Matt Par YouTube Course Review- THE WHOLE TRUTH – April 2024

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

This is going to be the most thorough and honest(!) Matt Par YouTube course review online! Why is that, you ask?

Because we only recommend courses that we’ve done, implemented and loved on this blog! So we can really dive in and show you all the nitty-gritty of this course.

If you came across Matt Par’s YouTube channel and were amazed by his engaging content about faceless YouTube channels but weren’t sure if Matt Par is legit (I know SO YOUNG it makes you wonder), I’ve got you covered.

I have been following the Make Money Matt channel for over a year and binge-watched all his videos about how to make YouTube videos without showing your face, before buying his course.

Today, while I am implementing his course, building a new channel step by step and being active in the course community, I would be happy to cover every tiny detail about the Tube Mastery course to save you time searching for all these details. So let’s start.

Table of Contents

Who is Matt Par

Here is the story of Matt Par, who started as a broke student and his journey to become a multi-millionaire in just a few years.

Matt was born in the US to a middle-class family. As a student, he struggled with mental health issues, being depressed and feeling like he didn’t fit in in a school environment.

On top of it, he had no direction of where he wanted to go or what he would do. The thought of getting a job and working hard in a job he didn’t like for a paycheck like his parents did didn’t resonate with him.

He came to a point where even attending school was a struggle for him as he didn’t see any point in learning things that wouldn’t benefit him along the way.

While he was a student, he started looking for other ways to earn money. One of them was selling stuff that he bought from the dollar store, making 400% profit until his ‘business’ was shut down by the school (as he was selling on school grounds).

Today, he’s got millions of subscribers on YouTube across all his channels. He has 7,000 students enrolled in his Tube Mastery 3.0 Course and is living a fulfilling life, doing what he always wanted to do by further developing his YouTube automation business.

At the age of only 12 years old, he started his first YouTube channel, which was a prank video channel which he created for fun.

At 14, he came across a YouTube channel that was uploading faceless YouTube videos and on the same day, he started his first faceless YouTube channel, recording his voice with his mobile.

After a few months of consistently uploading videos on his new channel, one of his videos went viral, getting more than 100,000 views, and this was his sign pushing him forward to put all his effort into YouTube and make it work.

He discovered the YouTube Partner Program and signed up for it, and soon after that viral video, he started learning how to actually make money from his YouTube channel.

Soon after, he started making $3000 monthly from his YouTube channel as a high school student while all his friends worked minimum-wage jobs.

A year later, he made a quantum leap with his YouTube channel when one of his videos got more than 1 million views. However, despite all the success, the stress of making new videos constantly negatively impacted his social life and his relationship with his parents, causing him to 100% neglect his studies.

Then, to resolve this growing overwhelming problem, he decided to post a job on Upwork to hire someone to do the voice-over for him. In time, his video-producing strategy was simple – he only came up with the video ideas.

From there, the YouTube automation process he created worked perfectly without him, where there was a scriptwriter, a voice-over artist, and a video editor. He would upload the video at the end of this process, allowing him the free time he needed to continue with other essential things in his life.

From this point, starting multiple faceless YouTube channels was easy, and in 2017, he reached his goal of 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and a silver play button.

Matt Par

When he finished high school in 2018, he was already making $30,000 a month! from his faceless YouTube channels.

At the end of 2018, he started selling his first digital course on how to grow on YouTube, and at the same time, he started his YouTube channel Make Money Matt and promoted his course only through this new YouTube channel.

With only a few videos on his new channel, he was able to start making sales with his brand-new YouTube course. 

Then he realised that if he continued to upload more videos to this YouTube channel, he would be able to make much more money by selling his course and reaching a lot of people who wanted to learn how to make YouTube automation.

A couple of months later, he was already making an extra $27,000 a month from selling his course, and this was on top of his monthly ad revenue.

He moved out of his parents’ house to California and started building companies for his YouTube channels. He started to improve his YouTube course and offer support, raising his prices.

In 2020 he was making about $100,000 a month from selling his course and ad revenue from his YouTube channel, reaching $1 M before he reached 20 years old.

At the age of 21, he was already living the dream, going through every experience he had on his bucket list and bought his dream home in 2022 (yes, at the age of 21 years old! If you were trying to calculate this thing…:)

In 2023, Matt started his own software company called Tube Magic, a YouTube AI tool that allows YouTubers to speed up the process of video creation.

Matt Par’s Net Worth

Matt Par’s net worth today is only an estimation as Matt is not sharing his exact numbers.

What we do know is that he is a multi-millionaire, making $1M+ a year from selling his course Tube Mastery and Monetization (Make Money Matt course) and an additional few hundred thousand dollars every year from his 13 faceless YouTube channels that at this point are running without him.

He is travelling the world first class, making his dreams come true (like diving in a submarine), and bought his dream car (a blue Ford Mustang).

In 2020 he was already making $2000 per day from selling his course ($730,000 a year) and $1000 a day from his faceless YouTube channels ($365,000 a year).

In mid-2020 he was already making $100,000 a month, and since then, his income is steadily growing.

In 2022 – he bought his dream house.

Matt Par Age

At the time of writing this blog post (Updated Feb 2024) – Matt Par’s age is 22.5 years old 😊 According to one of his YouTube videos published in July 2023, he says he is 22 years old at the time of this video. I would say this is quite an achievement for a guy at this age.

What Does Matt Par’s life look like at the age of 22?

Ticking off the things he always wanted to do (yes, all his bucket list). Traveling the world and making the most of every day, living his life as he always wanted.

If he did that at 22 with no business background or a college degree, then everyone can do it. It is just a matter of wanting badly enough to work hard.

Matt Par YouTube Course review

What is Tube Mastery and Monetization

Tube Mastery and Monetization is a YouTube automation digital course that teaches you how to start a YouTube channel without showing your face and turn it into a profitable business making money with the YouTube partner program making 5 figures a month.

Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par shows you the exact system Matt uses in his business that enables him to run 12 faceless YouTube channels on autopilot.

At the same time, he travels the world and shows how he can make more than $1 M a year with his YouTube channels. He also uses his YouTube channels to promote affiliate products and his course through the Make Money Matt YouTube channel.

In Tube Mastery and Monetization, Matt shows step-by-step –

  • How to choose a niche that is going to be profitable with high CPM (how much money you can make per 1000 views)

  • How to start a new YouTube channel

  • His method to quickly write super engaging scripts

  • How to record a video with free video editor software, where to find stock photos and video clips, how to record a voiceover or hire a voiceover, how to make thumbnails for free that people want to click on and how to upload these videos to YouTube with the perfect SEO method to rank them high in YouTube search results right from the start.

What’s important to note about this course is that Matt is laying out his business strategy to make it profitable.

This is a no-fluff course. Matt treats it as a profitable business from the start and teaches you how to do it step by step.

Matt Par YouTube course also includes plenty of bonuses to increase your profitability, and we will be looking into each of these bonuses further in this Matt Par YouTube course review post, so read until the end.

What is Tube Mastery and Monetization 2.0

Tube Mastery and Monetization 2.0 was the previous version of Matt Par’s YouTube course. In 2023, Matt Par released a new version of the course called Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0, and there is no registration for Tube Mastery and Monetization 2.0 anymore.

Matt keeps updating the course. Once you sign up, you’ll get all future updates for free.

What is Tube Mastery 3.0

Tube Mastery 3.0 is the most up-to-date version of Matt Par’s YouTube course. Laying out everything you need to know to build a profitable YouTube channel without showing your face, this course shows you the foundation, the planning, video editing techniques and advanced growth strategies so you can scale your profits fast.

That includes, at this time of writing, ten modules and 75 lessons! Not including all the training bonuses! Keep reading to get the most comprehensive rundown of all the lessons and bonuses.

Matt Par YouTube Course Review – Everything You Need To Know

Module 1 – Welcome to Tube Mastery and Monetization!

What to expect in terms of timing and results and how this program is built.

How to join the private students’ community and get support for your questions, network with other students, share your challenges and journey and get a push in the right direction when you need it.

How to use the course, in what order to watch the modules and the bonuses and where to find more training if you get stuck.


Module 2 – Overview of This Method

An overview of the YouTube business module, the steps you are going to take to get monetized and realistic time expectations for each of these steps. This is a deep dive into all the business module steps so you’ll know right from the start where you are heading and how long it is going to take.

In the case studies lesson, Matt shows you YouTube channels that were created as faceless YouTube channels and are making thousands of dollars every month from ads.

Matt is also giving you a spreadsheet of 100 (!) examples of successful YouTube channels in multiple most profitable niches, including a direct link to each channel so you can get ideas and inspiration for the channel you will build based on what’s already working.

Aside from this comprehensive list of YouTube channels, Matt is going over some of his favourite channels and how much money each of these channels makes every month via ad revenue, and I promise you that these numbers will blow your mind!

Step-by-step checklist in a simple-to-use Google Doc where all your steps are already listed, and once you complete every step, you can easily check it off your list, it includes the time estimate for every step.

Module 3 – Choosing a Niche

Lessons in Module 3 –

  • An overview of the module on choosing a niche
  • Strategy – best ways to start and manage a YouTube channel
  • Best High CPM Niches
  • A list of Matt’s favorite niches
  • A list of the most profitable niches on YouTube
  • A list of niches that you should avoid on YouTube
  • Market research for choosing a profitable niche


What Will You Learn –

  • How to choose the best niche for you that will also be most profitable so you won’t waste your time.
  • The benefits of choosing a specific niche for your YouTube channel.
  • Choosing the right strategy for you to run the channel.
  • Coming up with ideas for your niche. A step-by-step guide on how to do market research and see if there is a demand for your niche – from keyword research to analysing your competitors on YouTube.
  • An overview of the best high-CPM niches to go into on YouTube and the exact list of Matt’s favorite niches.

Module 4 – Setting Your Channel Up For Success

Lessons in Module 4 –

  • Module overview – planning for a successful YouTube channel
  • Creating a new YouTube channel from scratch
  • Channel Settings & Optimization
  • Channel branding and logo
  • Protecting your new channel with security measures
  • Planning your first batch of videos
  • The best YouTube tool you need to use
  • Keyword research step-by-step
  • Keyword research- efficiency tips and fixing problems
  • How to implement the strategy
  • Content plan 


What will you learn –

  • YouTube channel optimization for SEO, for more views, how to make people binge-watch your videos, Matt’s secret SEO keyword research, how to choose the best keywords for your first batch of videos and for your channel.
  • How to use a spreadsheet efficiently for keyword research, drive conclusions, and choose the best keywords.
  • Setting up your channel from scratch step-by-step- the right way
  • How to protect your channel from hackers
  • How to set up your channel so your videos have more chances to go viral
  • Setting up your channel goals and action plan.
  • Time-saving tips to make this process faster.


Further ahead in this Matt Par YouTube course review, you will see the Growth Module, Monetization Module and Scaling and Outsourcing module, where you will learn how from one channel that you create now, you can create multiple streams of income (btw, these are my favorite modules!

Module 5 – Generating Videos


Lessons in Module 5 –

  • Introduction to the generating videos module
  • The structure of a viral video
  • How to do video production automation
  • How to write viral scripts – several templates
  • How to record a voice over
  • Where to find stock footage for your videos
  • Diving into free video editor software and how to use it (more about the free tools used in this course, in the Pros section of this Matt Par YouTube course review)
  • Matt’s favorite video editor
  • How to create thumbnails that have high click-through rate (CTR)
  • Video production step-by-step from start to finish
  • What you much know about fair use
  • Productivity tips for making videos faster
  • Recommended online tools to use
  • Video production using AI
  • How to make whiteboard animation videos step-by-step tutorial

What will you learn –

  • The whole process of creating a new video – from video idea and content creation to production. Writing your script in a systematic way to save time and also making sure that the structure you are using will push the video in the YouTube algorithm and will make it go viral.
  • Script writing using Matt’s templates makes this process so easy to follow!
  • How to avoid copyright issues with your video script and how to check that other freelancers you hire along the way are not violating others’ copyrights.
  • Tips for generating a voice-over – how to do it right and what instructions to give others if you choose to outsource.
  • Video editing – how to edit your videos using free software and how and when to outsource this if you want to.
  • How to create a high quality thumbnail that people will click on, using free software and with no experience or a graphic design background.
  • How to upload your new video to YouTube, how to optimize your video for SEO and for the YouTube algorithm, and how to schedule your video to be published on a specific day and time.

Module 6 – Uploading and Optimizing Videos

Yes, we are only halfway through this Matt Par YouTube course review. This course is loaded with valuable information, and I didn’t want you to miss a thing!:) 

Lessons in Module 6 –

  • Introduction to video optimization
  • Initial optimization and publishing on YouTube
  • Video optimization steps
  • How to schedule your videos upfront and how to publish
  • Creating content calendar

What will you learn –

  • What is the process of publishing on YouTube to hit your key optimization settings every single time.
  • YouTube SEO optimization – titles, descriptions, tags,
  • Setting up video cards and a thumbnail
  • Content calendar – Create your plan for content creation on YouTube so you’ll know what you need to do every week.
  • Your action plan for this module.

Module 7 – Growth Module

Lessons in Module 7 –

  • Introduction to growing your channel
  • YouTube analytics and how ranking factors
  • How to go viral – the real secrets
  • The best time of the day to publish your videos
  • Video optimization tool recommendation
  • Thumbnail split tests
  • Common mistakes you should avoid
  • How to use Google Cloud Vision for thumbnails
  • Advanced strategy for using cards

What will you learn –

  • What can you get from analysing your channel’s stats.
  • How to analyze your data in a simple way.
  • How to drive conclusions for growing your channel, double down on what works, make more viral videos, and understand what’s not working.
  • At what point in your channel should you start analysing the data.
  • Thumbnail testing and optimization for more clicks.
  • Thumbnails copyright check, so your channel won’t get flagged.
  • Discover the best publishing time for your specific channel to get even more views on your videos.
  • How to get even more views with Matt’s advanced cards strategy.
  • How to write your optimization plan for your future videos based on these conclusions.

Module 8 – Monetization Module

Lessons in Module 8 –

  • Overview of the best ways to make money on YouTube
  • How to make money with YouTube ads
  • The secrets to increasing the amount that YouTube pays you for 1,000 views
  • How to be successful with affiliate marketing on YouTube
  • How to sell digital products with your videos
  • How to sell merch
  • how to sell your new skills – YouTube channel management


What will you learn –

  • How to monetize your channel correctly so you’ll actually make money.
  • Choosing monetization methods
  • How to find the best products to promote in your niche
  • How to plan your videos to generate the maximum CPM out of it
  • How to build an audience so you get monthly views
  • Making money with YouTube ads – all the secrets to getting maximum results
  • The best strategies for doing YouTube affiliate marketing
  • Best strategies for selling digital products online – exactly what Matt is using to sell his digital products
  • Selling merch and how to do it correctly
  • How to make money managing other people’s channels.
  • Your monetization goals and action plan.


Module 9 – Scaling and Outsourcing

Lessons in Module 9 –

  • Introduction to outsourcing and the benefits to your business
  • Where to find freelancers
  • Hiring for the entire content creation process.
  • Outsource the automatic video creation process
  • Outsourcing thumbnail creation
  • How much it should cost you to outsource
  • How to effectively manage a team
  • More tips – What to consider when outsourcing
  • How to multiply your channel’s revenue

What you will learn –

  • How to make your channel work on autopilot (YouTube automation) by outsourcing
  • When is the right time for you to outsource, and how to get the most out of your first hire
  • Planning to outsource – Matt’s number one recommendation on where to hire, how many people you need to make this as easy as possible + backup planning
  • Job ad advertising, the hiring process and what to do if anything goes wrong
  • Setting up the terms and conditions
  • Tips for negotiation and management of your team
  • The method that Matt is using to multiply his channels’ income once it is up and running

Matt Par YouTube course review – All bonuses

Module 10 – Bonuses – Lessons

  • Overview of all the tools mentioned in the course
  • Secrets of personal branding
  • How to do YouTube using your phone
  • Business and Taxes
  • Yes, you can get a certificate of completion!


More training Bonus-

  • Tube FAQ Course
  • Tube Secrets Course (simplified Course if you ever want to go through the methods)
  • Tube Case Studies Course (Matt is analyzing case studies of successful YouTube channels)
  • VidIQ Mastery Course – a complete course added to Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 in December 2023!


More Templates and Checklists in Matt Par’s YouTube Course

  • Private Facebook Community
  • Step-by-step checklist for your YouTube channel action plan
  • List of profitable niches
  • List of Example Channels (more than 160!! examples)
  • 33 Video Ideas Template
  • Script Template for List Channels
  • Script Template for Personal Channels
  • Trello Board Template (using a free Trello account)
  • YouTube Gear List
  • List of Stock Footage, Music, and Photos (both free & paid)
  • Fair Use Checklist
  • Video Optimization Checklist
  • List of recommended Affiliate Programs (to make more money with your channel)
  • List of Places to Hire People From
  • One-Person Job Post Template
  • Jobs Post Templates For Assembly Line
  • How Much to Pay For Video Creation
  • Recommended Software and Tools

NEW- Using AI for YouTube Automation – Tube Mastery Bonus Module

This new bonus module in the Tube Mastery and Monetization course will show you how to use AI to create a complete video production, including – script writing, voiceovers, creating thumbnails, and even editing the videos from start to finish!

The AI module includes 8 videos, and here is what you’ll learn –

  • Selecting your niche using AI
  • How to write your video scripts and catchy video titles using AI
  • How to check your scripts for paligarism
  • How to generate an AI voice (text to speach software) and which software should you use to generate a natural voice
  • Create the entire video using AI
  • Easily create a beautiful thumbnail using AI
  • How to write the description for your YouTube Video
  • How to find your competitors’ best videos using AI and how to analyze the data (this lesson is absolutely amazing!)

Other Bonus Courses Included In Matt Par YouTube Course!

Tube FAQ

This program includes Matt Par’s 19 videos that answer the 19 most common questions he received over the years! They are really worth watching and will most definitely save you time looking for answers or trying to figure it out by yourself!


Tube Secrets

This shortened version of Tube Mastery and Monetization is good to watch if you want to make a quick plan for learning and implementing this course and you want to understand what’s ahead and what you will need to do in the next few months!

This course is also good for understanding the navigation of Matt Par’s YouTube course and where you can find everything you are looking for, where to begin and how to ask questions.

The Tube Secrets course includes 34 videos! What you will learn?

  • Case studies
  • Creating a Google account and a YouTube channel from scratch
  • Optimization of your YouTube channel layout
  • Creating your channel’s logo and all the channel art
  • YouTube channel verification process
  • Setting up your upload defaults
  • Adding a watermark to your videos
  • Adding keywords to your channel
  • Made for kids’ settings
  • Add your channel description
  • 7 best YouTube automation niches to start
  • How to find the best competitors’ videos for you to model
  • Finding content for your videos
  • Finding free music for your videos
  • Video editing tutorial
  • How to download YouTube videos
  • Scheduling your videos on YouTube
  • Creating a custom thumbnail
  • Spying on your competitors’ best videos and revealing their tags
  • Get more views by description optimization
  • How to increase watch time and subscribers
  • How to put ads on your videos
  • How to make 10X more money than most YouTubers!
  • YouTube Analytics – everything you need to know – Understanding watch time, audience retention, CTR and how to blow up on YouTube!


Tube Case Studies

In this course, Matt Par reviews specific successful YouTube channels for you to get ideas for your own videos and for your niche.

What kind of YouTube channels Does Matt Review?

  • 6 Animal channels
  • 4 Affirmation channels
  • 3 Luxury channels
  • 6 List channels
  • 3 Tech channels
  • 3 Psychology channels
  • 3 Health channels
  • 2 travel channels
  • 3 car channels
  • 3 business channels


VideIQ Mastery

This new course was added to Matt Par’s YouTube course at the end of 2023! If you want to take your YouTube channel to the next level and really understand how to use VidIQ to your benefit to spy on your competitors and increase your profit tremendously, this is a must for you!

There are 30 videos! Included in the VidIQ Mastery course. Here is what you’ll learn –

  • VidIQ plans – what you need
  • How to connect VidIQ to your YouTube channel
  • Installing the Chrome extension on your browser
  • Video scorecards overview
  • Tips and tricks to increase social engagement
  • How to check if your videos are well optimized for SEO
  • Video optimization checklist
  • How to make sure YouTube doesn’t limit your video
  • How to increase your subscribers to view ratio
  • All about video tags, suggested video tags and channel tags
  • Historical performance
  • The Tweets tab for the VidIQ scorecard
  • How to use the Trending video section of the VidIQ scorecard
  • Keyword Research – overview, how to boost your keyword research
  • How to use the YouTube Search Keyword Tool
  • How to use the Keyword Translator
  • How to use Keyword Templates
  • How to use the Tag Organizer
  • How to add competitors’ channels to your VidIQ and how to analyze their data
  • How to add Trend Alerts

Matt Par YouTube Course Review – Do You Get Support For Your Questions?

This closed group is for you to ask questions – asking Matt and other mentors in the community and networking with other students. The mentors have their own multiple faceless YouTube channels themselves and can help you with any question.

As Matt is saying in the course, this group was built to set a new standard for online courses, and I can tell first-hand that every question that I posted on that group was answered in less than 24 hours, so he is absolutely keeping his promise.

Students are sharing their milestones in this group when they reached their 1000 subscribers when they got monetized and uploading screenshots of their earnings – which gives you the motivation that you need along the way.

Tube Mastery and Monetization course support

Matt Par YouTube course review Pros & Cons of Tube mastery and monetization

Tube mastery and monetization – Pros

  • Beginner-friendly training. You don’t need to be a content creator, a digital marketer, or any previous YouTube experience to implement what you learn in the course. Matt Par explains the method in a clear and simple way.
  • 24/7 support for any question you have – it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced, everyone at some point will have questions, so you want to be sure that there will be someone to answer you and support you along the way. The course Facebook group is exactly the place for it.
  • Matt’s enthusiasm and positiveness are reflected in every training – he continues to tell you how YouTube changed his life and wants that for you, too, which is why he poured everything he knows from 8 years of experience into this course.
  • Passionate and enthusiastic is what I would say about Matt Par. In this course, you can see how motivated and passionate he is about YouTube, loving this business and showing you not just how to do stuff but also sharing his perspective and motivation and breaking everything down into simple steps that anyone can follow.
  • Most of the tools that Matt is using in the course are free. He is not editing the videos in paid software and showing you many examples of YouTube channels making a lot of money with low investment.
  • The strategy that Matt is showing to build a faceless YouTube channel fits busy people who are starting with a low budget. He is mindful that most of the students in the course will start their YouTube channel as a side hustle (like he did), so budgeting and time management are all part of this course, which is perfect.


Tube mastery and monetization – Cons

  • Starting a YouTube channel takes time. It requires many skills you must learn, like scripting and video editing, YouTube SEO, etc. However, once you start creating the videos, it will take much less time, and you’ll be able to produce better results, so it’s just a matter of being patient and consistent.
  • The course price could be a bit of a stretch for some people to pay, especially if they don’t have a budget to invest in a course.

    But if you gain clarity around where you want to go with your business and you understand that creating a faceless YouTube channel could be a great income opportunity for you, then this is absolutely achievable to save the money upfront and invest it in this course.

  • Remember, this is a real business and income you create for yourself and your family. The price of the course is 100% less than the value and the tools you’ll get to be successful in this business.


Tube Mastery and Monetization reviews

As Matt has been running Tube Mastery and Monetization for years now, he has tons of reviews already describing how valuable the course content is and that the support is real.

One of them is Gabi telling how she had to decide between Matt’s course and another YouTube course. She had DM Matt on Instagram, and he got back to her personally in 10 minutes, answering all her questions. She also describes the great course support and that you WILL get an answer when you post a question on the Facebook group.

Tube Mastery and Monetization reviews-Gabi

I’ve just finished Matt’s course Tube Mastery and Monetization, and I only have amazing things to say about it. I absolutely loved how value-packed, yet concise, all the material is…

I was really debating between Matt’s Tube Mastery and Monetization and another course, but what really pushed me over the edge to buy Matt’s course was the customer service and his support.

He genuinely wants to help his students and wants to see them succeed and before buying his course, I sent him a DM on Instagram and asked him a few questions about it and he got back to me within 10 minutes and gave me a really helpful response, he was so happy to help, and after buying the course, it was the exact same.

When you are in the Facebook group, you ask a question, most likely he will answer it, if not, somebody else will. I have never asked a question and worried if anyone will see it…”.

Tube Mastery and Monetization reviews-Gabi
Tube Mastery and Monetization reviews-Claire

“I have just finished Matt’s course… and I must say, I am very impressed with how detailed and how easy it is to understand…I am not really that tech-savvy, but I was able to understand everything, and I am about to start to implement the strategies and tactics from the course.

Surprisingly, after going through every lesson in the course, YouTube doesn’t seem to be that complex for me anymore. I am really glad I made the decision to join it. If you are not tech-savvy like I am, don’t worry about it. After you enroll, you will have access to the Facebook group where it is very easy for you to post a question, and you can get the answer that you want”.

Tube Mastery and Monetization reviews-Claire
Claire Lo

How Much is Tube Mastery and Monetization

The full price of Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 is $997 (instead of $1,500) – this is the course option on the left in the screenshot below.

If you are looking to have weekly webinars with Matt himself every week to ask all your questions and also receive consultation for your personal YouTube channel from Matt himself – then you should also check out Tube Coaching (the plan on the right).

Matt Par Webinar Registration

Matt Par webinar is the best place to hear Matt’s story. How he started his YouTube channel in high school and all the challenges he has been through building his multimillion business on YouTube.

Matt Par’s free webinar will also show you how to build a successful YouTube automation business (a complete roadmap to making money on YouTube without recording videos) and the best tools to use. This auto webinar is completely free, and you’ll get a ton of value from watching it and seeing Matt’s teaching style and how enthusiastic he is in impacting the lives of his students!

Matt Par Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 Coupon Code – How to Get $500 Discount!

IMPORTANT! If you join Matt Par’s free training first and stay until the end of the webinar, you will receive a huge discount on the course price – a $500  discount of 50%!

Important! This is a temporary offer from Matt Par with a massive discount! allowing you to buy Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 for only $497!

This special offer also includes unique bonuses just for the people who attend the webinar! This offer is only going to last for a short period so grab it while you can before the price goes up!

Tube Mastery and Monetization Money Back Guarantee

Enrolment in Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization is 100% risk-free! How come? Because Matt is giving a 60-day (!) guarantee on his course! Yes, you can see how much he stands behind the quality of his course and how much he is absolutely sure that the course will give you the best formula to start and grow a profitable, faceless YouTube channel.

Matt Par’s YouTube course guarantee means that once you purchase the course, if for whatever reason you are not happy with the course, you can ask for your money back. In this case, you will get ALL of your money back (no deductions whatsoever). This unique guarantee can clear any hesitation with investing your money in Tube Mastery and Monetization.

Another thing to mention is that 60 days is a very long time for a guarantee. It gives you all the time that you need to go over all the modules in this course and even dive into the Facebook group and see the support the students in this course get. You can see how active this group is and that there are more than 6000 students in Matt’s course (at the time of writing this Matt Par’s YouTube course review)!

Is Matt Par a Scammer?

I can assure you, after going through the entire Matt Par YouTube course, and practically ‘living’ in the Tube Mastery and Monetization Facebook group, reading hundreds of responses that he wrote where he supported his students, I can honestly say he is 100% legit, absolutely not a scammer, doing above and beyond to help his students succeed, and has years of knowledge and experience building faceless YouTube channels.

I wouldn’t even consider learning from someone else how to build a YouTube automation business.

Is Matt Par a scammer

Matt Par YouTube Course Review – My Thoughts So Far

I followed Matt Par for some time on YouTube before buying his course, and I can still remember that I felt a bit nervous buying his course.

Not because of the price or buying online or something like that, I’ve been a digital marketer for almost 10 years now, and I am used to investing in courses online (until today, I invested at least $35k in courses and programs online).

I also was 100% sure that building a faceless YouTube channel was the path I wanted to take.

The only thing I was worried about back then was that he looked so young! I thought it might not be a very valuable program and it is a risk… but the course was the perfect fit for what I was looking for, so I took the chance, and I am so glad I did!

I can tell you right now that Matt is OVER DELIVERING on his promise, bringing so much value to his students, all the support you need and adding more and more valuable content to the course.

And you know what? Maybe because he is so young, he can bring such a fresh perspective and enthusiasm and overdeliver on his promises. I love the program and can’t wait to see what’s coming ahead when I’ll have my channel up and running.

When Matt said that YouTube changed his life and wants that for you, too, he really meant it.

This post was a complete Matt Par YouTube course review.

Matt is the living truth: if you badly want something, you can do it at any age!

I bought YouTube monetization in 2023 and am working on it, following one step at a time, and I LOVE IT! Although Matt is so young, you wouldn’t believe the dedication and how much he put into this course, including endless support 24/7.

If you are really serious about starting a YouTube automation business, I have no doubt that this is the course for you!

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