Best Etsy SEO Tools 2024- Honest Review!

Last Updated: April 30, 2024

Without using any Etsy SEO tools, product research on Etsy can be time-consuming, especially if you are not experienced with keyword and product research.

Manually checking each listing on Etsy and writing notes for each of these listings could take hours of work.

Most of the time, you are unsure which listings generate the highest revenue and could put a lot of time and effort into creating products that don’t sell.

That’s why Etsy SEO tools have become essential in the Etsy sellers’ space.

What is the best Etsy SEO Tool?

The best Etsy SEO tool will give you all the information you want for complete keyword research on Etsy. Are you looking for the high search volume keywords? The low competition keywords? Would you like to find out how much the best-sellers are making selling products that you want to sell? 

The best Etsy SEO tool will allow you to find the exact monthly search volume and competition on Etsy. Also, it will enable you to spy on your competitors to craft the best listing for your products with the most efficient tags for the type of product you are selling. 

What Are the Best Etsy SEO Tools?

The best Etsy SEO tools pull information from Etsy to come up with the information for your keyword search and show all the data you need to validate your product ideas before you start.

In this article, I will review the best Etsy SEO tools available on the market – these are EverBee, eRank, Sale Samurai and Alura, so you can choose one that best fits your needs or choose to go with a combination of these Etsy SEO tools, so you can get a clear and accurate picture of the market and raise the chances of creating a best selling product. I use all of these Etsy SEO tools for my business, each for different purposes.



Here Are the Best Etsy SEO Tools to Consider:

Sale Samurai provides Etsy sellers with an extensive range of features enabling them to do keyword research on Etsy, check all the data of the best-selling products in their niche and find gaps in the market to tap into and start making a profit on Etsy.

Sale Samurai can also work on the Etsy platform when using it as a Chrome extension. The Chrome extension allows you to see the search volume for each keyword suggestion showing in the Etsy dropdown for each search you make on Etsy (making the process of finding keywords with great potential much faster and easier). Also, it will show you the number of additional suggestions from Sale Samurai for each keyword in that dropdown.

From keyword research to extensive competitor analysis – this product has everything you need to validate your product ideas, making it extremely useful for every Etsy seller, whether you are a complete novice or an advanced user of Etsy SEO tools.

Sale Samurai – KEY FEATURES

Sale Samurai-Keyword optimization score


  • Sale Samurai is a Chrome extension, so you install them right into your chrome browser. This makes things so much easier because you can access all the data you need on Etsy while searching without jumping to a different website to get all this data.

  • Auto populates additional keywords search volume on Etsy –
    If you start searching for a keyword on Etsy, you will immediately get more keyword data in the dropdown.

  • Search feature
    The search feature gives you the most important data of the search volume per month for that keyword and the competition for that keyword on Etsy and also on Google so you can decide if this is a good product to sell on Etsy.

    To use it, all you need to do is click on the Search tab and then type the keyword you want to search in the ‘Basic Search’ option.

  • Connecting your shop
    The shop function allows you to connect your Etsy shop to Sale Samurai and see how many active listings you have, which of these listings are missing tags, and which are missing images – this is a HUGE TIME SAVER! Especially when you have tens or even hundreds of listings.

  • More keywords suggestions
    The search feature also gives you other keyword suggestions to explore, tags suggestions, pricing, shipping information and more.

  • Product validation
    Helping you validate your product idea by showing the monthly search volume on Google – extremely important to see if this product is in demand outside of Etsy – that means that you will be able to sell this product on your own website if you choose to do that at some point (instead of relying only on Etsy).

  • Uncover the best-sellers tags
    Easily see all the tags of the best-selling product in one simple list for every search you make and how many times each tag is used! So you know exactly which tags your competitors use to rank high in the Etsy search results.

    The Single Listing feature is what I use the most. This feature allows you to copy and paste a competitor’s listing URL and see all the tags they use. This is mostly beneficial when you are creating a listing for a new product and researching which tags you should include to maximize your appearance in search results.

  • Complete visibility of all your competitors’ bestselling products
    From titles, keywords and tags to their pricing, shipping information and even how many likes and views each listing has.

  • Keyword optimization score
    You can check the best sellers in your niche to see at a granular level how they optimized their listing, for example – the description length, if the main keyword is present in the first 40 characters of the title and more. You can also run that on your own product to see if you’ve missed anything.




  • A simple and easy search feature that allows you to do complete keyword research on Etsy (perfect for a complete beginner).
  • Very user-friendly. If you don’t know or have forgotten what any of these features mean – you can click on the little eye icon and see all the information you need.
  • Easily sort the data you get for each keyword by Etsy SV, Etsy CTR, Google SV, Google competition and more.
  • A favourite functionality so you can create a favorites folder and save all your favorite keywords and tags in one click instead of typing each of these into a separate document.





  • Very user-friendly, it will only take a few minutes for a complete beginner to start using this tool, and at the same time, very comprehensive and can give you all the data you need to launch a successful product.
  •  Pricing is very affordable, allowing new Etsy shops to use this tool.

Loving less about it

Using a dark background for the dashboard (instead of a white background in most Etsy SEO tools) is a bit problematic. Although the text is white, which enables good contrast, and the text is legible, still these days, we know that the best user experience for all websites is achieved by black text on a white background.



Well, this is something that is really worth mentioning! 

This is unique to Sale Samurai and so useful for Etsy sellers. This is the Profit Calculator. With this feature, you can easily calculate your profit margin when selling on Etsy, factoring in all your costs like labour and material costs, discounts that you might be offering on your shop, Etsy ads costs, shipping costs and more.

Here is an example from Sale Samurai of a product that sells for $27 (factoring in a discount, shipping costs, labour and material costs and Etsy fees).

Sale Samurai profit calculator




Sale Samurai offers two pricing plans (you can choose to pay either monthly or yearly) –

  • Monthly payment of $9.99
  • Yearly plan of $99.99 ($20 discount)

Sale Samurai pricing



Sale Samurai Coupon Code

For 20% off use code BusyMomSideHustle when you click on the button below.

If you want to create a bestseller in your niche, EverBee will most definitely help you achieve that. 

Closely look at how much money each product makes (throughout the product’s life and in the past month), which are the best-selling products in your niche and which products don’t sell at all. This is a unique feature that none of the other Etsy research tools has and is absolutely a must before you start investing time and money in creating a new product.

With one click, you can reveal the exact monthly revenue of any listing and identify best-selling designs and best-selling products.

EverBee is a Chrome extension. A simple and quick installation will allow you to see all your competitors’ listing information when searching for products on Etsy.


  • Find the best sellers’ data
    EverBee shows you the monthly revenue and the monthly sales of the best-seller and, for each competitor, the tags that each of your competitors are using on their listing, their monthly sales and revenue.
  • Everbee Keyword Research

    With EverBee, there are 2 ways to do keyword research.

    The first one is to use the Chrome extension when you are searching for a keyword on Etsy. Although this is the easiest option and a very efficient one as well (as you don’t need to leave the Etsy platform), when using the Chrome extension, EverBee will only show you the search volume of the keyword you have been searching for.

    However, when you do keyword research using the EverBee website – you can see additional important details like competition and keyword score.

  • Everbee Keyword Score

    What is the Everbee keyword Score? This is a number that represents how effective it would be to use this keyword. The higher the score – the more valuable and profitable this keyword is on the Etsy platform. The score balances 2 metrics – the monthly search volume and the number of competitors. Keywords that have a healthy search volume on Etsy and at the same time have low competition – will get a higher keyword score.

  • Analytics feature  –
    The Analytics feature will automatically analyze all the listings you see on the first page (64 listings!).

  • Market Snapshot of the Product
    The average number of favorites, the average number of sales and the average price of the product you searched – will show at the top of the page.

  • Listing analyzer
    For each listing analyzed, EverBee will show all of this data –

    • A photo of the product
    • If this is an ad or organic result
    • Shop name
    • The price of the product
    • The total favorits
    • Estimated total sales and monthly sales
    • Estimated monthly revenue
    • The complete title of the listing
    • Listing age
    • A direct link to the listing on Etsy

  • A favorites feature –
    The favorites feature allows you to save specific listings so you can quickly come back to them later.

  • Reveal Your Competitors’ tags!
    I love that feature! And it is so simple to use!
    How does it work?

    You start with searching a keyword on Etsy, let’s say ‘baby blanket with name’.

Etsy keyword research

Then you click on ‘Product Analytics’ (Everbee side menu).

Everbee side menu

All the Etsy listings will be shown as a list. Sort all the listings from the highest to lowest monthly revenue.


Now you can start clicking on the competitors that have the highest revenue to see the stage they are using. When you click on one of the listings you want to check, the Everbee side menu will open up on the right-hand side, and all the tags that this competitor is using will be listed there. Here is an example of the best seller in the baby blanket niche – 

Everbee Etsy research
How to see Etsy competitor tags
  • Shop analyzer
    Analyze all products of a specific shop in one go to identify which of their products is bringing in most of their revenue! Again, all this data is visible to you with just one simple click.

  • An export feature
    The export feature will allow you to export all the listing data to a CSV file and quickly sort it.




Very user-friendly and a complete time saver!

Using EverBee as a Chrome extension on Etsy’s website is a huge time saver, not having to work on 2 platforms simultaneously.

EverBee chrome extension

A copy-and-paste feature for listing tags! This feature saves so much time afterwards when you are creating your listing. You can simply copy all the best seller products’ tags to a spreadsheet and quickly create your own list of tags for this product.

A sorting capability (on the Pro plan / the Growth plan) will enable you to sort all the listings from high to low revenue/ monthly sales – another game changer to save you more time!




Hobby plan – free (only 10 analytics searches per month, time-saving features are enabled). The Hobby plan is a ‘free forever’ trial plan (no limited time) however, the most important data, like competitors’ monthly revenue, is missing.

Growth plan – $29.99 a month- Unlimited searches, listings’ tags, monthly revenue estimates and unlimited use of the favorite folder. In addition, you get more data for each listing, like reviews, their processing time, the shop’s age and more.

Business Plan – $99 a month – on top of the Growth Plan features, you get to connect multiple Etsy shops to your EverBee account (so you can get all your shop analyses in EverBee).

You will also get priority for any support you need, track your competitors’ listings on autopilot and get automatic scanning of your listings for trademarked infringements. Who is this for? For shop owners that run multiple Etsy shops and are already making a healthy profit with their shops, looking to grow their revenue even further and automate some of the analysis.



Plenty of tools to save you time!

The ‘Product Analytics’ feature showing monthly revenue and monthly sales of all your competitors is absolutely a game changer in the space of Etsy SEO tools.

Very user-friendly. Everything is simple, quick and easy.

Loving less

The Growth plan recurring subscription fee can be expensive for some users.



This is the monthly revenue and monthly sales!

Most of the Etsy sellers don’t have this information on sales and revenue of competitor’s listings. Therefore they are unable to identify which of the products they see in search results are generating the highest revenue, and as a result, creating new products based on guessing and trial and error.

EverBee Vs Sale Samurai

Here is a key features comparison between these 2 Etsy SEO tools –  EverBee Vs Sale Samurai

  • User Experience – both EverBess and Sale Samurai can be used as Chrome extensions. Both tools show the search volume on the Etsy platform when you search, and this saves a lot of time, not having to open another website to check every keyword.

  • Keyword Research – Starting with the monthly search volume – both tools indicate that the search volume they show is only an estimate. When both Chrome extensions are installed, you will see that sometimes there is a big difference between the monthly search volume that EverBee shows and what Sale Samurai shows. There is no way to say which one of these tools is more accurate.

    However, the search volume number is a good starting point to know if a particular keyword is being searched a lot on Etsy (thousands a month) or if the search volume isn’t worth your time. This is also a good indicator when you compare keywords, trying to decide on the best tags for your Etsy listing.

    Also, with the Sale Samurai Chrom extension, if you click on the ‘500 more’ link, you will get hundreds of additional relevant keywords to explore. And for these other keywords, you will also see the competition on Etsy.

    • What is the data you get for each keyword you search for – for each keyword you search, you will get more data about the keyword with Sale Samurai than with EverBee.

      Sale Samurai keyword research – here is the data you will get –

      search volume, Etsy competition, the CTR (click-through rate on Etsy), the monthly search volume on Etsy, the cost to advertise on Google for that keyword (Google Cost Per Click), and the competition on Google for that keyword.

      EverBee keyword research, here is the data you will get – 
      The monthly search volume, the competition and the Keyword Score  (there is no data about Google search).

  • Etsy calculator – both Sale Samurai and Everbee offer an Etsy calculator where the Etsy costs are calculated automatically (including the Etsy Listings Fees, Transaction Fee and Payment Processing Fee).

    In addition, both calculators let you also factor in any discounts that you offer, shipping costs and the cost of goods.

  • Analyzing a competitor’s listing –
    With Sale Samurai, you can quickly analyze a specific competitor’s listing by copying the URL of the listing page and pasting it into the ‘Single Listing’ search. The results will show you everything you need to know, including their tags.

    With Everbee, you can get the same results. However, it will take a few more clicks to get there. To analyze a specific listing, click on ‘Product Analytics’, then click on the ‘Analyze by shop name’ tab and search for the name of the specific shop you want to check. You will see in the search results all the shop’s listings, and you can scroll through them to find the specific one you are after.

  • Pricing – there is a big difference between Sale Samurai and Everbee. To get the data you really need from EverBee, you will have to sign up for the Growth Plan for $29.99 a month, while you can use Sale Samurai for $9.99 a month or save even more if you sign up for the yearly plan and pay only $8.3 a month ($99.99/ 12 months).

    However, remember that the features of these two tools are different and that EverBee’s most important part (which allows you to sort by best sellers and find out the monthly revenue of every listing) is missing from Sale Samurai.

Before we jump into all the interesting details of eRank, I just want to say that this is the most extensive and cost-effective Etsy keyword research tool.


What is eRank

eRank is one of the best Etsy SEO tools that combines all features and information that you need not only to research your product ideas and craft the perfect Etsy SEO for your product listings but also to spy on your competitors, check your Etsy shop SEO and see what products are trending this month on Etsy.



  • The easiest keyword research can be done with eRank! Checking the most important data of your product ideas can easily be done with their Keyword Explorer. For every keyword that you search you instantly get the most important data, which is the average monthly searches and the competition, in a very clear and colorful way.

    Here is an example below for a search that I did for the keyword ‘photo calendar’, as you can see, the monthly search is 329 and the competition is 6047 (which is pretty good).


  • More data that we see is the average CTR for this keyword (the ratio of clicks to searches on Etsy). This information is very important to understand the market and how customers behave when searching for this product, are they actually clicking on the results and buying, or are they just searching and leaving the page without purchasing anything.

    On the right-hand side, you can see the search trend from February 2022 to March 2023 and when are the picks in demand for this product.

  • A table of more keyword suggestions and all their relevant data are always showing when you scroll down the page. Here is a screenshot of some of the other keyword suggestions for our search ‘photo calendar’.

    How do you find good keywords for Etsy-eRank Keyword Explorer

  • The Most Popular Tags feature is one of my favorite features on eRank. Not only that you get very good and relevant keyword suggestions, but the way it was organized visually as a cloud makes the process so much more user-friendly.Keywords that have the highest monthly search volume are bigger in size, and proportionally to that, you can see all sizes of keywords presented on the screen according to their monthly search volume (the smallest ones are the ones that have very low monthly search volume on Etsy).

    Find keyword ideas for Etsy listing

  • TrendBuzz – This feature presents the most popular keywords, products, styles, colors and materials searched on Etsy in the past 30 days. You can also see if there is a change in demand for a specific trend from the last month.

    How to find trending products to sell on Etsy- erank trend buzz

  • eRank profit calculator – easily calculate your estimated profit from each product you want to list on Etsy by using the eRank Profit Calculator feature. All you need to do is fill out the price you will sell your product for, the shipping cost, any discounts you offer, labor and material costs and Etsy Ads costs (in case you are using Etsy Ads).The eRank profit calculator will auto-populate all the fees that Etsy is charging you according to the data you filled out. You can see on the right-hand side of the example below – the listing fee, transaction fee and payment processing fees were all calculated automatically and in this example, with the information I’ve filled out selling a digital product for $10, the estimated profit is $6.14.

    Etsy profit calculator - erank

  • Check competitor’s listing tags – You can check your competitors’ listings tags by going to  the ‘Competiton’ tab – then click on ‘Listings’ , then copying and pasting the shop name and clicking on the button ‘Analze shop listings’



Is eRank Free?

  • eRank offers 4 plans, and one of them is completely free. You can use the free plan for as much as you want (there is no free trial for a limited time:). This is a great option if you want to check out eRank, play with it, and see what this SEO tool has to offer.
  • eRank Free plan vs eRank Basic –

    With the free plan, you can make up to 50 keyword searches a day and also use the more comprehensive Keyword Explorer for up to 50 searches a day. The data is extremely helpful if you are not using any other paid Etsy SEO tool, although the information you get is limited.



eRank Pricing – How much does eRank cost?

eRank offers 4 pricing plans –

eRank pricing

eRank Free Plan

Keyword research – up to 50 searches a day

Using Keyword Explorer – up to 5 times a day

Can you connect your Etsy shop with the eRank free plan? Yes, you can connect up to 2 Etsy shops

eRank Basic
  • With the eRank Basic, you get more data for each keyword search you make and double the number of searches you can make daily.
  • UP to 100 keyword searches a day (includes the monthly search volume and the competition)
  • Track competitors’ shops (up to 5 shops)
  • Access to the TrendBuzz feature to see trending styles, products and keywords on Etsy
  • Up to 25 extensive searches a day using the Keyword Explorer
  • Connect several Etsy shops (up to 5 shops) and much more.

eRank Pro
  • Keyword research – up to 200 searches a day
  • Connect your Etsy shop – up to 10 shops
  • TrendBuzz access? Yes
  • Extensive search using Keyword Explorer – up to 200 searches a day
  • Monitor keyword ranking (up to 20), create keyword lists (up to 50), analyze listings (up to 4000) and much more features.

eRank Expert Plan
  • The expert plan is for Etsy sellers with thousands of listings and includes up to 500 keyword searches daily. If you need to optimise hundreds and thousands of listings (either if you have 1 shop or several shops), then this plan is for you.
  • With this plan, you can connect up to 10 Etsy shops to your eRank account, create all sorts of keyword lists, monitor search terms rankings on Etsy, use up to 500 searches a day with the Keyword Explorer tool and much more.





This is absolutely the most user-friendly interface of all the Etsy SEO Tools I’ve worked with. The background is white, and a lot of information is laid out in an organized way, preventing information overload. The use of colors and shapes (like the keyword cloud) helps the user to scan the screen quickly to find what they have been looking for.

Loving less

Too many pricing plans make it a bit time-consuming to read through all the details and choose the right plan for you. My recommendation, if you only have one Etsy shop, start with the basic plan and see whether this is enough for you. You can always upgrade down the line when your business is growing.

Couldn’t find video tutorials inside the eRank dashboard (only written guides). It would be useful to have beginners’ training with simple video tutorials to walk through the main features and how to best start using the program.



You can see the up-to-date top sellers on Etsy (the shops that sold the most products on Etsy until today). You can click on each of them and see what they are doing right and how you can be inspired to implement some of their methods at your shop.

Keyword Research:

Both eRank and Sale Samurai will present all the details you need for every keyword that you search (the most important details are the monthly search volume and the competition). Also, both of them will present a full list of other related keywords and their data.

In terms of user experience for this feature, I would prefer to use eRank as the full list of suggested keywords will appear underneath your search, making it much easier and faster to scan all keywords and find additional relevant keywords to use. With Sale Samurai, you will have to go through several pages to look at all the keywords.


Competitors’ Analysis:

If you want to check all the details of your competitors’ listings and mostly your competitors’ tags, both SEO tools present this data. However, it takes less time to check competitors listing with Sale Samurai as you only need to copy and paste the URL under the Search tab – Single Listing.

With eRank, you will have to copy and paste the shop name and click Analyze, then eRank will analyze all these shop listings, and for you to check a specific listing, you will have to click on the specific listing from the list.


Estimating the Competition:

Sale Samurai – when doing keyword research and looking at the competition number for each keyword you search, when the competition is high (about 50k listings), Sale Samurai wouldn’t show you the exact number or an estimate of it. Instead, it will show the number 50,100.

eRank – when doing keyword research with eRank, you will have a more accurate estimate of the competition for each keyword, so if you still want to go ahead with a highly competitive keyword – you will still be able to compare a few competitive keywords and to identify which one is less competitive than the other.



Comparing Sale Samurai cost and eRank cost – if you go with eRank’s basic plan (which is enough for most Etsy businesses) – you would pay $5.99 a month (there are no yearly plans), and you can cancel your plan any time. That means that with eRank, you would pay only $71.88 a year.

If you choose the yearly plan of Sale Samurai (with is the most cost-effective), you would pay $99.99 a year (if you choose to pay monthly and have the option of cancelling your subscription any time you choose – you would pay $9.99 a month, which is an extra $20 on the yearly plan).

To sum up – if we compare the monthly cost of both these tools, then eRank is $4 cheaper every month (almost a $50 difference for a year). If we compare the Sale Samurai yearly plan cost to eRank, then Sale Samurai would be $28 more expensive than eRank ($100 – $72).


User Experience:

Both of the tools are pretty user-friendly, and with both tools, you can start working in minutes as they are very easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. However, because of the white background of eRank and also the way the data is presented with colors and graphs and sections, I would say that from a user experience perspective, I find eRank to have a better user experience.



Sale Samurai has video tutorials which make the whole process much easier for beginners, while eRank offers written guides. Don’t get me wrong, it is very easy to start with both eRank and Sale Samurai without watching any tutorials, and the navigation is pretty simple, however, to save time and make it more user-friendly, I would absolutely prefer watching video tutorials then, reading a guide.


Sale Samurai VS eRank – Which SEO Tool am I using?

Currently, I am using both paid versions of Sale Samurai and eRank as I got used to using different features with each tool. For example, for checking competitors listing, I am using the Sale Samurai’s Single Listing analyzer feature, but for keyword research, I would prefer using eRank as I really like the way all the data is presented (including the tags cloud) and because how easy it is to find additional relevant keywords.

However, most of the features are covered in both these SEO tools, so if I needed to choose just one of the tools to use, I would prefer to go with eRank.

Validating your product ideas with Alura is extremely easy. You can save precious time and do efficient product research using Alura instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks!

If you are looking for a complete pack of Etsy SEO tools without any complications, a user-friendly interface and ongoing support, you should absolutely try this tool.


What is ALURA

Alura offers an all-in-one SEO tools package for Etsy sellers to scale their Etsy shop to the next level, helping to find products that are in demand and finding valuable competitors’ data so you can tap into what’s already working for other Etsy sellers.



  • Alura is a Chrome extension– easily download from the Chrome Web Store and use it while you are doing product research on Etsy.

    Alura chrome extension

    Etsy SEO Tool- Alura Chrome extension

  • Product research feature – once you do a search on Etsy for a specific product, you will be able to click on the Alura extension, and it will auto-populate all the data for the products on the first page of Etsy.

  • For each listing, Alura will show
    The complete title of the listing, shop name, product price, number of favorites, all of the listing’s tags, total sales of this product, monthly sales and the monthly revenue of this product.

  • Find your competitors’ tags – On the Etsy search results page, you can click on the Alura icon of a specific listing (for example, one of the best sellers in your niche), and Alura will show you at the bottom of the screen all the tags that this listing is using. You can add all these keyword ideas to your list ideas.

    how to see competitors tags on Etsy with Alura

  • When you log in to the Alura dashboard, use the ‘Keyword Finder’ to find all the details of your competitors’ tags. Search your keyword in the search bar, and at the top, you will be able to see an overview of this keyword in Etsy that includes the number of competitors that are using this keyword as a tag, how many monthly views, pricing and more.

    Etsy keyword research with Alura keyword finder

  • Similar keywords suggestions – when you use the Keyword Finder, Alura will also show you all similar keywords that your competitors are using, and you probably haven’t thought about (for example – you might have searched for ‘baby blanket’, Alura will also suggest ‘baby gift’.

  • The analytics feature will show you a price breakdown of the product (keyword) you were searching for, what is the most expensive price, the least expensive and the average price. Also, Alura will show you how many competitors are in each price range so you’ll know how to decide on the right pricing strategy for your product.

    How to price your product on Etsy - Alura price breakdown

  • Find the best category for your product – for each product idea, Alura will show you the right category to list it on. Listing your product in the right category is crucial to being found on Etsy search results and attracting the right traffic to your listing. By using the Analytics feature, you’ll be able to find the best category for your product.

  • The Listings feature will show you all the details of the best sellers in your product category – for each product, you can see their monthly sales, their total sales, the number of favorits and more. If you click on one of these listings – you will be able to see all their tags, their monthly sales and monthly revenue, the product image, the number of years (or months) that this product has been selling on Etsy, and there is also a direct link you can use to see the listing on Etsy.

    Check competitor listing Alura




  • Every search you do on Etsy is time-efficient
    Alura can be used as a Chrome extension, showing all listings data directly on Etsy.

  • Filters to sort all the data
    You can check the most profitable listings first with every search you make.

  • A market snapshot for each search
    A summary of the average favorits, average price, average monthly sales and a score (the score is from 1 to 10 and indicates the level of demand and competition for the specific type of product you searched).

  • Copy and paste option for tags
    Making it super easy to copy your competitors’ tags to your spreadsheet and use it quickly.

  • A big image of each product’s listing
    You can see all the data you need on the Alura screen instead of clicking on each listing to go to Etsy to see the product’s image and details.

  • Export feature
    Download all your competitors’ data to your computer with one click.




Alura offers a monthly or an annual plan.

Monthly (Starter Pack) – $29.99 a month

Annual (Starter Pack) – $19.99 a month (40% off)

Alura pricing




I love the user-friendly interface – easy to use for beginners, you can start working with it with one click.

All the data is shown in a clear way, and the font is big enough to see all the information that you need easily.

Loving less

The Professional account pricing could be a bit expensive – although only needed if you run multiple stores.



Technical support via chat – quick and easy to get help for any question that you have while working with Alura.

Who Should Use These Etsy SEO Tools

Here are some of the top users of Etsy SEO tools.

New Etsy Sellers

Etsy SEO tools allow new Etsy sellers to validate their niche and product ideas to eliminate the risk of wasting their time creating products in an over-saturated niche or creating products that no one wants to buy.

Advanced Etsy Sellers

Etsy sellers that already have a shop up and running and want to ramp up their sales by selling profitable products can use all these powerful tools to start spending their time more efficiently and get the results they are after.

Bloggers or Influencers who sell digital products on Etsy

Selling digital products on Etsy has become a profitable business, especially if you already have a following. 

Bloggers and influencers can use these user-friendly and powerful Etsy SEO tools to do product research on Etsy and see which digital products are in high demand and can also be a great fit for their audience. For example – a lifestyle blogger can sell a digital exercise planner on Etsy and easily generate passive income.


The Best Etsy SEO Tool – Wrap Up

The best Etsy SEO tools can take your Etsy shop to the next level quickly and efficiently, allowing you to create the best products in your niche and get rid of all the guessing work.

Whether you are a new Etsy seller or have already been selling on Etsy for a few months or even years, it’s time to make the most profit in the minimum amount of time and effort. 

If it’s time for you to build a successful Etsy shop and make it a full-time income – working with one or two of the best Etsy SEO tools can help you get there.

If you are thinking of selling digital downloads on Etsy, check our complete guide on How to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy – all the steps you need to create digital downloads that will actually sell!

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