How to Start a Beauty Blog and Make Money In 2024 (From a Mom Blogger)

Last Updated: May 14, 2024

Do you want to start a blog within the beauty niche but feel overwhelmed by the process? Do you wonder where to begin and whether you can actually make money from this?

The key to success is knowing how to start a beauty blog and having the right strategy and monetization plan in advance so you don’t get overwhelmed and quit before you see success.

In this post, I will cover all the steps you need to take to start your beauty blog, including setting up your WordPress theme, doing keyword research, choosing the right theme, and more.

I will also cover 3 ways to monetize your beauty blog and tips and tricks for being successful with your blog in the long run. So, let’s start!

What is a Beauty Blog

A beauty blog is a digital platform for publishing content about beauty trends, makeup tutorials, beauty products to make at home, product recommendations and testimonials, personal stories, and customer reviews.

Most common beauty blogs today publish content about beauty and skincare products, hair products, makeup recommendations and tutorials, natural & vegan cosmetics and makeup, DIY beauty treatments, and more.

Here are some recent beauty trends to explore – Blue Light Protection (skincare products that protect against blue light pollution from digital devices), beauty supplements, Clean and Minimalist Makeup, Eco-friendly makeup, Customizable Palettes (brands are increasingly offering customizable makeup palettes, allowing consumers to select shades that they will use) and so much more to write about!

How to start a beauty blog

How to Start a Beauty Blog and Make Money In 2024

Find a Niche And a Specific Audience

The best formula for overcoming the competition and getting found on Google for a new blog is to find a specific niche to write about. Instead of starting to write about makeup, hair, skincare, and eco-friendly products and trying to compete with the big media websites (which is almost impossible), it is better to start building topical authority in just one niche. 

If you want your blog to build topical authority, find one niche in the beauty space you know a lot about or are interested in exploring. Then, when you are writing your blog posts, dive into this topic and publish tens of blog articles in this niche. This could include guides, tutorials, recent news, answering questions, and more.

If you want to niche down even further, try to choose a specific audience to target. For example, cosmetics for 60+ or makeup for 18-24-year-old girls.

Speaking to a specific group of people (18-24-year-old girls) about a specific niche (makeup) will increase your engagement tenfold, especially on social media. Creating topical authority will also push your website up in Google, as you’ll be seen as a high-authority website in a specific niche.

Decide on Your Blog Name (Domain name)

Your domain name is your blog and your brand name. 

You can choose a brand name that is all about you and includes your first and last name. The benefit is that you can pivot very quickly and change your niche as time goes by if you want to in the future.

If you want something recognizable and with a specific meaning, just make sure you are not choosing something that is too niched down. For example, if you choose a domain like, you will have to write exclusively about makeup for teenagers, and you won’t be able to write about skincare products or even makeup for women.

So, make sure you choose something more general that will allow you to grow in the future, for example, KateBeautyBlog.

Which TLD Should You Choose for Your Domain?

A TLD (top-level domain) is the last section of your domain name.
If your blog targets a global audience, it is recommended that you buy a .com domain. It is easy to remember and has a higher value in terms of SEO and ranking on Google than all other TLDs.


Purchase your Blog Name

Choosing a name for your beauty blog is a very important step. You can buy a domain name from any Domain Name Registrar. Most of my domains are registered at Namecheap and I have a few at GoDaddy.


How Long Should You Buy a Domain Name For?

Purchasing a domain for several years rather than a one-year registration, for example, can significantly improve your website’s trustworthiness in the eyes of Google and, as a result, your ranking.


Why is that?
Google considers a longer domain registration period to be an indicator of a legitimate, more stable, and reliable business.

Moreover, a multi-year commitment to a domain helps ensure consistency in your brand identity and eliminates the risk of accidental domain expiration, which can lead to downtime and negatively impact your SEO efforts (as Google may deindex your site if it goes offline).

A longer domain registration demonstrates to Google that you are invested in your business and website, which can improve your SEO standing.

I registered my domain for 5 years, and it is scheduled to auto-renew when the 5 years are over, so I won’t take the risk of my domain expiring after all the work I put in.

Connect Your Domain to a Hosting Provider

Investing in an expensive hosting provider is unnecessary when you are just starting a blog.

Bluehost, for example, is a great choice for new bloggers as it is very affordable and offers professional service (and exactly what you need for your new blog).

As the traffic to your blog grows and you start making more money, you can transfer your web hosting to a high-end provider and purchase a hosting package that can include other services like website maintenance and plugins.

However, it is always good to start with minimum investment until you have a proof of concept and start making money before investing in more expensive tools.


Set Up Your Beauty Blog Online

The best platform for bloggers today is WordPress. WordPress is Google’s most favored platform (which is why it is your best option for SEO), is very user-friendly, and offers endless customization options.

To set up your WordPress blog, you need to install WordPress using your hosting provider’s dashboard. These days, many hosting providers offer a ‘one-click’ installation, which is a quick and easy installation with a click of a button.

Design your blog with a Beautiful Theme

Once you have installed WordPress, you can log in to your WordPress dashboard and customize your site.

Remember—how your blog looks is very important for your readers’ first impressions and for them to think of you as a professional. I learned that from Sophia Lee (as part of her blogging course), and I totally resonate with this.


Find a theme with the right look and feel for a beauty blog.

Nowadays, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a graphic designer. You can buy a ready-made theme (also called a WordPress template) already designed by professionals and get a professional look for your website in minutes. How cool is that?

This is even more important when your blog content is about beauty and aesthetics. No one is going to read a blog post about beauty or beauty products when the content doesn’t look good, the design of the blog looks amateur, or when there is no real branding.

You can get a professional, high-quality theme covering all the designs you need for your blog and save a lot of money on graphic design. Bluchic is one of the companies that offer a variety of feminine WordPress themes for lifestyle and beauty blogs.

How to Install a WordPress Theme – Step By Step

When you purchase a WordPress theme, you will receive a ZIP file containing all the templates in that theme. A template is a unique design for a page on your blog (for example, an About page, a blog post, or a page).

  • Open your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Appearance’.
  • In the dropdown – choose ‘Themes’

At the top, click on the ‘Add New Theme’ Button

How to install a wordpress theme

At the top, click on ‘Upload Theme’

Upload your ZIP file and click ‘Install Now’ – 

theme zip file

Make a Logo with Canva

Now that you have your blog up and running. it’s time to add a custom logo.

Use Canva logos to create a beautiful logo for your website. Customize the logo template you picked with your brand name. Use a custom size of 500 X 500 px and download your logo as a PNG file with a transparent background.

Upload your new logo to your website.


Do Keyword Research and Create Your Content Plan

Start with low-hanging fruit keywords. These are usually long-tail keywords that have low competition. Readers’ questions, for example, can be a great opportunity to start ranking on Google fast. Let’s have a look at some examples – 

Here is keyword research for the keyword – How to apply foundation.

We can see in the screenshot below that the average monthly volume is 3600 while the competition is 12%.

Usually, a keyword with lower than 30% competition is more reasonable to start with and gives you more chances to compete. The lower the competition (close to 0), the easier it is to rank.

find low competition keywords

Here is another example which is a longer and more niched keyword that has even lower competition –

keyword research for a beauty blog

Find 20-30 relevant keywords with low competition and a minimum monthly search volume of a few hundred and copy their details to a Google Sheet.

Now that you have a list of relevant keywords, it’s time to start writing your first post according to your content plan and start your beauty blogging journey.

Optimize your Beauty Blog Post for SEO

You must apply SEO best practices for your new blog to rank on Google.

No matter how high-quality, engaging, and relevant your content is to your audience if it is not SEO-optimized, no one will find you.


Here are 5+ tips to make your blog post SEO-Optimized

  • Include your keyword in the Title of your post.

  • Include your keyword in 1-2 sub-headings of your post.

  • Create your featured image and add your main keyword in the ALT tag.

  • Write an engaging meta description and include your keywords there as well.

  • If you want to fully optimize your post for SEO and get better results in ranking, use an AI SEO optimization tool like NeuronWriter.

  • Add more images to your post and tag them with relevant keywords.

Add Images to Your Posts

  • As a beauty blog, your readers expect to see many images demonstrating makeup tutorials, before and after images, product images, and more.
  • Break your textual content with interesting and engaging images that add value to your readers.
  • Start posting every week and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Add Legal Pages to Your Blog

This is extremely important! and much more important than your blog design.
BEFORE you launch your blog, add the necessary legal pages to your blog to make sure you are not in a risk of a lawsuit.

New blogs are getting sued all the time just for this mistake, and it can cost them thousands of dollars, so it is better to legally protect your blog from the start. 

Secure Your Domain Name on All Relevant Social Media Accounts

It is important to be active on social media to increase your readers’ engagement with your content. However, starting a blog can be quite overwhelming, and opening a social media account is usually pushed aside at this stage.

This is why securing your brand name on social media at this point can help you be prepared for when you want to start being active on social media.

This step is extremely important! It can be so frustrating to get to the point where you want to open your Facebook account and find out the name of your blog is taken. Even if you have no time to post on all these social media accounts (which is quite understandable), that’s ok.

All you need to do is open the accounts with the exact name you chose for your blog and leave it for now, and later on, you can start growing an audience on all these platforms, one at a time.

When you become active on any of these social media accounts, remember to link them to your website so your readers can click on the social media icon on your blog and follow you.

Here is an example from my blog –

secure your brand name on social media

Which Social Media Account Should You Open for a Beauty Blog?

To promote your blog successfully on social media, the most important social media platform in the beauty industry is Instagram.

Instagram is an ideal platform for the beauty niche due to its highly visual nature. Its layout emphasizes photos and videos, making it the best platform for a beauty blogger to showcase detailed makeup tutorials and before-and-after transformations.

Instagram Stories and Reels are the perfect tools for engaging audiences through quick tips, step-by-step guides, beauty tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Successful beauty bloggers build personal connections with their followers, respond to comments and questions, and create content around topics that interest their audience. 

Another huge benefit of the Instagram platform for beauty bloggers is the option to link directly to products, which increases your potential to earn affiliate commissions.

Instagram is all about beautiful images and engaging reels. To attract your readers instantly to your content, it is recommended that you start posting daily.

How to Monetize a Beauty Blog


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to monetize your beauty blog. By promoting beauty products on your site, you can earn affiliate commissions every time someone purchases a product using your affiliate link.

You can write product reviews and ‘How-to’ tutorials, apply them to the relevant affiliate programs, and embed these affiliate links in your content.



As a beauty blogging expert, well-known beauty brands will start reaching out to you to promote their products when you start growing a following. They will send you free products and sponsor your content, either as a monthly payment or as a one-time payment.


Ads on Your Site

The last step in your blog growth is applying to media companies to show ads on your site. The only difficulty here is that you would need tens of thousands of people to be accepted to this program. Once accepted by an ad company, the more traffic you bring to your site, the more money you can make.


5 Tips for Starting a Successful Beauty Blog


Only Use High-Quality Images

High-quality images are important for any kind of blog these days. They can increase engagement and make your blog look much more professional. If you are using stock photos, you will probably have to invest some money to download high-quality ones.

However, paid images can also help your Google ranking and social media engagement, so buying images is much more recommended than using free ones for your blog.

My favorite place to get high-quality images for my blog posts and social media is Canva Pro. I mostly use the pro images as they are much more beautiful (and I have no limit on how many images I can use per month).


Recommend Products You Use Yourself

It has been proven that Google ranks content with a personal attribute. If you are using the product yourself, you can give first-hand feedback and even add a unique spin to give you an edge in search results.


Add Images You Have Taken Yourself

Google LOVES original photos (as opposed to stock photos). Adding photos you took yourself will help your post rank higher in search results and also will help rank the photo itself in Google Images (which is a Google search only for photos). Google will favor any time unique and original photos on stock photos that you can find anywhere.


Post Consistently on Your Blog and Your Social Media Account

Decide on a schedule you can stick to and start blogging according to plan. There is no point posting 10 posts in your first month and then one post the following month because you have no time to write.

Posting regularly on your blog will drive traffic organically. Google drives more traffic to blogs that upload new content consistently. If you take a break of a few months from posting on your blog, you will start to see a drop in traffic. 

So, even if you plan on taking a holiday, prepare your posts in advance and publish them on the schedule you set for yourself (or hire someone to do it for you).


Create a Content Update Plan

Old content that doesn’t get updates will eventually disappear from the search results! If your blog post about ‘5 Must-Have Skincare Products You Need This Summer’ has not been updated since 2020, then Google will push your post far, far away. 

Why is that? Google is all about bringing readers the most relevant and up-to-date content. If you haven’t updated your post for a while, then the products you recommend are no longer relevant in Google’s eyes, and the new post your competitor just published will show up on Google’s first page.

Make sure your content is up-to-date and helpful to your readers. It’s better to prepare a spreadsheet where you can track everything and set reminders.

How to Create a Successful Beauty Blog – Summary

This post was a complete guide on how to start a beauty blog and become a beauty blogger.

If you know anything about cosmetics, love buying new makeup products, or are up-to-date with the latest beauty trends, you can become a beauty influencer in no time, grow a brand, and monetize it easily. 

The best way to start a blog and build a successful blogging business is to take a blogging course so you can follow a proven system, monetize your blog faster, and have a place to ask your questions and get support.

Blogging takes time, and there is no doubt about it, but it is so rewarding to start seeing results when your new beauty blog becomes profitable.

This blog post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! We only recommend courses & tools that we bought, used, and loved! Thank you for supporting our blog.

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