How to Blur The Face in a Photo Using Canva

Last Updated: December 16, 2023

This post is a step-by-step guide on how to blur the face in a photo using Canva.

If you are a content creator or an influencer, you might find it challenging to create new content every single day to post on social media. It’s no secret that your original photos will generate much more engagement with your audience than stock photos. However, similar to stock photos’ terms of use, there are also some conditions you must comply with to protect other people’s privacy when posting your photos online (whether on your social media profiles or your website).

This is where using the blur tool in Canva can be a great option, allowing you to post your unique photos without having the risk of receiving complaints or even legal actions against you. You can use the blur tool not just to make faces blurry and unrecognizable but also to remove details that you don’t want people to see when posting your image online.   

Can You Blur on Canva

Yes, you can absolutely blur things on Canva. With Canva, you can blur an entire image or make just one of the elements look blurry using a brush. You can also blur a person’s face in an image perfectly, which is what this post is all about!

When Should You Use the Blur Canva Tool to Blur Faces in a Photo?

There are a lot of instances where you would want to blur a face before posting your image online. All of them are to protect your privacy online or protect other people’s privacy. Here are a few examples of why you would want to learn how to blur the face in a photo using Canva –

  1. Posting on Social Media – Protecting Other People’s Privacy

    If you are posting on your social media profile (business profile or private) a new photo that you took and you can clearly see the face of someone else in that photo (people that are accidentally showing in your picture), you should blur their face before posting it on your social media – to respect their privacy but also to prevent any legal consequences.

  2. Posting on Social Media – Protecting Family Members’ Privacy

    Let’s say you want to post your photo on social media, but in that photo, you also have other family members – you might want to blur them as well (unless you asked for their approval upfront, and they approved it).

  3. Put the Focus on You

    Another reason for blurring faces in your photo is to make people focus on the specific face that you are talking about. If you post an image of you with your family or friends and you want people to see you in that picture (instead of getting confused with someone else), then it is a good strategy to use the blurring option to blur everyone else’s faces.

  4. More Customers’ Reviews

    If you run an e-commerce store and you want more people to post a picture of themselves using your products, you can blur their faces out of the picture for them. A lot of customers will be happy to leave a review and take a picture of your product however, avoid doing that to keep their privacy (and even don’t know how to blur their face in the picture or don’t want to invest the time needed to do that).

  5. Use the Blurring Tool to Protect Your Kids’ Privacy

    If you are an influencer or a content creator and you are the face of your brand, you might be posting a lot of your pictures on social media. If your kids are also part of these pictures, it is best to blur their faces as well to keep their privacy.

How to Blur in Canva (Using The Canva Blurring Tool)

If you have not used Canva before, Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that allows you create every graphic design material needed for your business, from branding to social media posts, presentations and more, without any graphic design skill.

The Canva blurring tool is part of the image editing features, which allows you to blur an entire image or just one element or few elements in your photo (using a special brush) and also adjust the intensity to your liking (you can even create a very soft result that can blend nicely with the rest of the photo or make the element completely blurred). 

Good to know that all the blurring features in Canva (the Auto Blur and also the brushes) are accessible for free Canva account users.

How to Blur The Face in a Photo Using Canva

Here is what it is going to look like…

blur faces in a photo

  1. Upload Your Photo to Your Canva Design

    How to blur in Canva


  2. Click ‘Edit Image’

    Canva blurring tool

  3. Connect the Blur section to your Canva Account

    On the left-hand side – scroll down until you see the Blur section – you will have to connect it to your Canva account and approve the terms of use to start using it.

    Canva blur button

  4. Click on The Blur Button

    Scroll down and find the Blur section (after you connect it, it will appear under Tools)

    Canva blur button

  5. Click on Blur again (the icon in the middle)

    blur photo online free 

  6. Use The Brush

    Using the brush slider, you are now able to use a brush (and decide how big or small your brush will be) to blur out the faces or even a few faces in your photo (a white circle will appear on the image, this circle represents how big or small your brush is).

  7. Adjust The Intensity and The Spread

    You can now change the spread and intensity of the blur effect.
    Below is an example of how to blur a face in a picture and the exact settings we used to produce this result (use the intensity slider to blur it even further if you want to by sliding it to the right).

    Settings – 

    how to blur images in canva

    Result – 


    blur Canva

  8. How to Blur the Face in a Photo Using Canva – Additional tips

    • Using a smaller brush will enable you to blur small elements in the picture, like text and details that you want to keep private, like a person’s name or a brand name.
    • Every time you don’t like the result, you can start again by using the ‘restore’ button and use the brush again to go back to the original picture (or even easier – CTR Z on your keyboard to go back)
    • if you own an e-commerce shop (like Shopify or selling on Etsy), think about how you can use face blurring to get more customer reviews for your shop. Customers love to see the product in use, which helps them a lot to make a decision.

      You can offer your customers to make the blurring for them if they don’t want to show their faces. This is a free and easy way to get more photos of your customers showing how they use your product. You can use these photos not only on your website but also on your social media channels.

How to Blur An Image in Canva

Blurring an entire image in Canva is really simple and only takes a few clicks.

Let’s see how you can blur an image in Canva using the Auto Blur feature –  

  1. Select the Image

    You can select the image by clicking on it (you will see a blue border around it).

  2. Click on ‘Edit Image’

    The ‘Edit Image’ button is on the top bar menu.

  3. Connect the ‘Blur’ Section to Your Canva Account.

    If you haven’t connected the Blur section yet, go back to the first step of how to blur a photo in Canva above.

  4. Select ‘Auto’

    Once the Blur section is connected, select ‘Auto’. Once you click on ‘Auto’, the image will be blurred after a few seconds.

    how to blur on Canva

  5. Adjust the Intensity

    You can use the Intensity slider to change the intensity (how blurry it will look). Here are 2 examples of blurring so you can see the difference –

    Intensity 15 – 

    how to blur a face in a picture

    Intensity 30  –

    how to blur an image in canva

  6. How to cancel the blur effect in Canva?

    If you want to go back and remove the blur effect, just click on the ‘Cancel’ button.

How to Blur Text in Canva

If you want to blur a smaller element or even a text, you can easily get a more subtle result by following these steps –

  • Create a smaller brush by sliding the brush slider to the left.
  • Reduce the intensity and the spread to create a softer result.

    Here is a before and after example and the exact settings we used to blur out a brand name using the Canva blur tool –

    how to blur text in canva

Wrap Up

This post was a complete guide about how to blur the face in a photo using Canva. Using the blur tool allows you to use photos or images that you couldn’t use before to protect other people’s privacy, whether these are random people caught in your camera, a family member or a customer using your product.

As you can see, the process of blurring a face using Canva is pretty straightforward, and no technical skills are needed to do it. You can also use a free Canva account to worth with this feature. You can start using it today and avoid any legal complications.

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