How a brand board template saves me hours per week!

Last Updated: December 16, 2023

So how did I start using a brand board template?

Well, for years, I’ve built a few side hustles but had never used a brand board (I didn’t even know that this existed:) I thought having a logo for your business was all you need. Well, last year, I decided to take a blogging course with a blogger I’ve been following for a long time, I thought this was a great opportunity to learn something new.

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I just LOVE learning new things all the time. Although I’ve been blogging for years with my digital marketing business, I’ve never taken a course and I thought I would enjoy it and learn something useful at the same time. Btw, I absolutely loved the course, and I am still going back to it again and again.

So, it was recommended in the course to use a brand board for your business and when I saw it for the first time and how easy it is to use, I said to myself – this is perfect, I am going to do this!

I bought a branding board template and started looking for the right colors that I had in mind (soft but also bright and happy).

After working with it for over a year now, I can tell you right now, I have no idea what I was doing before:)! So let’s dive right into it so I can tell you all the great benefits of a brand board for your side hustle or business and why it is an absolute must!

What Is a Brand Board?

Simply put, a brand board (also called a branding board) is just one place for all your most important branding graphic materials (also part of your brand guidelines).

What to Include in a Brand Board?

  • Your logo,
  • Other variations of your logo – like if you would need your logo vertically or horizontally oriented
  • Your color palette – that includes your HEX numbers (hex numbers start with a hashtag sign and are followed by 6 characters)
  • Your chosen fonts – one or two are enough.
  • If you have any graphic elements that fit with your brand like a certain style of flower, a brushstroke or something similar, you can add these as well, but this is not necessary.

Brand Board Examples –

Cute Branding – Pink Brand Board Template

cute branding

A Blue Boho Brand Board Template


boho brand board

An Autumn Boho Branding Board

Autumn small business branding

What is a brand mood board

A brand mood board has all the elements of a brand board (like logo variations, color palette and fonts) but also has a special board for your lifestyle or product photos, this can complete the whole aesthetic of a brand to give you also the look and feel of your brand and give you direction about the colors of the photos you would use for your social media posts.

Brand Mood Board Examples

A Soft Color Wedding Brand Mood Board Example

One page that combines all the branding elements and also a mini mood board

wedding branding board

A Soft Color Wedding Brand Board and Mood Board Example

A branding board and a mood board on 2 different pages, allowing a lot of space for products photos

soft color branding

Top 5 Brand Board Benefits –

  1. Creates a consistent look for your brand across all your social media profiles, your website and your printed branding materials (like flyers, your business card etc).
  2. Creates brand & product recognition – just think of your customer scrolling down their Pinterest home feed looking for something and your brand logo and colors (which they know and recognize) pop up among all the rest of the pins, isn’t it the best way to drive more clicks? Of course it is. Also, if you sell physical products, having your brand logo and colors on all your products makes things much easier for the customer to recognise your brand, if they are searching online for an insulated tumbler, for example. If customers see your brand colors and logo over and over again and in different places, it makes your brand and products much more memorable.
  1. A huge time saver when creating any type of graphics for your brand. From your logo variations, stickers, banners, social media graphics, campaigns, brochures, business cards and more – what is more efficient than having all the things you need in one place that you can easily reach out to and use the ‘copy and paste’ option on your computer.
  2. Easily share your brand board with your team members – if you have other people working with you (like a social media manager or a virtual assistant) you can easily share your brand board template with them so everyone uses the same colors and graphics even though they might be working remotely from a completely different location.Sharing your brand board template link in Canva with others is extremely easy. Also, if you ever hire a graphic designer to work on any design project for your brand, you can easily share with them the link to your brand board, so they can follow the exact colors of your brand and use all your branding graphics.
  1. Clear brand communication across all your communication channels.
    Creating a sense of cohesiveness which means – delivering the same visual elements (like using the same set of fonts and message to your target audience and the overall tone of your brand. This could be via email marketing, promo materials, your website banners and sales pages, social media graphics and videos and more.


Why do You Need a Branding Board for Your Business?

There are a number of reasons why you need a branding board for your business, but for me, the most important one is – TO SAVE TIME, and when I say save, I mean like hours per week!

That’s worth a lot of money.

How to Use a Brand Board Template?

So how can you save time while using a brand board on a daily basis? When creating any of your social media graphics in Canva, you can use your colors and fonts saved in Canva (as part of your Canva brand board), so you don’t need to waste time looking for documents on your computer.

The easiest way is to use your brand board template in Canva and create your social media graphics in Canva as well. I absolutely love Canva and I’ve been using it to create all sorts of graphic design materials for years (for my business and my client’s social media). Every time you create any of your graphics in Canva, you can upload your template to Canva and just have it opened on another tab on your computer.


How to Use a Brand Kit in Canva

Another huge time saver is to use Canva’s branding kit feature (only for Canva Pro users). Using the Canva brand kit allows you to upload all your logo variations there, add your color palette and also choose your fonts (when you are a Canva Pro user, you can use your own fonts and upload them to Canva. If you have a free Canva account – you can only use Canva’s fonts).

Once everything is uploaded to the brand kit, you will be able to access all your logo variations from the Logos folder on the left-hand menu.

You would also be able to access your color palette and fonts from the left-hand menu. The color and text customizing tool will open up on your left whenever you change any font or color of your designs.

I have been using the Canva Pro account for the past 2 years and this has been absolutely a game-changer for me. Being able to save so much time every day when I create designs and also use beautiful graphic elements and photos that only Pro users can access. As a result, all the visual aspect of my brand looks highly professional.

I personally have a brand board that I uploaded to Canva and I also use the branding kit feature as I love working with these 2 options (as these are 2 different layouts to present my brand elements).

If you want to save precious time, check out our brand board templates to start the brand you love today.


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