Perfecting Blogging Course Review -FIRST YEAR RESULTS- By Sophia Lee Blogging Course

Last Updated: June 16, 2024

Are you dreaming of starting a blog and turning it into a thriving business? 

Now that I have started making money with my blog consistently, I wanted to share my Perfecting Blogging course review so you can embark on this journey as well. 

Hi, I’m Ashley, a digital marketer turned passionate blogger :). Like many moms who dream of being successful content creators, I was researching the top blogging courses to find the key to building my profitable blog. 

That’s when I stumbled upon Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging – a game-changer for any new blogger.

If being a blogger has been a dream of yours for quite some time, then you’re not alone! Being a blogger has become one of the trendiest businesses in recent years. 

Why is that? Because it is so damn easy to start, requires minimum investments, and anyone can do it if they only put their mind to it and stay consistent.

Interesting facts! There are over 600 million active blogs across the internet, and more than 50% of bloggers are between 21 and 35 years old (according to Hubspot). 

By Sophia Lee's Beginners Blogging Bundle Perfecting Blogging + Perfecting Pinterest

All the methods Sophia uses to create and manage a six-figure blog + drive tons of traffic to her website!

Join me on a journey where I unveil Sophia Lee’s secrets to blogging success in this course review.

This will be a step-by-step guide that teaches you not only the ins and outs of successful blogging but also shares ALL the secrets behind earning a significant income from blogging!

The content in this course isn’t just theory; it’s a roadmap to real results. 

I went through the course a few times and implemented Sophia’s strategies, and I’m excited to share my insights and results with you.

So, if you’re ready to transform your blog into a profitable business, keep reading. I’m about to dive deep into what makes this course a must-have for aspiring bloggers.

What to Expect in This Perfecting Blogging Course Review:

Introduction to Sophia Lee and Her Course: Sophia Lee’s inspiring story behind the multi-million By Sophia Lee blog.

Course Content Breakdown: Get a detailed look at the course modules, free blogging templates – from starting a blog to mastering content creation and monetization.

My Personal Experience: Learn about the tangible results I achieved by implementing ONLY Sophia’s strategies, complete with my income report from the past few months!

Sophia Lee’s Unique Approach: Understand why and how Sophia’s methods stand out in the crowded world of blogging.

Is It Worth It? This is a candid (!) evaluation of the course’s value, including the pros, cons, and pricing, to help you make an informed decision.

By the end of this review, you’ll clearly understand whether Sophia Lee’s course is the right fit for your blogging aspirations. Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together!

You can try to do it yourself without training, but it will take much longer, and you will have to go through trial and error.

I don’t like wasting my time, so I prefer to get results as fast as I can and get to the point where I live my life exactly how I want, making money only from things I enjoy doing.

This is why signing up for her course was a no-brainer. 

Why I Decided to go With Sophia Lee Blogging Course?

I was hesitant to start a blog, thinking I would need to master technical SEO in order for this to work. Also, I felt overwhelmed by the hundreds of blogging tips I found online, and I knew that if I really wanted to make money with this blog, I needed the roadmap of someone who had done that!

When I saw Sophia Lee’s income report numbers (which I am about to share with you in a minute), I was absolutely convinced that this is the person I need to learn from!

I heard her story about how she built this successful and profitable blog from the ground up as a student with no experience in blogging whatsoever and thought to myself – if she was able to accomplish that, following a simple and easy roadmap as a student and complete beginner, I could do it too! I want this roadmap!!

So, I joined! Ended up buying the Perfecting Blogging and Perfecting Pinterest Bundle.

Btw, I found Sophia Lee’s motivation contagious! I thought to myself, it’s going to be so much fun learning from her, and it was! 🙂

Perfecting Blogging Course


Perfecting Blogging & Pinterest

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Perfecting Blogging, Pinterest & Email

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Table of Contents

What is Perfecting Blogging?

Perfecting Blogging is an online course for people who want to start a blog that makes at least 5 figures a month blogging! 

If you are serious about becoming a successful blogger and turning your blog into a great business you would enjoy, this course is for you.

This course lays out the exact methods that Sophia Lee used as a college student and is still using today to build her million-dollar blog.

by sophia lee blogging start a blog 2024

As I am extremely passionate about building successful businesses, and always looking for side business ideas that will generate the income that I want, I felt that Sophia is the one I want to learn from. Her way of doing things just resonated with me so much.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

About Sophia Lee Blogger

100,00 monthly views at the end of her first year as a blogger? This number not only proves that she figured out the code of blogging, but she was and is absolutely consistent and serious enough to make it happen.

As we know, the state of mind mostly determines your success, not the complicated strategies. Her unique personality and ambition are shown in everything she does – this is why I chose to learn from Sophia and take her course (and more accurately, I took the Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle).

Started blogging at the age of 19 as a student, building her side hustle, when all her friends were going out and having a good time, she decided to stay in her dorm room and write another post for her blog (desperate to make her blog successful enough so she would be able to pay for her college tuition).

Today she is making well over 6 figures a year just from her blog.

By Sophia Lee Net Worth & Income Report

Sophia published monthly income reports until 2019, when her income grew drastically. In 2019, she didn’t feel comfortable sharing the exact numbers of her blogging income, and there have been no monthly income reposts published on By Sophia Lee’s website since then.

Where Did We Take The Numbers of By Sophia Lee Income Report From?

*Sophia Lee’s YouTube channel [Sophia Lee’s YouTube video called “How Long to Make Money Blogging – my First Income Reports”, published in Feb 2022]
*Perfecting Blogging Welcome Module and
*Her blog – By Sophia Lee.

  • August 2017 – $600
    Her first income was in the fall of 2017 when one of her blog posts went viral.
    NotesPublished 2 blog posts a week.


  • First-year blogging (8/2017 – 7/2018) – 100,000 monthly page views.


  • July 2018 $788
    (Affiliate marketing income – $367, Mediavine advertising – $421)


  • August 2018 – $2,049


  • September 2018 – $2,553


  • October 2018 – $3,168
    Notes – Most of her 2018 income came from ads. Most of her traffic came from Pinterest.


  • January 2019 – $9,349


  • February 2019 – $6,053


  • April 2019 – $7,814


  • May 2019 – $12,379
    Notes – Most of her 2019 income came from ads, while affiliate marketing revenue started to grow.


  • Year of 2020 – $50,000 average monthly income
    Notes- Revenue from ads and affiliate marketing – specifically Amazon affiliate program). Started using other social media profiles (like YouTube and Instagram, on top of Pinterest)

    She also started hiring people.


  • Year of 2021 – Another significant growth in her income
    Sophia didn’t share the exact numbers.
    Diversified income streams, including selling the Sophia Lee calendar on her website


  • January 2022 – $140,000+ monthly revenue


  • 2023 – Continue to make over 6 figures a month (!) and over 7 figures yearly just from her blog with over 700,000 monthly page views and 900,000 social media followers and email subscribers + started 3 other profitable businesses (which she doesn’t share the income from).

Now you understand why I decided to purchase Sophia Lee’s courses – because she got the results to show for. After going through all her courses, I am happy to share all the details and my experience.

By Sophia Lee Income report

Here is the most in-depth By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review

Course Modules

43 chapters of videos, guides, and checklists. Here are all the course modules – 

Step 1 – Welcome Module

  • This is all about Sophia Lee—how she started her blogging journey when she was financially broke as a student.

    Here, you can see the results she achieved from her blog, a screenshot from her Google Analytics, and real numbers.

  • The welcome module is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the passionate and positive person behind the successful By Sophia Lee blog, pushing you forward to treat your new blog as a real business and embark on this new journey of starting a blog that will turn into a successful business.

  • Setting realistic expectations all the way through the course, and right from the start, in the Welcome module, she says this is not easy, and you will have to be consistent however, absolutely worth it.

step 2 – ‘Really Freakin Important Things You Need To Know About Blogging’ Module

  • What are the things you need to always keep in mind when writing for your blog, and what is extremely important for you to focus on to succeed?

  • How to do keyword research without expensive keyword research tools (very user-friendly instructions, no technical knowledge is needed).

  • How do you choose a profitable niche? And no, this is not about your passion.

    Choosing your niche lesson is all about using the right tools to validate your ideas before you start writing so you know from the start if your blog will be successful.

step 3 – Setting Up A Website That Your Readers Will Trust

  • Setting up your website – How to choose your domain name and what you need to consider.

    How to choose the right theme for your website so your website looks professional without the cost of hiring a graphic designer.

    Also, what are the technical things you need to look for to choose a theme that will do anything you need it to do and help your customers stay on your website longer?

  • How to create beautiful graphics for your website with a free tool and without the need for a graphic designer.

  • How do you create branding for your website so you look professional right from the start (again, for free!)? I loved that Sophia actually spent a lot of time talking about branding and design for your website.

    Many bloggers only talk about SEO and technical stuff (which doesn’t motivate me to start a blog).

  • Sophia emphasizes the importance of having a professional-looking blog to build trust with your customers, and I couldn’t agree more. Following her advice, I actually created my own branding board and used it all the time.

  • You can think of yourself when you click on a result from a Google search, and you can see that the website looks like a kid built it, would you still stay and read the post?

    Also, a good point to remember is that when people don’t stay on your website, it will eventually hurt your ranking, so it’s probably best to start the right way from the beginning.

  • How to plan your website and organize the content in the right way.
  • Where to get images for your website.

step 4 – Content Module

  • If you thought you were going to open your computer in the morning and just start writing whatever comes to mind – you are all wrong.

    This module is all about planning and creating your content plan. If you treat this blog as a business, then planning before you start writing is the way to succeed in making money from your blog.

  • This is a deep dive into content planning from A to Z. You will also get a printable content calendar to work with when you are planning a complete year of content.

  • How to come up with post ideas that your readers will click on and read! Sophia also shows her method on an example blog that she created, especially for this course.

  • How to do keyword research using an SEO tool, Google tools, and social media. Sophia is providing a keyword research template that you can print and fill out, making the process much more efficient (and fun:).

  • What is the consistency you need to post a new blog post on your blog, and when to post each post so you can get the best results and rank on Google and Pinterest?

  • How to plan everything you need to do on your content calendars.

  • Different types of posts you should write, including examples from the By Sophia Lee’s blog.
start a blogging business

step 5 – The ultimate blog post checklist module

  • Tools to use when writing your posts – designing and structuring your posts and SEO. Some of them are free, and some are paid for a very minimal cost (like the cost of 2 cups of coffee – and this is for the whole year:)

  • The exact formula for writing a post that people want to read will also rank on Google and social media.

    That includes the perfect formula for a clickable title (important – even if your post is shown on the first page on Google, it isn’t worth much if people are not clicking on your title to read the post).

  • A complete ‘on page’ SEO checklist (to rank your post on Google)

  • How to use the best SEO plugin for your WordPress website (free plugin)

  • How to upload your post to WordPress.

  • Sophia writes a post example to show all the points on her checklist and how to implement these, one by one.

  • How do you know what people would like to read about this topic, and how do you include it in your post?

  • How to add your affiliate links into the post so it will look great and people will want to click on your links – step by step, how to correctly add these links to your WordPress site.

  • Images optimization – how to optimize your images for Google.

  • How do you finish every post you write on your blog?

  • How can you make the readers stay on your website for as long as possible?

  • This is one of the most in-depth modules, and in this review, I tried to cover all the essential information covered in this module.
First year blogging

step 6 – Blog Monetization Module

  • How can you present affiliate products to your readers in a way that will increase the traction and CTR (click-through rate) of your affiliate links?

  • Affiliate program recommendations for your blog and which programs are the easiest to get into when you have little traffic.

  • Important fact! 4 years after starting her blog – she makes well over 5 figures a month and 700,000 monthly page views. These numbers are just insane!

    This fact alone drove me to buy Sophia’s courses and follow her monetization strategies.


The bonus section of the course is about answering the most common questions Sophia has received from her blogging community.

This was added not long ago, and I must say that some of these questions went through my mind as well, so I was happy to watch her videos answering these questions.

There are 13 videos in the bonus section answering questions about hiring, links to your site, WordPress plugins, motivation, organization and planning tips, growth methods for earning multiple income streams from your blog, Google Analytics, social media strategy, and more!

How Is Sophia Lee Blogging Course Content Being Delivered

This is a video training, a combination of Sophia herself talking to the camera and explaining essential concepts and recording her screen. At the same time, she goes through examples and how-to instructions.

All the course content is on Teachable (the platform for online courses), which is very user-friendly. Every time you complete another video, you can mark the video as completed so when you come back to the course, you will automatically be directed to the next lesson.

In addition, the course offers a variety of digital downloads, including valuable checklists, that you can print at home and work with.

Best blogging course for beginners

Sophia Lee Blogging Course Support

One of the most essential things in this review of Perfecting Blogging is the support you’ll get. Access to a private Facebook group for all the support you need while you go through the course and start to implement.

What Help Can You Get Using the Perfecting Blogging Facebook Group?

  • Ask any question that you have (instead of wasting time trying to figure it out on your own)


  • Get help from Sophia’s team and Sophia herself.


  • Get support and tips from other bloggers (from beginners to advanced who have already achieved great success with their blogs).

Course Bonuses

Included in the Worksheets and Printables section:

  • Branding guides for Canva and Illustrator
  • Keyword research template
  • Printable Content Calendar
  • Sophia’s ultimate blog post checklist
By Sophia Lee blogging course bonuses

Who is the Perfecting Blogging course for?

  • This course is for new bloggers and people who have already started a blog.

  • Complete beginners can find this course so useful because it covers not only the basics but also explains every term Sophia uses. So, if you are new to the blogging world, it’s no problem—you can follow along and understand every training of this course.

  • What about those who have already started a blog? This course will also be a great fit for those who have already started a blog and are ready to take it to the next level, bring in more traffic, and implement more systems to make their blogging work more efficiently.

    For all of the people who started a blog and, as time went by, left it behind because life got in the way – this is the course for you – to get a practical and achievable plan and strategies to start seeing results from your hard work!

  • Sophia is absolute proof that you don’t need to be a copywriter or an expert in SEO, digital marketing, WordPress, or any of these things. If you implement her simple strategies, you will get the results she got! No doubt about it!


Should You Join Perfecting Blogging?

100% Yes! Sophia makes it extremely simple to start and get going with your blog!

So many bloggers out there are trying to teach you all these complicated technical SEO techniques, saying this is a must to have a successful blog.

Sophia is the best proof that you don’t need any of that and that trying to master SEO and writing simultaneously will blow in your face.

Her writing techniques, unique approach to her blog, and creativity are all she needs to get extraordinary results. Her strategies are far simpler to start, implement, and, most importantly –keep going!

I tested Sophia Lee’s Blogging Strategy…

I am still in the process of implementing everything in my blog, one step at a time. Every time I progress and get better at blogging, I feel more and more motivated to keep going.

From time to time, I also come back to the course to watch some of the videos again to see what I can add to the plan. Also, it’s good to repeat the stuff I learned and pick up on things I completely forgot.

I can also say that it is great to go back to the material because Sophia keeps updating the course and because of her energy and positivity.

If you need an energy boost to keep going and believe that you can do it, you are definitely in the right place with Sophia’s Perfecting Blogging course.

My Blog Income Report After Taking Perfecting Blogging 

In the beginning, when I was fully energized and motivated, I posted once a week, but later on, I posted twice a month and sometimes only once a month!

Why is that? Because life happens! I had so much going on with my job, other side hustles I started, kids, you name it.

Because I was posting very little, it took me almost a year to start making money with my blog.

My first month’s income was from affiliate marketing, and I made $278 from several affiliate programs in one month! This was the day that changed my life, really.

It doesn’t matter how much you will hear and see the results of others until it happens to you – you will never fully believe that it can happen to you. 🙂

Since then, I have started treating the blog and the posting schedule more seriously, and I can already see my traffic from Google searches growing daily, which is fantastic!

Once it happened, I thought to myself, imagine what could have happened if I had posted consistently weekly. I am sure I could have made significant money so much faster!

Since then, my income has been growing steadily, which motivates me to put more time into my blog and push me ahead. There is no more incredible feeling than that.

Here are my results since September 2023, when I made my first income – 

Sep 2023 – $279
Oct 2023 – $479
Nov 2023 – $2049 !! 
Dec 2023 – $723
January 2024 – $833.36
February 2024 – $478.8
March 2024 – $177.6 (huge Google update)
April 2024 – $1040.78 (recovery 🙂 

My complete first-year blog income reports here.

So, I hope this helps you understand the impact of being consistent with your blog and what is possible even with a new and small blog.

Here is a screenshot of the payments that I’ve already received –
(the money transfer takes 30 days from the month of the transactions)

Is Perfecting Blogging worth it

Is Perfecting Blogging Worth it in 2024?

Perfecting Blogging is totally worth the money!

As you can see in my income report, I made 20 times more than what I paid for the course in 6 months.

The Perfecting Blogging course is a great fit for beginner bloggers who want to master the process of starting a blog that makes money!

The course covers everything you need, from keyword research and optimizing your post for Google ranking (on-page SEO) to the process of writing viral posts that people really want to read and bringing in massive traffic.

Perfecting Blogging Course Cost

The cost of Sophia Lee’s blogging course is a one-time payment of $247 (for a 20% discount, scroll down to check the Beginners Blogging Bundle). So affordable when starting your own business!

There is no need to pay thousands of dollars to start a business online and be successful.

The value of the information in the course is far beyond what you paid, no doubt about it!

What’s Included In Perfecting Blogging?

  • On top of the training, strategies and tips, you get plenty of bonuses to make your work so much more efficient and help you be consistent with your blog.

  • A lifetime update to the course? These days, no one does that. Endless updates every year. Sophia is constantly making efforts not only to update the course regularly but also to improve it.

    Once you’ve purchased the course – you will have access to all those upgrades and updates.

  • Get support for all your questions via the Facebook group! No one wants to stay alone with a course without having anyone to ask questions along the way because, as we know it, questions will pop up in your head when you start implementing the material.

    This is where you can ask all your questions and get support when you encounter challenges, and this is all included in the one-time payment you made when you bought the course.


Will you need to Invest Money in Tools?

Besides setting up your blog and connecting it to hosting + paying for a very cheap keyword research tool (less than $20 a year!), Sophia recommends free tools (from how to organize your content calendar to which graphic design software to use).

Once in a while, she mentions other tools but emphasizes that it is absolutely not a must to use at this point, and you can achieve great success with your blog without them (as she only used free tools at the beginning of her blogging journey).

Further down the line, if you want to do things faster, you can add paid tools, but again, these are only ‘nice to have’ and not a must.

By Sophia Lee Coupons

To get By Sophia Lee discount code of almost 20% on By Sophia Lee’s courses, you should follow the instructions down below on how to get a big discount when buying By Sophia Lee’s blogging bundle (Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle) – scroll down to “why did I purchase the Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle” – I did all the calculations for you! 🙂

By Sophia Lee course review – Pros and cons of the course


Pros of the Course

  • She is highly focused on giving away all the techniques she uses to create a blog that makes money!
  • The strategies and techniques she is teaching are what she did to build a successful blog from scratch, what she is doing today, and what works today!
  • Lifetime updates! Every time something changes in her work – she updates the course content, so you always follow the most up-to-date techniques and don’t fall behind.

  • Creativity! This is something that is reflected well in her course. So many courses out there are only talking about ranking on Google.

    However, the truth is that if your website doesn’t look good if your writing is robotic and not attractive, and if you don’t know how to write so people will follow your recommendations, then all this traffic will bring minimum results!

  • Transparency – Sophia is all about being transparent with her journey, not trying to ‘sugar-coat’ the efforts and how long it takes to get significant results.

    There is no such thing as an overnight success, especially when building an established business that will be there for the long run.

  • She is also transparent about the technical stuff she does not know, indicating that she only focuses on the things that bring results and that you should, too.

    That encouraged me to learn from her as I have never considered myself a technical person and don’t enjoy technical things. If you only focus on the things she did – you will get there as well.

    To achieve that, there is no need to be an SEO or WordPress expert!

  • This course brings you the exact steps of everything Sophia Lee did with her blog to get to this point, the same methods she is using today and the lessons learned – what she would have done differently if she had to start all over again.


    The real benefit here is that you can learn from someone who’s got the results you are after! Not someone who teaches you how to blog, but someone who walks the talk

    If you want to learn how to be successful in something you want to achieve – follow the footsteps of someone who has already done it – this is the shortest path to success!

  • The cost of this course is so affordable for beginners taking their first steps in the online business world.

    Since blogging courses usually start from $500 and can get as expensive as $1500, this course is the most reasonable choice to get you going, making real progress, and seeing results!

    Another thing to note regarding the cost of this course is that the value you receive is significantly more than what you are paying for, as Sophia is not hiding any information.

    Everything you need is laid out for you in the most simple and easy-to-follow way.

  • Real examples – this course is not just in theory. Every time Sophia explains a new concept, she shows you how it needs to be done.

    For this, she has built a new fictionist blog, and this is her place to show you everything she teaches, from keyword research to how to write a post and even upload your post to a WordPress website.


Perfecting Blogging Pros and Cons

Cons of Perfecting Blogging Course

  • Sophia is not going into how to build a WordPress website or any technical details of how to build a website.

    With that said, she does go into the main things that you need to start your website and where to find them (like hosting and design) at a minimal cost.

    She tells you exactly what she did at the beginning of her journey, so you don’t need to invest a lot of time and money to get up and running with your blog.

    Also, as this is not the first blogging course that I took, I know that almost all the other courses out there focus too much on how to build a WordPress website.

    I found it quite refreshing to see that she chose to put all her focus on blogging and how to get monetized – which is the only reason you are taking this course in the first place!

    So, I totally agree with Sophia’s approach to teaching everything she knows about blogging strategies and monetization in this course.

  • The course doesn’t cover ‘Off-site’ Google SEO (search engine optimization) in depth; by that, I mean link-building strategies and more technical SEO. 

    It is good to point out that the course covers on-page optimization, which means optimizing your content so Google will like you and rank you high in the search results.

    The course also covers an in-depth process of researching the most profitable keywords you would want to rank for so you don’t waste your time on keywords that wouldn’t make you any money or are too competitive that it will be impossible to rank for.

    The first main thing to start with when starting a blog is finding the right keywords and optimizing your content. And ‘on-page SEO’ is exactly what Sophia is talking about extensively.

  • Using Google Analytics to measure the traffic and traffic sources to your blog is not covered in the course.

    It is good to mention that all other courses about a blogging business don’t cover this topic, as this is usually considered something professional digital marketers will explore (involving Google Analytics and measuring).

  • The only traffic channel that Sophia talks about in this course is Google and how to optimize your posts for Google.

    She emphasizes, though, that a lot of her traffic today is coming from Google and Pinterest. Pinterest marketing is not covered in this course. Her Pinterest strategies are covered in her Perfecting Pinterest course.


Does Sophia Lee offer an affiliate program for her blogging course?

Yes, she does. When you join the course and go through all the modules, you can apply for her affiliate program.

All the details on how to apply are in the course. The process is pretty easy, all you have to do is email her team with the details, and you will get access to her affiliates dashboard – the dashboard is easy to work with even if you are a complete beginner to affiliate marketing.

You will also get a short and easy-to-follow video to show you how to generate your affiliate link for the Perfecting Blogging course.


Review of Perfecting Blogging – My Key Takeaways

Here are my key takeaways from the course:

How Long to Make Money with Perfecting Blogging?

Sophia is telling the absolute truth right at the beginning. It takes months and probably a year to get massive results, and the successful ones stayed consistent and didn’t give up.

This is a realistic timeframe. Do not believe anyone tells you differently!

Tips to Implement FASTER

One of the most common questions when starting a course is whether it is better to go through the whole course, write everything down, and then begin implementing, or, while going through the lessons, start implementing what you learn the minute you finish another task.

After completing Perfecting Blogging (a few times😊), I can tell you that the best practice would be to stop after every lesson and implement.

Sometimes, you won’t have enough information to complete a task. In that case, allow yourself to complete the module if needed.

However, don’t fall into the easy path of sitting and binge-watching all the videos before you do anything – not only will it postpone your results with your new blog, but it also will probably make you feel overwhelmed (and you know what happen when you start feeling overwhelmed, it can prevent you from taking any action whatsoever).

Perfecting Blogging Guarantee (30 Day Money Back)

If, for any reason, you sign up for Perfecting Blogging and you don’t like it, you can reach out to the BSL team and ask for a refund.

One very important thing to note about about Sophia Lee’s course guarantee is that in order to be eligible for a full refund – you can’t progress further than unit 1 in the course. Here is the exact refund policy from the course page –

Other By Sophia Lee Courses You Should Check to Get Results Even Faster

Perfecting Pinterest

Sophia is absolutely sincere about the factors that brought her the success she wanted so fast. Traffic is the number one factor to be able to monetize your blog.

Without the traffic, you will not get monetized, and you wouldn’t be able to get approved by the best affiliate programs or ad agencies that really pay well (like Mediavine).

Her main traffic channel was (and is today) Pinterest, and she repeats that again and again, so mastering this traffic channel is the best way to make sure your blog will be successful (and much faster).

For all the details of Sophia Lee’s Pinterest course, check out the Complete Perfecting Pinterest Course Review.

Sophia was accepted to Mediavine in less than a year because of her successful Pinterest marketing strategies – Pinterest was the channel that brought all the traffic to her blog.

Although Google SEO is essential, and her blog, By Sophia Lee, gets an insane amount of traffic from Google today – this was built for a very long period. As mentioned before, getting traffic from Google can take at least a year to start seeing significant results.

However, getting traffic from Pinterest was easy and fast for her, bringing her vast results from the start. This course is all about the Pinterest strategies she implemented and is implementing today.

Perfecting Pinterest pricing is, like all Sophia Lee courses, very affordable for beginners, and you get lifetime access to all updates.

If you sign up for the Beginners Blogging Bundle (like I did) – you can even get a 20% discount, which makes it a no-brainer.

Perfecting Email

Email marketing is the last building block Sophia added to her business in the past few years to get even more traffic to her blog and increase her ROI (return on investment) on everything she sells – from digital and physical products (like calendars) to her courses.

A few years after starting her successful blog, Sophia developed specific strategies to dramatically increase her course sign-ups and the purchases of her products (digital products) on her website, all using an Email list.

Sophia covers all these successful strategies in Perfecting Email, including email sequences, email opt-in pages, lists’ segmentation, and more.

You can read the complete review of Perfecting Email here.

Also, the course pricing is very affordable, and you can get an even lower price if you buy the Ultimate BSL Blogging bundle (all 3 courses together –Perfecting Blogging, Perfecting Pinterest and Perfecting Email).

Why Did I Purchase the Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle?

When I decided to buy Perfecting Blogging, there was only one additional course that Sophia offered, which was Perfecting Pinterest.

Because I had already decided to start this blogging journey, I knew that buying Perfecting Pinterest was just a matter of time. I purchased the Beginners Blogging Bundle (Blogging + Pinterest) to save some money.

A year later, Sophia came out with Perfecting Email, so I also bought this one separately.

If you haven’t bought any of Sophia’s courses until today, and you are planning to start an email list, it would be much more cost-effective to take the complete bundle, save a lot of money by doing that, and start.

How much discount do you get when you buy the Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle?

If you buy each of the courses separately, you will pay a total of $557

  • Perfecting Blogging cost – $247
  • Perfecting Pinterest cost – $247
  • Perfecting Email cost – $299


This is a total of $793 if you buy all courses separately.

But, if you buy the bundle of these 3 courses, you will get the discounted price of-

The Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle cost is – $647
you would save $146 (about 20% of all the courses).

Perfecting Blogging Course Alternative

Another great course, although very different in content, is BGE – this is Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy. As I completed BGE not long ago, I can easily dive in and tell you the difference between BGE and Sophia Lee’s course.

Perfecting Blogging Vs BGE

Course Content

Perfecting Blogging –

Focuses on building a blogging business that can make you money from affiliate marketing and ads.

The exact roadmap that Sophia Lee took to build her blogging business. A step-by-step tutorial on planning your website structure and design, writing blog posts that will go viral on social media, and optimizing your content for SEO.


BGE is actually a master course for SEO and advanced bloggers and digital marketers. It mainly covers the technicalities of SEO and link building. It also covers content writing tutorials, but again, in a more technical way (compared to Sophia’s creative way).

The monetization option that this course talks about is how to offer SEO services as a freelancer (compared to Sophia Lee’s monetization methods, which include affiliate marketing and Mediavind ads).

How long to complete the course:

Perfecting Blogging – you can probably complete this course in a week.
BGE – probably a month.

Level of simplicity:

Perfecting Blogging – easy to undersand and follow, simple instructions, strategies can be implemented very quickly, Sophia is a very engaging instructor.

BGE – Advanced techniques, including plugins, different kinds of software, and AI. Therefore, a high level of complexity takes more time to review the lessons and implement them. Most of the course is taught by other instructors (not Adam himself).


Perfecting Blogging – price is very affordable – $247
BGE – $1497 (+ a few hundred dollars a month for using the recommended tools)

Course Support:

Perfecting Blogging – students support via a private Facebook group
BGE – weekly webinars to answer questions + private group on Skool

Who is it for?

Perfecting Blogging – beginners who want to start their own blog and build a successful blogging business

BGE – Advanced bloggers/ digital marketers / SEO specialists with some technical skills who want to focus on SEO or become SEO experts.

Why I Think Perfecting Blogging Is the Best Blogging Course For Beginners? 

First, she’s done the work, figured things out and got the results I would like to achieve someday (or at least a fraction of it:) She is a role model, and I can trust her strategy 100% because of her results!

Second, her personality resonates with me. This is why I knew I would have no prob following her methods, as the way she thinks is very similar to how I think and operate.

For me, it is essential to learn from someone that I can resonate with. She is a motivated, energized and positive person who knows how to get things done, and I can relate to it.

This is why I knew her strategies would not be spammy or involve things that are too technical or complicated and hard to understand.

I do not consider myself a technical person, and I knew that if Sophia succeeded in getting excellent results as a colleague student with no technical skills – then I would be able to do that as well, following the exact steps that she took.

Third, the price, of course! The Perfecting Blogging Course and the Beginners Blogging Bundle are so affordable and, in the long run, a minimal investment compared to the results and what you get out of that.

This was the complete review of Perfecting Blogging. After going through the course a few times and still in the process of implementing everything I’ve learned, I can honestly say that this course is everything you need to start a blog that makes 6 figures, but only if you really do the work and stay consistent doing that.

I hope this review was helpful to you! If it’s time for you to turn a side hustle blogging into a successful business – this course is the exact path that will take you there.


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