My REAL First-Year Blog Income Reports – $3530

Last Updated: May 14, 2024

Do you want to make money online blogging and are looking for REAL blog income reports to see what’s possible in your first year of blogging? Reading income reports from bloggers is a great way to understand what’s possible when you take your first steps in the blogging world.

In this post, I will cover real income that I got from my blog, working on it as a side hustle while working a full-time job and taking care of my family and 1 crazy dog! 😊

I will also share my blogging journey, why I decided to publish my first-year blogging income, useful tips for starting a blog on a budget, and key lessons from this year. So let’s get started!

How I Started This Blogging Business

Starting a successful blog and making a full-time income as a blogger has been a dream of mine for the past 15 years! Crazy, I know. When you think about how much time passes while you go through the motions and push your dreams away, it always seems like it’s never the right time to start.

I studied law at university, and when I graduated, I started working at a law firm. The days were long! Usually, I worked about 10 hours a day, had fast food lunches in front of my computer, and stress was a big part of my life 24/7.

A few years later, after my second child was born, I resigned and never returned to practice law. That year, I also completed my master’s in marketing and started working as a freelance content writer. In time, I provided more digital marketing and SEO services.


Eight years later, we decided to buy a home. To ensure I had a stable income to pay the mortgage, I got a job again.

However, the thought of being my own boss never left me.

Once I tried it and realized how much freedom you can have in your life when you handle your own schedule and work on things you are passionate about, I made it a goal to start a new side hustle.

This is how this blog was born in 2022. I created this blog as a side hustle (yeah, and this is how I chose my blogging niche and the name of this blog came to my mind! 😊).

I worked on my blog only on weekends while I had a full-time income. I thought I’d just try it and see where it took me. And there is no financial risk because I still have my day job.

First year blog income reports

How I Started to Make Money From Blogging

When I decided to launch my blog, I wanted to make sure I was committed to writing before I let myself dive into the design of my blog (which is so fun).

So, I wrote 10 posts, saved them on my computer, and only then started looking for a WordPress theme.

After setting up my blog, the stress at my day job increased, and I did not publish any new blog posts for a few months. I was feeling so frustrated with not making progress with the blog and also so lost about the right strategy to take and how to start building income streams successfully as a new blogger. About that time, I came across By Sophia Lee’s content about blogging.

A few weeks later, I joined Sophia’s blogging course (I actually bought her blogging and Pinterest course together) and started changing things around.

I started my Pinterest account, updated old blog posts, and started publishing more posts, but this time, I was following a strategy that I knew was going to work (not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks!).

A few months passed, and in September 2023, I got my first income on my blog. Just like that, I saw this email out of the blue when I opened my phone in the morning.

This was the moment that changed everything for me.

First of all, it changed my thinking about what’s possible! It made me believe that it is possible for me to make money blogging. Most of all, I got so motivated to keep going, put in more effort, and started to be dedicated to my blog.

As you will see in my blog income reports, I have been generating new income every month (of course, there are ups and downs, but that’s all right and expected for a new blog). I am SO grateful for these results!

Why I Decided to Publish My Blog Income Reports

A few reasons led to publishing my first-year blog income reports –

  1. To document my blogging journey. This blog started as a way to help other moms start their own side hustle. Documenting my blogging journey is something that I believe my readers will see as helpful as they are trying to start their own blog (it is also fun for me to document my blog’s affiliate income in a monthly income report).

    It is helpful to understand what results are realistic and how long it takes for you to start seeing an income from your new blog.

  2. To spark your motivation and help you believe it is possible for you too!!

    This is absolutely not an overnight success, and it takes tremendous dedication and work. But I feel that generating online income from something you love to do and under your terms (and how you want to live your life) is very important. And for me, this is much more important than making a lot of money in a stressful job and not being there for my family.

  3. To be transparent about my results (big or small) and also my mistakes. It is all one big learning journey, and I am so happy about it every day.

Monthly Blog Income Reports – How Much I Earned From My Blog in My First Year



January – August – 0

September 2023 – $279 (first month income)

October 2023 – $479

November 2023 – $2049 !! (this is the Black Friday month)

December 2023 – $723

Total income in 2023 – $3530



January 2024 – $833.36

February 2024 – $478.8

March 2024 – $177.6 (Google Helpful Content Update – some of my pages vanished from search and brought back a few weeks later). In this month I made affiliate commissions from 2 programs.

April 2024 – $1040.78

 *All my income from blogging is from affiliate programs (ad income will come later when I have enough blog traffic to apply). As you can see, it took months to make my first income.

First-Year Blogging Tips for Starting a Blog On a Budget

Since starting my blog, I have kept my expenses low, and gradually, when I started making more money, I invested more money into tools.

For the first year, here is a breakdown of my blogging expenses –


Blogging Courses –

Blogging coursesPerfecting Blogging (all the ways to make money blogging) & Perfecting Pinterest (Pinterest course for bloggers)

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing—This is the course by Michelle Schroeder Gardner (the owner of the successful personal finance blog).

This course taught me every strategy possible to monetizing my blog and the way to make money (passive income) with affiliate marketing! This is the best way for blog monetization if you want to be focusing on affiliate income (like I do).


Blogging Tools –

Buying a WordPress Blog Theme – I bought mine from ThemeForest. However, today I know that there are beautiful feminine WordPress themes that can get you a stylish and feminine look in minutes without you actually needing to customize a lot of things like I did (Bluchic is one example of beautiful feminine WordPress themes).

Hosting— You can easily blog with Bluehost hosting. In the beginning, you don’t need expensive hosting at all. You can use Bluehost for a few dollars a month. I used them, and they are great.

Buying a Domain – I bought my domain from GoDaddy; however, a year later, I transferred my domain to NameCheap as they have much better deals on domains, including Privacy, so your details are safe, and you don’t have to pay additional costs, to get the privacy protection.

Cheap keyword research tool—You can get away with using Keywords Everywhere at the beginning of your blogging journey. I used it for the past year, and only now that I see a monthly income from my blog am I starting to use Ahref.

SEO Optimization Tool—By the end of 2023, I also started using an AI writing tool and SEO optimization tool to make my blog posts fully optimized for SEO and boost my rankings in higher-competition keywords.

My Key Lessons From Creating a Money-Making Blog From Scratch

Focus on just one thing is the number one factor to succeed with your blog. I used to run after the shiny object all the time, trying all sorts of side hustles, and ended up frustrated and with no results! When you focus on only one business idea, you keep improving and get results much faster.

I follow courses of people who got the results I am after, AND I could resonate with the way they do things! This is a very big component of my success.

I bought other blogging and affiliate marketing courses before but didn’t really follow through as I felt this was not my way of doing things. So, when I buy a course, I check that this person achieved what I would like to achieve and that their way of thinking is similar to mine.

Implement what you learn right away! If I implement what I am learning in these courses – I can see the results! Just going through courses but coming up with excuses why I can’t do all these things won’t get me anywhere. If I really follow through and implement one step at a time, the results will come.


In this blog post, I tried to be as transparent as possible so you can see the real results you can get when you start your blog and how much time it takes to start your own blog and turn it into a real online business while working at a day job.

I hope these first-year blog income reports inspired you to start your own money-making blog and understand that it is possible to launch your blog, monetize it, and become a full-time blogger. And most importantly, be fulfilled with what you do!

My Next goal is to make more money blogging and blog full time 🙂 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! We only recommend courses & tools that we bought, used and loved! Thank you for supporting our blog.

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