Best Feminine WordPress Themes In 2024! So Gorgeous!!

Last Updated: June 18, 2024

Looking for the best Feminine WordPress themes for your new website? I’ve got you covered.

When I created my blog, I spent days (!) digging through huge libraries of WordPress templates, trying to find the one with the feminine look and style I was looking for, something more feminine and warmer that would also look professional.

Gone are the days when you had to hire a programmer and a graphic designer to build a WordPress website (and pay thousands of dollars).

Today, with the help of WordPress frameworks, themes, and templates, you can build a professional-looking website in one day. And yes, no technical skills are needed. The results you can achieve today with a DIY website are just stunning!

This guide is the guide I wish I had when I started my WordPress blog! Apart from how I wanted my new blog to look, I didn’t really know what technical aspects I needed to look for.

In this post, I will cover choosing a professional WordPress theme that ticks all the boxes and looks amazing!! This is a special guide that makes this process of choosing a theme for your business so much easier.

I will explore the best WordPress theme companies that offer the most beautiful and stylish templates and give you a snapshot of my favorite themes. And don’t worry—if you don’t want to install it yourself, you can get an installation service from them at a minimal cost.

So, let’s find a professional, gorgeous theme so you can start your beautiful website today!

Feminine WordPress themes

How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Business – 11 Things to Check

1. A Mobile First Approach – Choose a Theme that Looks PERFECT On Mobile

Choose a mobile responsive theme. What are responsive themes? Responsive themes are designed first for the mobile experience, meaning all your content (including text, images, and videos) will appear perfectly on smaller screens.

A responsive theme will also adjust the website’s look according to the screen dimensions.

Given the increasing mobile usage, it’s crucial to prioritize this factor. While most themes are responsive, it’s wise to open the theme on your mobile or iPad to see how it looks before purchasing.

It could indicate an outdated theme if it doesn’t display well on mobile (e.g., small text, cut-off images, no mobile menu).

2. Plan Ahead – What are the Features You Would Like to Have in Your New Theme

Here are Some Top Things to Take into Account – 

What do the menus look like? Would you prefer a minimalist menu, or do you have a lot of categories and subcategories you need to present?

Posts and page templates: Would you like a big image at the top of your posts, a side menu for your posts, or a clean look of one-page content with no other columns?

3. How Would You Like Your Homepage to Look Like

Should it include the latest posts? Big images for recipes? Or maybe the primary services you offer or a designed block about you? Make sure that the homepage template fits your needs.

4. Which Templates are Included in This Theme Pack

If you are a blogger, check the layout of a post. How does the title of the post look? Do you have a specific place for your main image? Does the size and proportion of the main image suit your needs?

If you are selling products on your website and you buy an e-commerce theme, check the layout of a product page, category page, and home page. Does the home page present feature products, for example?

5. Does this Company Specialize in WordPress Templates?

Does this Shop sell All Types of Digital Products? Some online shops might offer all kinds of templates, such as Notion templates, spreadsheets, digital planner,  calendars, and website templates, which are just another type of product in their shop.

They might also sell themes for other platforms, including Squarespace, Shopify, and Wix templates. That could indicate that they do not specialize in WordPress and, in most cases, cannot provide top-notch training and support.

Wordpress theme

6. Do they offer a Theme Installation Service?

Even if you plan to do it yourself, it is always good to make sure that the company offers a done-for-you service, just in case you encounter challenges when installing your new theme. You might also consider hiring them from the beginning to save you the trouble.

As you will see below, these companies will install it for you at a minimal cost, resulting in a huge time saver and a much more professional result.

7. Does the Color Palette Match What you had in Mind? 

Make sure you are happy with the theme’s color palette, as it controls many elements in your theme, not just what you see on the home page. It is recommended that you choose a theme that matches your favorite color palette from the get-go, as changing colors yourself can take a lot of time.

Every color in your theme controls lots of elements, so changing even one color will force you to change this color for all relevant elements in your theme. Another thing to consider is that if you change one of your theme’s colors, you will probably need to change other colors to make everything match.

Travel Blog WordPress Themes

8. What is the Color of the Links in this WordPress Template?

Check that the color of the links is sufficiently contrasted with the background so that people can easily see the links in your text. If the links’ color is too bright, people might not see them, resulting in fewer clicks on your links.

9. Choose a Theme Designed Specifically for Your Business Purpose 

If you are a blogger, make sure to buy a blogging theme. If you would like to open an online shop, make sure to buy an e-commerce theme. If you are a coach or providing any kind of service, you should buy a service-based business theme to present your core services on your website’s home page.

Changing and adding features in the future is possible. However, any changes in design or functionality will require more investment and time, and even then, the result may not be what you expected.

So, buying the right theme for your business from the start is a much better option if you want to save time and money (and headaches!).

10. Do the Fonts Match the Look and Feel You Had in Mind for Your Brand?

When you check a theme font, it is not enough to have a quick look at the home page.

Click on a post template in the theme demo and look at the following –

All the titles’ fonts – H1, H2, H3, and H4 – do the fonts of all these subheadings look good?
Text font – what font is used for the article text?

On the home page, check that all the headings look good and that you like all the fonts. Remember that your home page is your storefront, so you would like it to look appealing and professional.

11. Is the Font of Your Theme is Easy to Read?

This is extremely important! You want your content to be as engaging as possible. If readers have a hard time reading your content, they will leave your site fast, resulting in fewer clicks on your affiliate links, a low conversion rate, and less time spent on your website.

Always think about how you can improve the customer experience on your website, it can tremendously increase your bottom line.

Here are the Most Gorgeous 15+ Best WordPress Feminine Themes

17th Avenue Designs


About 17th Avenue WordPress themes

I first heard about the 17th Avenue Designs themes from the blogger Sophia Lee (her first theme was from the 17th Avenue), and since I saw these beautiful designs, I bookmarked this page!

They offer Premium feminine WordPress themes for bloggers and entrepreneurs. SO BEAUTIFUL and designed especially for women; you can find a design for every business type.

You can either buy a theme and install it yourself or purchase an installation service at a very(!) affordable price (between $149 – $249). If you pay a programmer to install a theme for you, it can easily cost $500 – $1000, especially if they don’t know that specific theme. A few hours are wasted going back and forth until it actually looks good.


Customization service

If you like one of the themes but want to customize it to your needs further, you can get a quote for your specific request by submitting a form on the website.


4 Favorite 17th Avenue Feminine WordPress Templates-

Main themes Features

  • Built on the Genesis framework. The framework is like the walls of your home, and the theme you buy is your home’s design.
  • The Genesis framework provides the core foundation of your website and includes many features, including –
  • Commpletely mobile-friendly (looks great on all screens)
  • SEO friendly themes – optimized SEO structure
  • High standard of site security
  • lightweight code so your website runs faster, very easy to update,
    and keeps your site safe.
  • Lifetime theme support


Support & Training

WordPress Video tutorials, comprehensive installation guide, theme documentation, access to their support center, which includes a lot of support material

Types of themes – blogs, entrepreneurs, coaching, e-commerce

17th Avenue Support – 17th Avenue offers multiple ways for support – tutorials, troubleshooting (questions and answers), and theme documentation, and you can also use the ‘Submit a ticket’ if you need additional help.

Price range – $49 – $149


Restored316 Themes

Restored316 offers stylish, professional, feminine WordPress themes. Lauren Dierschke, a designer and programmer, started Restored316 in 2008. Her first WordPress theme was created for the StudioPress marketplace.


Themes Main Features

Resotored316 themes are built with the Kadence framework and builder. They use the free Kadence block plugin, so you don’t need to invest additional money in a website builder.

Here are some of the Kadence features –

  • Lightweight code so you don’t need to compromise your website page speed.
  • Drag and drop blocks to make your page design process easy and fast.


Types of themes –

Bloggers, entrepreneurs, coaches, service-based businesses, food bloggers, e-Commerce, and weddings.


Installation Service

If you don’t want to install the theme yourself, you can hire them to install it for you. The cost for installation is $297



Kadence tutorials, troubleshooting, and Submit a Ticket option.


Price range

$149 – $249


4 Favorite Restored316 Themes–



About Bluchic themes

Bluchic offers a collection of feminine WordPress themes specially designed for female entrepreneurs. Bluchic is a family business (husband and wife) that was established in 2012 and has sold more than 30,000 WordPress themes since then.

They offer complete WordPress themes and user-friendly landing page templates. Their mission is to help female entrepreneurs create beautiful websites without the need for technical skills.


Main Features –

  • Bluchic templates are built based on the free Elemntor page builder. There is no need to pay for an ElemntorPro account.
  • The Elementor page builder is a free drag-and-drop builder that can be used to design your pages and posts with blocks without coding.
  • Mobile-friendly (responsive design)
  • Every theme includes a template pack that includes, for example – an about page, a contact page, a blog page, a testimonial page, and more.
  • Free lifetime theme updates


Types of themes

Bloggers, business owners, eCommerce (online store based on WooCommerce)

Price – $169


Other Products

Sales Funnel templates kit, online course sales page templates, eBook sales page templates-

Price range – $99 – $169



video tutorials for each of the themes, video tutorials for Elementor installation, and a Submit a Ticket option for specific questions – receive email support.


Installation service

Installation cost – $179


4 Favorite Bluchic themes – 

Blossom Feminine Themes


About Blossom themes

Blossom Themes offers premium themes to create a feminine website easily. In addition, the Theme Club, where you can purchase yearly or lifetime access to all their themes – this is very much cost-effective if you will need more than one theme in the future for your business or if you want to install these themes on customers’ websites (you get UNLIMITED site licenses, which means you are allowed to install their themes

Main Features – various templates pack for each theme, customizable widgets (designed drag-and-drop templates)


Types of themes –

More services – theme installation, website launch for coaches, website launch package, website migration package, SEO services, newsletter banner signups, multiple call-to-action banner layouts, appointment banner layouts, compatible with WooCommerce (online shop), and more.

Blossom Themes also offers additional packs to choose from in addition to your WordPress theme purchase, such as the Must-Have Plugins pack, VIP Support, Website Privacy Rules page, and more.


Themes Price range –

$59 – $69


Theme Installation and setup price –

Installation Service – $99


Support –

Video tutorials, Facebook community, submit a support ticket


4 Favorite Blossom Themes

When you go over all these best feminine WordPress themes, it is important to keep in mind the look and feel you want to achieve for your brand and check that the theme you chose ticks all the boxes for your business needs.

It is also good to consider your needs in the next year or so; for example, are you thinking of adding a shop to your website in the next year or two? Then, it might be good to find a theme with specific templates designed for a product page.

Most importantly, there is no need to feel overwhelmed anymore by the task of installing a theme by yourself. You can always hire them to do it for you and easily start your new business.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! Thank you for supporting the Busy Mom Side Hustle blog. For more information, visit my disclaimer page.

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