57+ Profitable Digital Products to Sell on Etsy in 2024 (+Sales Numbers)

Last Updated: May 21, 2024

Are you exhausted by too many ideas of digital products to sell on Etsy, not knowing which products will be profitable? Selling printables on Etsy is one of the best automated business ideas you can start from home.

In this post, you’ll see real monthly sales numbers for some of these products (using Everbee, an Etsy SEO tool) so you can get an estimate of the profit that some of these products make on Etsy. 

Starting a digital product shop on Etsy can seem intimidating at first, mainly because it looks like “everyone” is selling digital products on Etsy these days.

You might also think that selling on Etsy has become highly competitive, that the number of sellers on Etsy is growing, and that you must be a graphic designer to create digital downloads and be successful.

However, planning and considering all the factors you need to consider to be successful on Etsy will make your path to success much more straightforward and increase your chances of overcoming the competition.

The Etsy platform is still the best place to sell digital downloads, mainly because of the enormous number of customers searching for these products.

You might have already started looking on Etsy for some successful digital products or even watched a few videos on YouTube about profitable digital products to sell on Etsy. 

The challenge is navigating through all this information online and choosing the right strategy without feeling overwhelmed.

This post explores the most profitable digital products to sell on Etsy in 2024 AND the criteria you should consider before you choose and create digital products.

So, let’s start with answering a few essential questions to simplify the process of choosing a profitable digital product to sell on Etsy.

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What Are the Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy?

To choose the best digital products to sell on Etsy, you would need to consider the criteria below –

1. Profit Potential – what is the potential profit if you successfully sell this product? If this is a $3 digital product, can you sell hundreds monthly? Is the competition high or low? Will you need to pay for Etsy ads to be able to show up on Etsy’s search?

2. Demand – what is the demand for this product on Etsy? Before creating your product, always check the estimated search volume on Etsy. Use Sale Samurai or eRank to check if this product has a few hundred or a few thousand searches monthly.

3. Competition – is the competition high or low? If the competition is high, you will have to invest money in advertising (like Etsy ads or Pinterest ads) or invest time in driving organic traffic from your social media accounts.

4. Skill Set – What is your skill set? What is your advantage? If you want to be successful selling digital products on Etsy, it is better to double down on your skills. 

Think about what you are good at and how you can bring your unique spin on a product already selling well (otherwise, Etsy might push your product listing down in search very quickly).

5. Customization – ask yourself if you want to offer customization to offer customization to your customers or if you cannot customize every product. 

If you don’t have the time to customize your digital products according to customers’ requests, do not choose a digital product that will require it. Yes, even if you see that it generates high profit every month.

Ask yourself, who is your audience? If you already have an Etsy shop up and running, you need to consider if this new digital product is something that your audience needs and wants. If you have a wedding shop on Etsy, it makes no sense to start selling a fitness tracker.

How to Create Passive Income from Etsy Digital Products

If you want to make passive income from Etsy, it starts with picking the right product! Not all digital products are the same;

Some will require much work after you publish your listing (which is not passive at all). 

Here are the questions you must ask yourself before deciding on your next digital product idea if you want to create passive income from Etsy digital products –

Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Does this digital product need customization to be successful?

Some of them will require customization for the product to be successful on Etsy, like personalized Tumblers and bridesmaid gifts. It’s not that these products are not sold on Etsy without customization as well; however, when the competition is high, the sellers that go the extra mile are those who take the more significant piece of the pie.


Does this digital product require customer support? 

Some digital products are more complicated for the customers to use than others, which you need to remember when picking your digital product. Some examples of digital products that require customer support are website templates and Excel spreadsheets. 

If you want to sell products that require customer support, consider adding video tutorials with your product to minimize the time you would need to invest in answering customers’ questions and also increase customers’ satisfaction.

Will this product need to be updated regularly?

Some Etsy digital downloads require regular updates to continue selling. One product that needs regular updates is informational products, especially those that relate to digital marketing, SEO, or any sales processes related to the Internet. 

For example, if you write an SEO guide for Etsy sellers, you must keep it up-to-date with Etsy and Google updates to keep your listing selling, as no one wants to buy an outdated, useless eBook.

Here are 57+ Most Profitable Digital Products to Sell on Etsy in 2024

1. Coloring Pages          

Parents love buying downloadable coloring pages as it is quick to download and use; the variety on Etsy is endless, it offers some relaxing time for the parent while their child is coloring, and it is a very cost-effective solution (compared to what you buy in the store.

File Type for digital downloads – PDF file.

The average price on Etsy – coloring pages on Etsy range from $3 to $10, depending on the drawing and the number of pages included.

 2. Adult Coloring Pages

These coloring pages for adults can be meditative and relaxing and provide an opportunity for creativity.

Some examples sold on Etsy – are mandalas, nature, zen, and abstract and calming designs.

File Type – PDF

Average price on Etsy – $3 to $10


3. Invoice Template    

At the beginning stages of their business, small business owners usually want to refrain from investing in bookkeeping software to create their invoices and receipts, especially if they only have 2-3 clients. 

For the early stages of a business, downloadable invoice and receipt templates can be a fantastic solution and help save hundreds of dollars a year.

Some examples sold on Etsy – are Word invoice templates, Canva invoice templates, and Excel invoice templates.

There is demand for every design and style, from simple or minimalist to cute and colorful designs.   

File Type – Word, Canva, and Excel for customizable templates or PDF for printable invoices.

The average price on Etsy – $5 to $15

4. Notion Templates    

Notion is a productivity app that has become very popular in recent years. You can use Notion to create customizable templates for specific uses. 

Some examples sold on Etsy – are Project Tracker Templates, Goal Planner Dashboard to track and achieve personal goals, Content Calendar Templates, and more.                           

File Type – Notion format

Average price on Etsy – $10 to $30

5. Website Templates

Website templates are ready-made website designs for various platforms – Shopify, WordPress, Wix, and more. Website templates are a very profitable category on Etsy because of the high price and low competition. Business owners who buy these templates can have a professional-looking website without investing in expensive graphic design services. 

Some examples on Etsy – are website templates to showcase a portfolio of projects, E-commerce templates, personal brand website templates, and more.      

File Type – Zip file

The average price on Etsy – $20 to $100 (some Etsy stores will offer to install the template for the customer for an additional fee)

website template Etsy best seller
website template Etsy sales

6. Squarespace Templates       

 Squarespace is a user-friendly website builder where customers don’t need to know any code to be able to build a beautiful website and update content on the platform. 

Some examples from Etsy are Squarespace templates for bloggers, Squarespace templates for online stores (for e-commerce), and Squarespace templates for photographers, showcasing their portfolios professionally and beautifully.

File Type – Squarespace template

Average price on Etsy – $40 to $150


7. Wix Templates

Wix website builder is another easy and user-friendly builder for freelancers and business owners. Wix customers can choose to use one of Wix’s ready-made templates or buy a customizable Wix template on Etsy. 

Some examples of Wix templates sold on Etsy – are Portfolio Website Template for Wix, landing pages for businesses, Wix templates for freelancers, e-commerce templates, and more.

File Type – Wix template

Average price on Etsy -$30 to $100


8. Custom Logo

A custom logo is a digital product that requires customization, meaning the customer sends you specific requirements for their desired logo. In this process, you must provide a few revisions so the customer is satisfied with the result. 

Although this is a digital product, this specific product will not make you passive income as you need to invest the time to work on each order individually. Some custom logo examples from Etsy are boutique or fashion Logo Designs, hand-drawn logos, and watercolor logo designs.                              

File Type – Vector files (AI/EPS) or PNG

Average price on Etsy – $50 to $300 


9. Premade Logo 

A premade logo can be a logo design that you already made, and you sell it as a template, and the customers can get access to the template and replace the text with their business name (also called an editable logo). 

The other option is that your Etsy listing includes several logo designs that you have already prepared. The customer picks the design they like and sends you the name of the business, and you add their business name and send them the final logo as a vector or a PNG file.

Examples on Etsy for a premade logo – are Minimalist Premade Logo, Vintage Logo Set, and Nature Logo Bundle.        

File Type – Vector files (AI/EPS), PNG, or a Canva template       

Average price on Etsy – $15 to $80


10. ChatGPT Prompts   

 Sets of prompts for content creators to generate new content or research ideas quickly and easily with ChatGPT. 

Creating the correct Chatgpt prompts can be very time-consuming, and buying a list of specific prompts that have already been tested and revised could save hours and even days of work for content creators. 

ChatGPT packs sold on Etsy include Content Ideas Pack, Storytelling Prompts, and Marketing Copywriting Prompts.                    

File Type – PDF, Excel or Word

Average price on Etsy – $10 to $40

Chatgpt prompts ebook
Etsy Chatgpt prompts

11. Meal Planner

Meal Planners can be used digitally (edited by the customer on their computers), or customers can print them at home and fill them out. 

The primary purpose of meal planners is to plan all the meals and the grocery shopping ahead of time. That can help with being more organized, saving time cooking during the week, and even keeping track of a diet.

Examples of meal planners sold on Etsy are weekly meal plan templates, family meal organizers, and diet meal planners. 

File Type – PDF and JPG

Average price on Etsy – $5 to $20.  


12. Printable Planner   

Printable planners can help customers with daily schedules, to-do lists, organization, and planning. The customer can download it from Etsy, print it out, and use a pen to fill it out.

Examples include daily planners, wedding planners, and student study planners.

File type – PDF format.

Average price on Etsy – range from $3 to $25.


13. GoodNotes Planner 

What is GoodNotes? GoodNotes is a note-taking app that helps customers capture and organize handwritten notes.

GoodNotes Planners are digital planners that were designed specifically for GoodNotes. They can bring a more customizable design to the customer’s note-taking experience.

Examples sold on Etsy include digital bullet journals, academic planners, and travel planners for GoodNotes.

File Type – GoodNotes template

Average price on Etsy – between $10 and $30.


14. Business Planner 

Business planners can help small business owners organize their tasks, plan their schedules more visually, and write and track their goals. 

Freelancers and small business owners mainly use business planners.

Examples of business planners sold on Etsy include startup planners, financial trackers, and marketing planners.

File format – PDF

Average price on Etsy – range from $10 to $40.


15. Fitness Planner

Fitness Planners are mainly used to track customers’ daily and weekly workouts and record their fitness goals. 

Who uses the fitness planner? People who want to focus on their health and fitness and make progress with their health goals. Examples on Etsy include workout logs, trackers, and yoga planners.

File type – PDF and .xlsx.

The average price on Etsy is $5 to $25.         

Fitness planners Etsy bestseller
Fitness planner monthly sales

16. Content Calendar 

The primary purpose of using content calendars is for planning and tracking social media posts and blog posts. Who uses content calendars? Bloggers, digital marketers, freelancers, and small business owners.

Examples from Etsy include social media post planners, blog content schedules, marketing campaign planners, and more. 

File Type – .xlsx, Google Drive spreadsheets, or .pdf formats (for the printable version).

The average price on Etsy is $10 to $25.


17. Budget Planner

Budget Planners have become very popular in the past few years. Budget planners are excellent for managing and planning personal or household expenses and saving.

Examples of specific budget planners on Etsy are family budget planners, personal finance organizers, and even wedding budget planners.

File type – .pdf (for the printed version), Google spreadsheets, and Excel.

The average price on Etsy is $5 to $20.


18. Budget Spreadsheet   

Budget Spreadsheets are digital tools for personal financial planning and tracking. They’re used for detailed budget management so the customer can see where their money goes, start making better decisions, and reach financial goals like paying out a loan or saving money.

Some common examples on Etsy are Excel budget templates, Google Sheets finance trackers, and monthly expense spreadsheets.

File type – mainly in Excel (to make calculations automatic).

The average price on Etsy is $10 to $30.


19. Resume Templates  

Resume Templates are one of the most profitable Digital Products to Sell on Etsy. 

The monthly search volume of this product is very high, and there is demand for all kinds of professions and across various industries. Resume templates offer job seekers a more professional-looking resume that can be 100% customizable.

Examples of resume templates from Etsy – are creative resume designs, professional resume templates, modern resume layouts, and more.

File type for digital download – Word and Google Docs.

The average price on Etsy is $7 to $25.

Resume templates Etsy monthly sales

20. Nurse Resume

Nurse Resumes is one good example of a resume template sold on Etsy. These include the design and layout of a resume and relevant text for nursing professionals. 

It is perfect as a starting point for nurses to start customizing the text according to their experience and save a lot of time with their job applications.

Examples from Etsy include RN (registered nurse) resumes, new grad nurse resumes, and medical CV templates.

File type: Word or PDF.

Average price on Etsy: $7 to $20.


21. eBook Template     

Ebook Templates have also gained popularity on Etsy in the past few years because of the rising content creator industry. 

Bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators, in general, use this to write their free guide and increase subscriptions to their mailing lists. These Ebook templates are pre-designed layouts for creating ebooks quickly and professionally.

Examples sold on Etsy include recipe ebook templates, ebook templates for coaches, magazine templates, instructional workbooks, and more.

File type: Word, PDF, Canva templates.

Average price on Etsy: $10 to $30.


22. Business Cards

 Business Cards sold on Etsy are customizable design templates for business owners and professionals. They are simple to use. Customers choose the design they like on Etsy, and once they download the template, they can add their details and send it to print.

Common examples on Etsy include minimalist business cards, modern-style business cards, corporate-style cards, business cards for Instagram, and more.

File type: Canva templates

Average price on Etsy: $5 to $15.


23. Etsy Banners

Etsy Banners are digital templates of banner designs for Etsy sellers. It is sold as a set including all the recommended sizes for Etsy shops and includes a big shop banner, a small banner, sale banners, a shop logo banner, and more. 

The variety of Etsy banner designs sold is endless, making the shop branding look professional. Some examples include minimalist shop banners, cute pastel banners, boho styles, modern designs, and more.

File type: Canva template

The average price on Etsy is $5 to $25.     


24. Social Media Templates 

Social Media Templates have been HUGE on Etsy these past few years (one of the best-selling digital products on Etsy). These are pre-designed post layouts for the most popular social media platforms (Instagram and Pinterest). 

The primary purpose of these templates is to save time for content creators and branding. Content creators, influencers, business owners, and freelancers use social media templates daily.

Some examples from Etsy – are Instagram post templates, Facebook cover designs, and Pinterest pin layouts.

File type: Canva templates.

The average price on Etsy is $8 to $30.


25. Instagram Template 

Instagram Templates are pre-made designs and layouts for Instagram posts and stories. All templates are customizable, including colors, icons, and images. 

Instagram templates are used mainly by Instagram influencers, bloggers, content creators, digital marketers, and small business owners.

Examples sold on Etsy are influencer templates, story highlight covers, and modern, minimal Canva stories.

File type: Canva template

Average price on Etsy: $5 to $20.



Instagram template on Etsy
Instagram template Etsy sales

26. Labels

On Etsy, you can find all kinds of labels for personal or business use. These include product labels, bin storage labels, name stickers, and school supply labels. The customer can edit them with their details and print them out. 

In business, they are used mainly for branding. Examples include cosmetic product labels, wedding favor labels, and homemade product labels.

File type: Canva, Word

The average price on Etsy is $3 to $15.     


27. Candle Labels

As the demand for homemade candles for personal use and candle gifts has increased in the past few years, so does Etsy seller’s need to buy pre-made candle labels for the branding of their products.

Beautiful candle labels are sold on Etsy for every style, shape, and size to fit candle jars perfectly. These labels include customizable text, colors, and artistic designs. Some popular candle labels sold on Etsy have vintage candle labels, minimalist design labels, and modern candle labels.

File type: Canva templates.

Average price: $4 to $12   


28. Gift Tags

Gift Tags add a personal touch and can be used as gifts and as beautiful thank-you cards. They are sold on Etsy as a downloadable file, include customizable text and colors, and come in different shapes and styles.

Some examples from Etsy – are Christmas gift tags, birthday tags, and wedding favor tags.

File type: Canva templates, Illustrator.

Average price: $2 to $10.


29. Printable Flashcards   

Printable Flashcards are a fun and educational tool at home or in a classroom.

They are designed in various styles and bright colors and include educational content on different subjects. Customers can use flashcards for homeschooling, teaching, and learning.

Popular examples on Etsy – are language flashcards, math flashcards, and alphabet flashcards.

File type: PDF

Average price: $3 to $15.


30. Affirmation Cards   

Customers use affirmation cards for self-care and to inspire motivation. Product examples could be business-related, personal development, or health and mindfulness. These digital cards include inspirational messages and offers in different designs. Examples on Etsy are daily affirmation cards, positive mindset cards, and mindfulness cards.

File type: PDF or JPEG.

Average price: $5 to $15.

Affirmation cards Etsy bestseller

31. Tarot Cards 

A tarot is a type of playing card mostly used for seeking insight into the future and personal reflection.

Examples of printable Tarot cards sold on Etsy are traditional tarot decks, modern interpretation cards, and themed tarot sets.

File type: PDF or JPEG.

Average price: $15 to $40.


32. Greeting Cards 

Greeting Cards are an excellent digital product idea! Customers always love to find new and unique greeting cards and save time by not having to buy them at the store.

Customers can use these downloadable greeting cards for any occasion, including holidays and personal celebrations, and the text can be completely customizable.

Examples on Etsy – are holiday greeting cards, handmade greeting cards, thank you cards, happy birthday cards, and more. File type: PDF or Word

Average price on Etsy: $3 to $10


33. Birthday Cards           

The digital format of birthday cards sold on Etsy makes it easy to download, customize, and print unique birthday cards. 

Buying printable birthday cards is also a much more cost-effective solution for customers. These cards include funny and cute messages, and the customers can change the text as these are editable.

Some birthday card examples are milestone birthday cards, kids’ birthday cards, and husband’s birthday cards.

File type: PDF or Word. 

Average price: $2 to $8.


34. Recipe Cards 

Recipe cards are for cook lovers who love cooking while looking at printed versions of their recipes! Recipe cards are a handy organization tool; customers can organize them in a box on the kitchen counter and have easy access to the recipes. 

These digital cards offer editable fields (so you can type in) and various card sizes and come in different styles and designs.

Some beautiful recipe cards sold on Etsy include family, bridal shower, holiday, and retro recipe cards.

File type: PDF or Word. 

Average price: $4 to $12.


35. Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are beautiful greeting cards for every holiday. Many of these cards are templates for the customer to add their message, name, and family photos.

Examples include Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, and New Year’s cards.

File type: PDF, Word, or Canva templates

Average price on Etsy: $3 to $10


36. Valentine Cards 

Valentine Cards on Etsy are romantic and funny cards for him and her for Valentine’s Day. The digital format of these cards includes personalized messages that the customer can change.

Valentine card examples on Etsy are – funny Valentine cards, elegant heart designs, and romantic photo cards.

File type: PDF, Word, or Canva templates

The average price is $2 to $8.


37. Wedding Cards          

Wedding Cards are a top digital download product on Etsy that offers many variations and customization options. Wedding cards are congratulations cards to the happy couple and cards where the couple congratulate each other. Customers can download a pre-made wedding card on Etsy and customize it with their messages.

Examples from Etsy are thank you cards, bridal shower cards, and engagement announcement cards.

File type: PDF, Word, and Canva templates

The average price is $5 to $15.

Wedding cards digital download
Wedding cards monthly sales on Etsy

38. Wedding Invitations 

These days, wedding Invitations are a big part of the wedding’s theme and style. Many Etsy sellers offer customization options, which means that the bride will provide the Etsy seller with the wedding colors and sometimes some graphic elements.

The seller will customize the wedding invitations to the overall look and feel of the wedding.

Although not all Etsy listings will offer customization options, this is something to keep in mind, especially in a very competitive market.

On Etsy, customers can also buy a set of wedding invitations with matching RSVP and thank you cards.

Some examples from Etsy are bohemian floral invitations, minimalist black and white designs, and vintage lace patterns.

File type: PDF, Word, and Canva templates

Average price: $10 to $30.


39. Wedding Sign

On Etsy, customers can purchase physical and digital files of wedding signs. The wedding sign is a big venue part that matches the wedding style. Examples of wedding signs – are welcome signs, directional signs, and sitting arrangements signs.

Some examples of wedding signs from Etsy are welcome signs, printable seating charts, and customized ceremony signs.

File type: PDF or JPEG

Average price on Etsy: $10 to $25


40. Wedding Timeline   

Wedding Timelines are a practical and unique way to inform the guests about the wedding schedule. Customers can find very stylish wedding timelines on Etsy.

Wedding timelines will usually include the times of the ceremony, reception, photo sessions, dinner time, cake cutting, first dance, etc. In terms of design, these will match the wedding invitation style.

Examples include watercolor-themed timelines, vintage-inspired schedules, elegant itineraries, and more.

File type: PDF or Word

Average price on Etsy: $8 to $20


41. Thank You Cards

Customers use thank you cards to express appreciation and gratitude personally and uniquely. On Etsy, there are thank you cards for every occasion and purpose. 

Customers can use thank you cards for business, weddings, teachers, showers, interviews, and more. They are easy to make and customize for multiple listings with different variations.

Some examples from Etsy – are business thank-you cards, boho thank-you cards, minimalist thank-you card sets, and pastel thank-you cards.

Examples of thank you cards sold on Etsy are mainly for weddings, showers, or interviews. These cards add a personal touch to the act of saying thanks. They feature a range of styles, from elegant to whimsical.

File type: PDF or Word

Average price on Etsy: $3 to $10


42. Real Estate Marketing

Realtors have no time to create their marketing materials and are more than happy to buy pre-made templates for all their marketing needs.

Real Estate Marketing materials can include flyers, brochures, signs, social media posts, and business cards. Real estate agents can buy complete branding and all related marketing materials with minimum investment.

This product is one of the most profitable digital products to sell on Etsy. If you have some graphic design skills, this is a digital product you should consider creating.

Examples from Etsy – are open house flyers, social media bundles, market analysis brochures, real estate listing presentations, and social media kits.

File type: Canva templates

Average price on Etsy: $10 to $100

Real estate social media bundle

 43. Real Estate Logo       

Real estate logos offer unique branding for realtors, again at a minimum cost. Ordering a custom logo from a graphic designer can cost around $1000, while on Etsy, realtors can get a professional logo done and customized for $100 or less. 

Some of the Etsy listings will also offer complete branding that will include business cards, flyers, website banners, and more.

Real estate logo examples sold on Etsy are- modern minimalist logos, elegant logos, illustration or text-based logos, abstract logos, black and white logos, and more.

File type: AI, PSD, or JPEG.

Average price on Etsy: $20 to $100.


44. Real Estate Signs   

Real estate signs are used to advertise the properties and guide potential buyers. For them to be efficient and cost-effective, the sign templates must be easily accessible by the realtors so they can change the text from time to time and send it for print.

Some popular examples of real estate signs on Etsy – are open house signs, for sale/rent signs, and directional signage. They are offered in different sizes, and the customers can easily edit the colors and text.

File type: Canva templates.

The average price on Etsy is $15 – $40.


45. Real Estate Postcard   

Real Estate Postcards are a great way to present the realtor’s properties in a personal and stylish way. Although it used an ‘old school’ way of marketing (using direct mail marketing), the professional and elegant design can make all the difference.

Real estate postcards on Etsy are offered in huge bundles and are very affordable, saving time and money for realtors.

On Etsy, you can find all kinds of real estate postcards, like announcements of new listings, open houses, and market updates. They include specific places and frames for property photos and eye-catching graphics.

File type: Canva templates

Average price on Etsy: $10 to $50.


46. Classroom Décor      

Printable Classroom Décor sold on Etsy aims to provide engaging and educational decor for teachers to use in their classrooms. These digital prints combine colorful and stimulating designs, inspiring messages, and functional and informational tools.

Examples of printable classroom decor on Etsy include growth mindset posters, educational posters, plant display learning, classroom door signs, and more.

File type: PDF or JPEG.

Average price on Etsy: $5 to $20.


47. Digital Paper

Digital Paper is another popular digital product on Etsy. A digital paper is a digital file of a designed “paper” that has a very high quality and is suited for printing if the customer would like to use it in print.

This is mainly used in crafting, graphic design, and scrapbooking. These digital papers offer a variety of patterns and textures to fit various creative projects. Examples include watercolor textures, geometric patterns, floral digital paper, watercolor, boho digital paper, and more.

File type: JPEG or PDF.

Average price on Etsy: $2 to $10.

Digital paper Etsy bestseller
Digital paper Etsy monthly sales Everbee

48. Educational Posters 

Educational Posters cover a wide range of subjects and are designed engagingly. Educational posters can make learning much easier and more enjoyable. Educational posters can best fit in learning centers, classrooms, and even with homeschooling.

Some popular examples of educational posters that are sold on Etsy – are world maps, science diagrams, letters, days of the week, numbers, shapes, and more.

File type: PDF or JPEG.

Average price on Etsy: $3 to $20.


49. ADHD Planner

ADHD Planners are wonderful planning and organizing tools used by adults and children with ADHD. These planners easily help implement more structure into the day, task breakdowns, time management, organization, and skills. Some popular examples on Etsy – are visual schedules, goal-setting, daily routine planners, task management sheets, and mindfulness exercises.

File type: PDF, notion templates

Average price on Etsy: $10 to $25.


50. Lightroom Presets  

Lightroom Presets is a tool for Adobe Lightroom users that enables them to add a beautiful and consistent background to their photos. This is mostly used by photographers and Instagram influencers and is one of the most profitable digital product ideas to sell on Etsy.

Customers can quickly edit their photos with these presets and change them into a modern, boho, or vintage look in minutes.

Products like portrait enhancement preset, lightroom presets for mobile, mom blogger presets, cinematic effects and landscape color boosts are products you can sell successfully.

File type: DNG (Digital Negative, Raw image format) files, XMP files (files containing metadata).

The average price on Etsy is $5 to $30.

51. Weight Loss Digital Journal

A weight loss journal is an important and useful tool for tracking the customer’s weight loss journey. It helps them set goals, track progress, and stay motivated (can include motivational quotes). Examples are a 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge Journal, Personalized Weight Loss Planner, and Interactive Weight Loss Tracker. 

File Type: PDF, GoodNotes, Google Spreadsheets. 

Average selling price: $10-$15.


52. Habit Tracker  

This digital item helps customers build and maintain a specific habit they want to integrate into their lives. A habit tracker makes it easier to track the progress of a new daily habit. The habit tracker includes daily logs and progress charts. 

Examples: Printable Habit Tracker Sheets, Monthly Habit Tracking Planner, Daily Routine, and Habit Tracker. 

File Type: PDF, GoodNotes, Google Spreadsheets. 

Average selling price: $5-$8.


53. Weight Loss Tracker

The main purpose of this digital download is to monitor the customer’s weight loss progress. This digital file includes meals and exercise and tracks the weight changes. 

Examples of products that sell in high demand are Digital Weight Loss Progress Tracker and Customizable Weight Loss Tracking Sheets. 

File Type: Excel, Google Spreadsheets. 

Average selling price: $8-$12.


54. Fitness Journal

A Fitness Journal is a digital organizer for fitness goals and activities. It helps with planning workouts and tracking the customer’s progress (can include workout logs but also visual elements like progress graphs. 

Examples of the bestsellers are 12-Week Fitness Planner, Personalized Workout Journal, and Interactive Fitness Tracker. 

File Type: PDF (for the printed version), GoodNotes, spreadsheets. 

Average selling price: $10-$20.


55. Digital Stickers  

These cute digital illustrations are amazingly trendy items on Etsy! Customers can easily buy sticker paper for their printer and print it at home. They are mainly used for decoration or planning. 

Some Etsy best sellers’ examples – are funny stickers, sticker sheets, laptop stickers, and cute stickers. 

File Type: PDF. 

Average selling price: $2-$5 per set.

Digital stickers selling on Etsy

56. Planner Stickers 

Special stickers are designed for all kinds of digital planners. Mostly help with organizing the customer planner in a visual and beautiful way. There is a great variety of digital files on Etsy, including customizable options and different sizes. 

Bestsellers examples: Weekly Planner Sticker Set, Customizable Planner Stickers, and Seasonal Planner Sticker Pack. 

File Type: PDF. 

Average selling price on Etsy: $3-$6 per set.


57. Recipe Book  

A digital recipe book offers recipe page templates that the customer can use for their recipes. It helps with organization, efficiency, and presenting the recipes in a beautiful and cohesive way. There are customizable layouts, index pages for navigation, and even templates for shopping lists. 

Examples of the bestsellers are the Family Favorite Recipe Book and the Customizable Recipe Organizer. 

File Type: Word or PDF. 

Average selling price: $15-$25.


58. Shopping List  

A digital shopping list can be a useful template to write all your weekly shopping or can be customizable where the customer can type the usual groceries they buy every week and tick them off. 

A shopping list helps customers track their shopping, ensuring they don’t forget essential items. It includes categorized sections and also quantity trackers. 

Some digital templates sold: Weekly Grocery Shopping List, Printable Shopping Organizer, and Editable Shopping List Template. 

File Type: Excel, PDF. 

Average selling price: $3-$7.

These were 57+ profitable digital products to sell on Etsy to spark the thoughts and ideas for your new Etsy shop or your new digital product in your shop. All of these ideas have strong and growing demand on Etsy, and the best sellers for each of these products are profiting a significant amount of money each month due to the fact that these are digital products and the costs to produce them are very low.

As you can see, even if you sell digital downloads (and not a physical product) – this does not guarantee that all your income will be passive, as some of these digital downloads will need an element of customization to succeed. Before you start selling digital downloads, it is better to consider all the product elements upfront to be successful, not just the profit element.

Etsy is a great place to make passive income by selling digital files, even if you don’t have any following. By researching and finding the best Etsy digital product ideas that are in demand but also profitable, you are on the right track to creating the online business you want!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our blog!

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