Perfecting Pinterest Course Review – SEE MY VIRAL PINS! 2024 By Sophia Lee Course

Last Updated: April 17, 2024

This is the most in-depth Perfecting Pinterest course review! What you must know, how to get a discount and all the pros and cons!

Everything you need to know about By Sophia Lee’s Pinterest course. After taking this course (3 times! And I intend to revisit the course again to check the updates and see if I missed something), I thought it was time to share my experience.

Are you trying to figure out Pinterest and how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog? If you are sick of searching your content on Google and not finding it or finding it on page 4, then Pinterest marketing is the absolute fastest way to bring traffic to your blog, using only organic traffic and getting results so much faster!

Perfecting Pinterest Course


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Table of Contents

What is the Perfecting Pinterest Course?

Perfecting Pinterest is an online course for businesses that want to use Pinterest marketing strategies to increase traffic to their blogs and engage their audience on Pinterest.

This course covers Sophia Lee’s strategies when she started using Pinterest to drive traffic to her blog (the By Sophia Lee blog).

These are the same strategies she uses today to get more than 10M monthly views (and engagement of more than 4M a month!).

Pinterest training

Should You Use Pinterest For Your Business?

So, let’s start with what types of businesses should use Pinterest.

First of all, Bloggers! Here are some examples – food blogs, home decor, graphic designers, crafts & handmade products, photographers, travel blogs, pet blogs, digital marketing tips, weddings, beauty and makeup, finance (how to grow your income, budgeting tips), lifestyle, education, events, and more.

It is good to know that most of the audience on Pinterest are women from the US. The biggest age group on Pinterest is between 25-34, and the second age group on Pinterest is women between the age of 18-24 (according to Sprout Social)

I decided long ago that for my blog, Pinterest is the number one method to bring organic and quick traffic.

This is why I didn’t want to waste time with trial and error. As I had already been following Sophia Lee for a long time and completed her Perfecting Blogging course (the best blogging course for beginners!), it was a no-brainer for me to purchase Sophia’s Pinterest course and start!

Who is Sophia Lee Blogger?

Sophia Lee started her blogging journey as a student in 2017 when she was only 19. Her blog was her side hustle while going to university, trying to save money to pay for her college tuition.

A year after she started blogging, posting weekly on her blog, she was able to monetize her blog and start making money with the most sought-after ads company, Mediavine. After being accepted to Mediavine, she quickly increased her blogging income.

She admits that without the insane success she achieved on Pinterest, there was no chance she could get these unbelievable financial results with her blog – making more than 6 figures a month!

Her outstanding results with Pinterest led me to purchase the course, and now, after I have gone through it several times and implemented it, I am writing this Perfecting Pinterest course review.

Started utilizing Pinterest in March 2020, and she now has over 10 MILLION monthly views, which is the main factor for her making 6 figures a month! And around 7 figures yearly with her blog.

She has grown her blog substantially through the years and now receives over 700,000 monthly page views and over 900,000 followers between all her social media platforms and email list.

So, let’s dive into all the details of the Perfecting Pinterest course.

Here is By Sophia Lee Perfecting Pinterest Course Review

Perfecting Pinterest Course Modules


Module 1 – Welcome Module

  • The Welcome Module is all about the Pinterest results that Sophia Lee achieved in such a short time, her journey and how she managed to monetize her blog in less than one year just because of her Pinterest traffic.
  • The Welcome Module also covers what you would need for this course – the tools she is using – what is a must (and yes, you could get away with only free tools at the beginning) and what is helpful and ‘nice to have’ later on.
  • An introduction to the course Facebook group.


Module 2 – The Things You Must Know About Pinterest

  • Best practices to focus on with your Pinterest marketing strategy to achieve great success on the platform.
  • Productivity tips – how Sophia’s Pinterest strategy takes her only 1 hour a week!
  • The Pinterest Scheduler – should you use it?


Module 3 – How to rank your pins on Pinterest

  • This module is all about Pinterest SEO. A deep dive into Pinterest and Google Keyword research, how to make decisions based on all the information you’ve gathered.
  • Which keywords will help you to get traffic and monetize your blog faster?
  • Which keywords to focus on every step of the way of your Pinterest strategy?
  • Bonus lesson – how to optimize your blog post for SEO – although not relevant to the Pinterest marketing strategy, Sophia added a special lesson about on-page SEO (breaking down the content to all the parts you need to focus on) to achieve even better results with your Pinterest marketing strategies.


Module 4 – How to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account

  • How to set up your Pinterest profile and business account for success.
  • The easiest way to verify your website on Pinterest with no technical skills.


Module 5 – The Pinterest Boards Strategy

  • What is the best strategy for creating your Pinterest Boards?
  • How to use the keywords you have gathered for these boards
  • How to use Tailwind for maximum efficiency
  • Which pins to pin to each of your boards?
Perfecting Pinterest review

Module 6 – How to Create Viral Pins

  • Creating pins – Sophia is showing the process of creating her Pinterest pins. Easy to follow, a step-by-step guide. No graphic design skills are needed.
  • Pins’ strategy – how many pins for each blog post
  • Pins’ photos – where to get photos and which images will generate maximum engagement.
  • Crafting the best eye-catching pin titles
  • What you shouldn’t do when creating your pins.
  • She focuses not only on the strategy and how to make the
    pins but also on increasing your CTR! What elements of a pin are a MUST to get the viewers to click on your pins.


Module 7 – Secrets to Uploading your pins to Pinterest

  • The title and caption strategy for photos
  • Step-by-step tutorial to scheduling on Pinterest
  • With the July 2023 course update, Sophia is removing from her course the most expensive tool she had used for her Pinterest strategy, which is Tailwind, saying it is not required anymore and instead, she is showing step-by-step how to implement her Pinterest strategy using the Pinterest Scheduler (which is free).


Module 8 – Repurposing Content

  • The method to get the most out of your blog’s old content using your old blog posts and Google Analytics.
  • How to know which of your pins drove the most traffic to your posts using Google Analytics. Sophia also announced in 2023 that she will add a new lesson on how to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) soon!


Bonus Module

  • Answers to all the questions that popped up in your mind while going through the course
  • The bonus module includes 11 videos answering the most common questions Sophia gets about her Pinterest strategy.

    This includes topics like Pinterest stats, how many pins she pins a day, scheduling pins, Sophia’s opinion about idea pins and video pins, how to tag products on Pinterest using the Amazon Associate Program, how your pins relate to your Instagram stories and TikToks, group boards – should you use them? Should you delete old pins?


Course Bonuses

  • Get support for any questions for Free via the private Facebook group, from Sophia and her team.
  • Unlimited course updates for free!


Perfecting Pinterest Templates

  • Boards List Google sheet template & printable version

Pros & Cons – Sophia Lee Perfecting Pinterest Course Review


  • You can learn from someone who’s got the results you want! For sure, Sophia has cracked the Pinterest code, and this strategy, which led her to more than 100k followers and 10m monthly views, is laid out for you step by step.

  • Lifetime course updates for free! Sophia is updating the course with new strategies and adding more answers to questions she receives along the way. All future updates to the course are yours to access for free.

  • One of the biggest pros of this course is that Sophia actually shows all the nitty-gritty of building a successful Pinterest account – nothing is missing here, and you can’t go wrong.
Perfecting Pinterest pros
  • She shows, from scratch, how to build a new Pinterest account, how to fill out every detail on your profile, how to create the boards and the pins, schedule them, and more. 

  • This is a step-by-step tutorial that you can apply to your new or old Pinterest account. Everything is shown on her screen, which makes it simple to follow along and implement while you watch the videos. There is no theory here.

  • Essential blog SEO guide – usually not covered in other Pinterest courses. This is a special tutorial about blog post optimization for Google (how to optimize your blog posts for SEO).

    Although this is not part of the work you need to do inside of Pinterest, Sophia decided to add this important information because of the impact of a great SEO on the traffic that your post gets.

    Take into account the connection between these 3 factors – the way you optimize your pins, the keywords that you use on Pinterest and the keywords and the content you write about in your blog. Extremely valuable information!

  • The price of the course is so affordable, much more affordable than other Pinterest courses. You get tons of valuable information that exceeds the price you paid for the course, no doubt about it.

  • Learning from Sophia is a fun process! She is energetic, happy, funny and sharing all her secrets and thoughts along the way. 



  • The course doesn’t cover Pinterest Ads. Sophia explains that all her success came from the Pinterest organic search.

    All the Pinterest traffic she gets to her blog (right from the start) was only organic, so she never felt the need to put money behind Pinterest ads (she also mentions that she is not planning to do Pinterest ads in the near future but if she starts doing that, she will add a module to the course).

  • The course does not cover how to analyze the data of your Pinterest account and how to use it to optimize your boards and pins.

Implementing Sophia Lee Pinterest Strategy – My Viral Pinterest Pins

I thought that this Perfecting Pinterest review would not be complete without showing you some of my results! 🙂 

As Sophia Lee mentions in the Perfecting Pinterest course, the real results will come from continuous testing and learning!

Following her Pinterest strategy and tips, I test everything I can on Pinterest, including the titles, topics, font, colors, images and just about everything! 

Here are 2 examples of my recent viral pins, which brought a lot of traffic to my Etsy shop – 

Sophia Lee Pinterest strategy
Sophia Lee Pinterest course results

Also, Sophia Lee keeps mentioning throughout the course that the most important factor on Pinterest is the clicks to your website. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have because your reach on Pinterest is unlimited and does not depend on your number of followers.

Who Is The Perfecting Pinterest Course For

  • Perfecting Pinterest is mainly for bloggers who want to generate a lot of traffic to their website quickly and see results faster than with Google SEO.

  • Complete beginners who want to start driving traffic from Pinterest. The course covers all the stages, from opening a Pinterest account to building the boards and traffic strategies. You can start the course with no Pinterest knowledge at all.

  • Advanced Pinterest users who already have an account on Pinterest but haven’t achieved the results they are after (not enough engagement, clicks on their pin, or traffic to their website).

Perfecting Pinterest Cost

The Perfecting Pinterest price is so affordable and totally worth it. You will get so much more value than what you’ve paid for.

Sophia Lee’s Pinterest course price is $247.

What’s included in this price?

All the course video tutorials, everything is recorded by Sophia herself.

Lifetime updates FOR FREE! Every time that there is a Pinterest algorithm change or Sophia updates her own Pinterest marketing strategy – she updates the course, and as a member, you’ll get all updates for free.

Access to the private Facebook group where you can get all your questions answered.

Printables and templates to save time with your Pinterest marketing.

Perfecting Pinterest Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you sign up for Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Pinterest course and you don’t like it, you can reach out to Sophia Lee’s team and ask for a refund.

One thing that is good to know about Sophia Lee’s guarantee (for all her courses by the way) is that in order to be elgibile for a full refund – you can’t progress further than unit 1 in the course.
Also, you will have to contant the BSL team within 30 days from the date you enrolled in the course.

Here is the exact refund policy from the Perfecting Pinterest course page –

Sophia Lee Coupon Code – Get 20% Off With The Beginners Blogging Bundle

If you are a blogger and thinking of taking the Pinterest course to drive more traffic to your blog, in that case, it will be so much more cost-effective for you to take the Beginners’ Blogging bundle (click here to read Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review) that includes Perfecting Blogging and Perfecting Pinterest together at a special discounted price.

I completed the course bundle, and the tools I learned helped me tremendously to drive traffic not just from Pinterest but from Google as well!  

Get Perfecting Pinterest & Perfecting Blogging for $399 instead of $494 (20% off) when you sign up for the Beginners Blogging Bundle here.

Is Sophia Lee’s Pinterest Course Worth It? – My Honest Review


I absolutely recommend this course as  I 100% believe it’s worth your money!

In summarizing this Perfecting Pinterest Course Review, I can honestly say (after taking the course twice and completing the updated course) that Sophia Lee invested her heart and soul into this course and revealed all her Pinterest strategies!

Besides the easy-to-follow strategies and training, she is also ‘connecting the dots’ for you, showing you how to use Pinterest marketing strategies to get massive traffic to her blog and how to make your blog posts go viral on Pinterest.

She also shows you all the nitty-gritty of creating viral pins, from choosing the right images to colors, fonts, publishing times, copy, etc. Sophia has tried and tested everything, so you can save enormous time trying to figure this out yourself.

She is a positive and creative person who is so passionate about what she does! Learning from her will motivate you to follow along and generate real results for your life and your business.

Most of all, the Perfecting Pinterest course teaches you that if a student in her twenties with no background in marketing can do it and achieve outstanding results – so can you!

Following Sophia’s strategies will make your journey so much faster, more efficient and much more enjoyable! I have absolutely enjoyed learning everything I can from Sophia.

Perfecting Email & The Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle

Email marketing is the last building block Sophia added to her business in the past few years to get even more traffic to her blog and increase her ROI (return on investment) on everything she sells – from digital and physical products (like calendars) to her courses.

Building an email list is one of the most efficient ways to build a community of loyal customers who want to buy from you again and again, come back to your blog, and click on your affiliate links.

Perfecting Email, is the course where Sophia shares all her email strategies.

Also, the course pricing is very affordable, and you can even get a 20% discount if you buy the Ultimate BSL Blogging bundle (all 3 courses together –Perfecting Blogging, Perfecting Pinterest, and Perfecting Email).

You can check this course’s details in my Perfecting Email review.

If you buy each course separately, this is the cost you will pay for each course –

Perfecting Blogging cost – $247
Perfecting Pinterest cost – $247
Perfecting Email cost – $299
Total of $793 (if you pay full price for all 3 courses)

However, the cost of The Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle is – $647 (instead of $793), so you would save $146 (which is about a 20% discount on the price of all courses).

This was the complete Perfecting Blogging course review. After going through the course a few times and still in the process of implementing everything I’ve learned, I can honestly say that this course is everything you need if you are serious about starting a blog and making 5 figures, but only if you really do the work and stay consistent doing that.

If it’s time for you to get serious with your blog and turn it into a successful business – this course is the exact path that will take you there.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! We only recommend courses that we bought, implemented and loved! Thank you for supporting our blog.

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