5 Best Ways To Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing In 2024

Last Updated: May 16, 2024

This post will cover the best free traffic for affiliate marketing!

If you get frustrated by opening your affiliate program dashboard every day and seeing only one click on your affiliate link, then this post is for you!


The Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistake

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most profitable side hustle ideas from home. Many people start their affiliate marketing journey with the product in mind. Searching on Google, watching YouTube videos, looking for high-ticket products and applying to a bunch of affiliate programs, only to find out that it is not as easy as it sounds!

And what is the main problem? Usually, it is not the product. It is the lack of traffic.

How Much Traffic Do You Need to Generate One Sale?

Statistics show that the average conversion rate in the space of affiliate marketing is about 0.5% – 1%. That means that for every 100 people that click on your link, maybe 1 will buy (which is considered a good result!).

So, if you want to get at least 1 sale a day, you will need at least 100 people a day to click on your link.

Sure, you could use advertising like Facebook ads or Google ads, but this could cost you a lot of money, especially at the beginning when you don’t have all the data, you have not tested the best way to promote this product or built a funnel.

How to get traffic for affiliate marketing for free

The perfect solution is to start driving free traffic for affiliate marketing products. If you master this skill of free traffic – you will start seeing the results that you want on your affiliate program dashboard!

These 5 ways that I will be sharing with you in this post are not ‘get rich quick’ ways in any way. They will require you to invest the time upfront and also consistently to start seeing results. 

So why am I sharing these with you? Because these are by far the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing – which means that they will bring you – 

  • The highest return on investment (ROI) in terms of the time you invested and will bring.

  • The highest conversion rate (in terms of how many people coming from these free traffic sources will actually buy the product you are promoting).

  • The results will compound in time! Setting this up will take more time upfront, but afterward, the traffic to your links will keep growing if you continue to nurture these traffic channels.


So, let’s dive right into it.

Here are 5 ways to get free traffic for affiliate marketing products –

1. Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website From Google

One of the best ways to get free traffic for affiliate marketing is to use Google SEO to drive traffic to your website.

When you write a blog post about a keyword that people are searching for and rank on the 1st page of Google, people who are searching for that term on Google will be able to click on your website and read that post. If you are interested in monetizing your blog and driving thousands of people to your blog- check out this Blogging Course Review.

Also, if your post brings value and this is exactly what they have been looking for, some of them will click on your affiliate link to check it out.



Start a blog on WordPress – you can check YouTube video tutorials on how to easily build a WordPress blog and create a new website in one weekend or hire someone on Upwork or Fiver to do that for you.

Do keyword research to find the best keywords for your blog post. Search for keywords that are relevant to your product. For example – if you are promoting furniture, you can write a post about 10 tips for minimalist home design – and search for the right keyword that people are searching for.

Write your blog post and include your main keyword in the title and several times in your post.

Link to the products you are promoting (in this example, to several pieces of furniture that have a minimalist design)



Difficulty score: 5/10

It will take you time to set up a blog and also to put in the time every week to write a new blog post. However, once you get the hang of it, you will start writing your blog posts much faster, and it will only take you a few hours a week to do so.

You can also use ChatGPT to give you ideas to speed up the process or hire a content writer to write the post for you.



Score: 8/10

Although writing blog posts every week will require you to invest the time to do so, the benefit and results you get every week will be much greater than what you put in that week.

Because the traffic to all your old posts will start growing in time, and the compound effect will result in thousands of people visiting your blog and clicking on your links while you only put a few hours a week into it.

2. YouTube Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Starting a YouTube channel in a specific niche to promote your affiliate links is even more effective the starting a blog.

Why is that? Because people LOVE to watch YouTube videos much more than read a blog post. A YouTube video is much more engaging than a blog post, resulting in a much higher CTR (click-through rate) on your affiliate links.

Another benefit to consider is that fewer people will start a YouTube channel while there are much more people starting a blog every day. This means that the competition is lower than trying to rank your post on Google, and also, if you succeed in getting one of your videos to go viral – you can get thousands of people viewing your video in a matter of days (while ranking a blog post on Google can take you months or even a year).



  1. Decide on the niche of products you want to promote.

  2. Create videos around relevant keywords that people are searching for on YouTube.

  3. Use VidIQ to find the best keywords for your videos (these would be keywords with high search volume and low competition).

  4. You can create videos recording yourself talking to the camera, or if you want to stay anonymous, you can start a faceless YouTube channel without showing your face.

  5. Decide on the schedule of how many videos you can upload in a week – is it one video, 2 or 3 videos a week? No matter what you choose – the most important thing is to stay consistent in doing that.

  6. Upload your videos to YouTube according to your schedule and link to your affiliate links in the description of your videos. For this method, you can add your direct affiliated links in the description of the videos, and you don’t even need a website.



Score: 6/10

You will have to learn some skills like video recording, writing video scripts, video editing and YouTube SEO.

However, if you create a faceless YouTube channel, you can hire freelancers to do the work for you, from video scripting to editing videos. Even whiteboard video animation software can help you create professional-looking videos with no video editing skills and produce a very engaging and professional result.



Score: 9/10

Similar to posting on your blog and ranking your posts on Google, the free traffic coming from your YouTube channel will start to grow exponentially in time.

Although you would continue uploading new videos consistently, the traffic will start compounding from your old videos, and even videos you uploaded years ago will continue generating traffic to your affiliate links without you having to promote these at all.

3. Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Driving traffic from your Pinterest profile is so easy that you will be surprised how simple it is to start, and you don’t even need a website to make money using Pinterest traffic for your affiliate marketing products.


What is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

You create a Pinterest profile in a specific niche, and no, you don’t need to show your face at all. Choose a relevant name for your new Pinterest page and start uploading pins to your Pinterest account.

When uploading your pins to Pinterest, you will have a place to put a link in the details of these pins.

Important to mention that Pinterest doesn’t like pins that are linking directly to affiliate links, so the best way to drive the traffic from Pinterest to your affiliate links would be either to link to a post on your website or, if you don’t have a website, link to a webpage that you created and put your affiliate link there.

You can easily create a webpage in for free and add how many affiliate links you like to the same landing page. Here is an example of a webpage I created on




  1. Decide on the niche that you want to promote products in.
  2. Create a Business Pinterest account for your niche.
  3. Create 5 boards for relevant keywords in your niche that are searchable on Pinterest (to find these keywords, you would only need to start typing your keyword idea in Pinterest and see what other suggestions come up in the drop-down).
  4. Pin a few pins from Pinterest to each of these boards so your boards don’t look empty at the beginning.
  5. Create new pins in Canva and publish them on these boards daily.
  6. Link from your pins to your posts on your website (the posts that include these affiliate links) or link to the webpage you created that has all the affiliate links that you want to promote.



Score: 8/10

This method is super easy to start and to work on consistently. There are no unique skills that you need to acquire to start.

You can easily use Canva templates to create stunning pins without any graphic design skills. You can upload new pins to Pinterest every day for free. The only investment you would need to make is an investment in time.



Score: 8/10

Again, the same as the YouTube traffic and the blog traffic channels, creating the pins is not passive, however, once you create these pins and publish them, they are searchable on Pinterest, and people will continue clicking on them for months (or even years).

This is the best approach to create multiple free traffic channels that will continue to grow over time and bring quality and focused traffic to your affiliate links.

4. Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Using Instagram to drive traffic to your affiliate links is less known, and because of it is a less saturated way to bring traffic to your affiliate links.

For this traffic channel, you wouldn’t need a website at all to promote your links, and all you need is to constantly upload new content to your Instagram account to drive traffic to your products for free!


What is Instagram Affiliate Marketing

When creating your business profile on Instagram, you can add a link to your bio. This link can be a page that you created with a free account. On this webpage, you can add all the affiliate links you want to drive traffic to your most profitable affiliate products.


How to Start With Instagram Affiliate Marketing

  1. Create an Instagram business account for your chosen niche.

  2. Create a page and add your affiliate links to these products. Add your link to your profile’s ‘link in bio’.

  3. Start uploading Instagram reels to your Instagram account daily. You can easily create these videos using Canva and add text to these videos (using a free Canva account). The text can be motivational or a quick tip relevant to that niche.

  4. You can add a call to action in your reels caption to click on your ‘link in bio’ (for example – “click on my link in bio and start living a healthy lifestyle today”).


How Easy It Is to Start Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Score: 9/10

This is super easy. You don’t even have to create long-form content, no blog posts or complicated videos yourself.

There are tons of video templates on Canva that you can use, and all you would need to do is add your text to it. You can also use ChatGPT to make things faster for you and ask ChatGPT to write title ideas that you can use for your reels.


How passive is using Instagram Traffic For Affiliate Marketing?

Score: 8/10

Creating reels and uploading them to your Instagram account is not passive. However, in time, once you grow your Instagram following, you will be able to get an enormous amount of traffic to your affiliate links with this method.

Also, you only need to post 5-7 reels per week, so this can easily be done at the beginning of the week, creating your weeks’ reels and scheduling them so you don’t need to do anything else the entire week.


 5. TikTok Affiliate Marketing

Who are TikTok users? Most of the TikTok platform users are between the age of 16-34, and the platform continues to grow every day.

Creating a theme page on TikTok to promote your affiliate links is another effective and profitable way to build free traffic for affiliate marketing. This is another lucrative option that you can use without showing your face or creating a brand about you. You also don’t need a website at all to drive traffic from TikTok to your affiliate links.


What Is TikTok Affiliate Marketing?

Similar to Instagram, you can create a theme page about your specific niche and add a ‘link in bio’ that will refer the traffic to the same webpage that we talked about earlier.

On this webpage, you will have all your affiliate links that are relevant to the same niche (and you can add as many links as you want).

To drive traffic to your links, all you need to do is create short videos for TikTok and upload them to your TikTok account.


How to Start With TikTok Affiliate Marketing

  1. Create a new TikTok account for your niche.

  2. Create videos for TikTok. You can use the TikTok video templates that Canva offers to do that and add your text using the TikTok editor.

  3. Upload new videos consistently to TikTok (about 1-2 a day), and you can also batch the content creation and make a full week of content in one day.


How Easy It Is to Drive TikTok Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Score: 8/10

Very easy to start and keep going.

You don’t need any video editing skills for this, nor to shoot any videos yourself. You can easily use Canva videos for your TikTok videos and add relevant text to them.

It is better to batch a few days of content in advance to save time and be consistent.

What you need to know before you start – TikTok doesn’t allow you to add a ‘link in bio’ before you have 1000 followers. So you will have to create content regularly, grow your audience and be patient until you get to the 1000 followers mark.


How Passive It Is to Drive TikTok Traffic

Score: 6/10

You will need to put the effort upfront to create all the content for the week.

However, every single video can take up to 10 minutes once you are used to the process.

Another thing to think about is that, similar to YouTube, one of your videos can potentially go viral. When it happens, you can get thousands of people coming to your page clicking your links when you don’t have to put in the work for every view. You only invest 10 minutes to create the video, and the TikTok algorithm will push it to the right audience.

This post was a complete guide to the best 5 ways to get free traffic for affiliate marketing.

All of these traffic sources are not only legit but will also bring you the highest-quality traffic to your offers (people who actually want to buy).

These traffic sources can bring the best ROI on your time and efforts, growing your following, and increasing sales without you having to be there and work every hour to generate these sales.


Build Your Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing – Tips for Success

  1. Stay consistent, no matter what channel of this free traffic for affiliate marketing you choose.

    If you decide to start a blog and you upload 1 blog post a week, that’s great. If you upload 2 videos a week to your YouTube channel and stay consistent in doing that, even if you go for a holiday – you will see the results, no doubt about it.

  2. Pick only one channel to start with and put all your focus into it. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin by creating different channels at once and struggling to create new content for all these channels daily.

    Once you get the system down and you can generate content fairly quickly and even schedule all your content a week/ weeks before, you can start building other sources of free traffic to your affiliate products.

  3. Don’t be a perfectionist. Posting daily is much more important than creating the most beautiful pin or the most professional video on YouTube.

    People are looking for value first. If you give them valuable information and generate content about what interests them the most, you will see results much faster than if you spend a whole day designing beautiful pins.


Last piece of advice? Go to your Google Calendar and block some time to start working on this new traffic channel. Yes, book it now. Once it is booked, you will increase the chances of you starting! To your success 😊

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! Thank you for supporting our blog.

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