will continue to get new and exciting rankings results.

Just think how much it would be worth to you if you got a transactional post on the first page of Google and started making money from it. For sure, you can make MUCH more money than the cost of Neuron Writer.

Neuronwriter Support

There are 4 ways to get support for your questions –

  1. Open a chat
  2. Ask in the Facebook group
  3. Send them an email
Neuronwriter support

My Method to Ranking Fast on Google Using Neuronwriter

Here is the method I use to get my new posts on the first page of Google fast using Neuron Writer:

  1. Do Keyword research and find the main keyword for my post

  2. Generate a post outline using Neuronwriter

  3. Writing the post myself following the headlines from Neuron

  4. Editing the post with Grammarly

  5. Optimizing the content with Neuronwriter until I reach a content score of 77 – 80 (depending on the competition)

  6. Writing and optimizing the title and description using Neuronwriter

  7. Copy and paste the finished post to my website

Neuronwriter Review – The Verdict! Should You Buy Neuronwriter or Invest in a Different AI Writing Tool?

This was a complete, honest Neuronwriter review based on my own experience with the tool since 2023.

When balancing all the important factors of an AI writing tool and AI SEO optimizer, Neuronwriter has all the features you need AND it is much more affordable than other AI tools!

If you compare it to similar AI writers, you’ll find that they are practically similar, but Neuron is much more cost-effective and will help you keep your expenses low while growing your online business.

If you want an easy-to-use SEO tool to help you optimize your content creation and SEO and get results much faster, Neuronwriter is definitely worth checking out.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! We only recommend courses & tools that we bought, used, and loved! Thank you for supporting the Busy Mom Side Hustle blog. For more information, visit my disclaimer page.

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