How to Sell Canva Templates on Etsy And Make $100 A Day

Last Updated: February 4, 2024

Are you looking for ways to make money online? If you are looking for a guide on how to sell Canva templates on Etsy but also make sure you find profitable digital products to sell that can make you $100 a day, I’ve got you covered. 

In this guide, I will show you step-by-step how to start selling Canva templates on Etsy the right way so you can make $100 per day on Etsy.

What Is Selling Canva Templates on Etsy?

Etsy is an e-commerce platform that is mainly known for the handmade and customized products sold on the platform by thousands of sellers (from small business owners to big companies).

In the past few years, that platform has changed tremendously, not only in the number of sellers and the amount of competition but also in the diversity of the product that is allowed to sell on the platform. One of the trendiest products selling on Etsy in the past few years is digital products, and that includes Canva templates.

Digital products are digital files and, as such, can be created with different software. From Word and Excel to graphic design software like Canva or Photoshop. Selling Canva templates on Etsy is one form of digital product that is sold on Etsy.

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design software that was created with small business owners in mind. Canva offers hundreds of templates that were created with Canva (this is why they are called Canva templates) that the users can use for their social media posts or any graphic design needs like brochures, logos, business cards and more.

Canva offers 2 programs – you can sign up for a forever free account or for a Pro account. The pro account has extra features that can save you much time creating your designs (like removing the background of an image or changing design dimensions with one click). The pro account also offers more template designs to choose from and also beautiful stock photos.

Do I need Canva Pro to Sell on Etsy?

In the past, you needed a Canva Pro account to be able to share the Canva template you created with your customer.

However, this has changed, and you can now share Canva templates with your customer with no issues, even if you have a free account. You don’t need a Canva Pro account to create and sell Canva templates, although it does save you a lot of time if you use the Pro features as well.

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How to sell Canva templates on Etsy

How to Sell Canva Templates On Etsy And Make $100 A Day – Step By Step


1. Choose the Right Strategy For You

Start with the end in mind! The wrong approach to selling Canva templates on Etsy is to think about what YOU would like to create and what you enjoy creating. This is the absolute wrong way to go about it.

Don’t fall for all the videos on YouTube telling you how easy it is and that you can create a template in minutes, throw it on Etsy and make money while you sleep – unfortunately, this is NOT how it works.

Let’s break it down to why is it that you can’t make money just by creating templates and uploading these to Etsy –

First, Etsy has become oversaturated in specific niches, and one of them is selling digital products (like Canva templates). This happened because creating Canva templates is easy or, at least, much easier than creating physical products and investing time and money into a physical product that you don’t even know will sell.

Second, digital products and Canva templates, especially, are selling for very low prices on Etsy. Prices range from $1 (yes, this is real, $1) to $50 for very big template bundles (for example, 1000 Instagram template bundles). That means that if you want to make $100 a day selling Canva templates, you would need a lot of traffic and a lot of products or sell high-ticket products.

Before starting to create any templates, you will have to decide on the right strategy for you to Make $100 a day with digital templates. In this post, we will cover the best strategies to consider when planning how to sell Canva templates on Etsy and make $100 a day so that you can choose the right strategy for you.


3 Strategies to Sell Canva Templates on Etsy And Make $100 A Day –


Sell Bundles

The first strategy is to sell bundles for one type of customer. For example, social media template bundle for real estate agents. Customers are more likely to buy from you and for higher price, if you create a product specially designed for them because it usually means that it will bring them more value and save them time in the future.


Offer Customization

The second strategy to make $100 a day selling digital products on Etsy is to offer customization. For example, a customized branding package – logo, business cards, postcards.

In this strategy, the customer will choose a design from your shop and send you their business details and you will customize your designs for them. You will have to take into account that although you are not starting from scratch designing branding materials, you will have to invest time every day to work on your orders and also communicate with your customers.


Sell High-Ticket Items

The third strategy is only to sell high-ticket items. For example, real estate branding bundles are selling on Etsy for $50 – $150, so if you are happy to dive into creating one of these high-ticket packages selling on Etsy, you can definitely make a full-time income selling these alone on your Etsy shop.

high ticket digital product Etsy

2. Do Keyword Research For Etsy

When thinking about how to sell Canva templates on Etsy that will generate at least $100 a day – the most important thing to start with is keyword research for Etsy.

Use eRank to check which type of Canva templates are highly searched on Etsy (eRank is the best Etsy SEO tool for keyword research – very user-friendly and also the most cost-effective tool out there).

If you are not using an Etsy SEO tool yet, check out the post about the best Etsy SEO Tools here.

When using eRank to find each keyword’s monthly search volume and competition, try to aim for products with at least 500 monthly searches and competition below 30,000.

Here is a screenshot from eRank (August 2023) of a product that absolutely meets this criterion with 973 monthly search volume and competition of 19,923 –

3. Check How Much The Best Seller Makes in Your Product Category

This step is a MUST, and unfortunately, most Etsy sellers tend to skip it! It is to find out how much money the best-sellers are making a month selling this exact product on Etsy.

This step will show you if the product really sells on Etsy. That includes –

  • If people are not just searching but also buying,
  • If clicks are actually converting into sales
  • How much money the best seller makes so you can decide if it is worth the trouble creating that product and selling it on Etsy.


Use EverBee to check the numbers for each product idea you found in the first step.

You can see an example from Etsy down below of a Real Estate social media bundle selling on Etsy. A screenshot taken from EverBee shows us that this bestseller digital product makes about 39K a month!

4. Crunch The Numbers

Check the average pricing and calculate your costs and profit upfront to decide if it will be profitable going forward.

Don’t fall for the misconception that digital products don’t cost you anything when you sell them on Etsy, and every time someone buys your template, this is ‘100% profit’. This is absolutely not true. If you have a financial goal in mind, you need to think and plan ahead how to sell Canva templates on Etsy that will generate the profit that you want.

If you don’t know your costs, you wouldn’t be able to price your product profitably and you can even end up losing money selling digital products and this is one of the most popular mistakes Etsy sellers make.

5. Decide on Your Target Customer Before You Start

Create all your products with this one specific customer in mind. Don’t follow product trends, design trends or Print on Demand videos on YouTube… concentrate on your customer and try to solve their problems in the best possible way with your products. Check put the post ‘How to Create Digital Downloads for Etsy – The Easiest Way’ to start creating your Canva templates.

6. Create Top-Notch Etsy Listing Photos

Think of your listing images as your product packaging. If you want to sell high-ticket products – your listings should reflect a high-quality product.


7. Drive Traffic to Etsy

You might wonder, ‘Hey, but isn’t Etsy’s traffic enough? No, and here is why –

Etsy is becoming increasingly saturated, with new sellers joining the platform every day. Hundreds of sellers could compete for the exact keywords as you. That means the chances of you getting to Etsy’s 1st page and staying there are very slim. Etsy sellers that rely only on Etsy to bring traffic – end up paying a lot of money for Etsy ads.

And don’t get me wrong, when done right, Etsy ads are great for bringing in the right traffic for your products. However, if all your shop relies on Etsy ads, that could easily cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month.

When you have a lot of profit that makes sense, but if you are selling $5 – $10 Canva templates on Etsy and using Etsy ads to put your product in front of your customers – you can find yourself breaking even and, in some cases, also losing money.

This is why it’s better to start working on other traffic channels right from the start. These traffic sources could be your social media profiles, your email list and your website.

Another reason not to rely solely on Etsy is the goal you’ve set for yourself to make $100 a day on Etsy. Even if your listing is on the first page of Etsy’s search, you are still only relying on Etsy’s traffic – which is limited. The more eyeballs you get on your listing, the more clicks you get – the more sales you’ll have, and your chances of reaching your goals (or even surpassing them) will increase.


8. Improve Your Etsy Shop Over Time

Successful businesses are the ones that listen to their customers and improve their products constantly. When thinking about how to sell Canva templates on Etsy and make $100 a day, you need to know that this is an ongoing process (you can’t just throw your templates out there and think it will bring you revenue for years).

Improve your Canva templates according to what your customers tell you. Check your competitors’ reviews – what people are saying and what is missing from other sellers’ products.

Check your Etsy stats and see which product is your best seller.
Check if you can make the same Canva template in more colors? Or maybe bundle this template with another new product that your customer would like?

Improve your listing’s images, add videos, research your competitors and see what types of products are selling well and that you might want to add to your shop.

9. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service starts with the way you present your business. Look professional every step of the way, starting with your product.

Add a guide to your Canva templates that explains how to use these Canva templates easily. This will prevent repeated customer questions and messages and increase customer satisfaction with their purchases.

If you can add video training to your product – that’s even better. Customers love to watch videos, and it is much easier for them to consume than reading a textual guide.

Respond to messages quickly – even if you are out and about, try to stop and respond to a customer’s question. Sometimes it won’t take more than 5 minutes, and the customer will greatly appreciate it.

Try to go the extra mile with everything you do – improve your product over time, send a thank you card with every purchase, add a bonus and surprise your customers.

Respond publicly to every 5-star review and thank them. Try to resolve any customer’s complaint quickly and efficiently.

10. Be patient & Don’t Give Up

Even if you do everything right, know that you cannot get there overnight. Customers on Etsy tend to buy products with lots of reviews and sales.
In most cases, you will have to grind for months or even a year before you get to 100 sales or 100 five-star reviews.

It will slowly accumulate in time, so keep going, learn the platform, appreciate every 5-star review and every sale, and run sales (even if you make a very small profit or break even). The faster you reach the 100 sales mark with many 5-star reviews, the better.

This post was all about how to sell Canva templates on Etsy and make $100 a day. Making $100 a day selling digital products on Etsy is not easy, but it is achievable with the right strategy and approach.

Plan ahead, and don’t spread too thin trying to create any type of digital product out there. Focus on your customer, build a brand and bring value to your customers. Choosing the right Canva templates to sell on Etsy and the right customer will play a huge factor in achieving your financial goals.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! Thank you for supporting our blog.

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