Amira Legal Bundle Review 2024- Does It Cover All Your Legal Needs?

Last Updated: May 5, 2024

Do you feel clueless about your website’s legal side and what you actually need to protect it? Does the thought of thoroughly researching legal stuff cause you to procrastinate?

I know what you mean. I felt the same way a year ago!

Let’s start with some facts from Amira’s blog. A lawsuit can come when you are least expecting it. If you think beginner bloggers don’t get sued, and you probably don’t need to think about the legal aspect of your blog in the first year or two, you are wrong.

I can tell you that I was so relieved when I found the VIP legal bundle from A Self Guru!

I promise you that by the time you finish reading this post, you will also be relieved!

How so? Because you’ll know exactly what you need and where to start, and you don’t need any legal background to figure this out, as Amira makes it so damn simple for you.

In this post, the Amira Legal Bundle Review, I will review the legal bundles, who will most benefit from them, how the process actually works, the Pros and Cons, the pricing, and which bundle is the best value.

I will also cover who Amira Irfan is and how you can legally protect your blog today from start to finish and get rid of this worry once and for all!

Important disclaimer: This post is not legal advice and doesn’t constitute financial or legal advice. I am sharing what I’ve done on my blog and my experience with Amira’s legal bundle.

What are these legal templates, and who will most benefit from them

Amira legal bundles are customizable, ready-to-use legal Templates for online businesses.

As Amira repeatedly states, these legal templates are perfect for Bloggers, coaches, marketers, consultants, and all types of entrepreneurs with an online presence.

Which Countries Do These Legal Templates Suit?

US, UK, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, China, India, Thailand and more.

About Amira Irfan A Self Guru

Amira Irfan is a business lawyer and a blogger who has mastered the niche of legal advice for bloggers and online businesses.

After 10 years of providing legal advice, she started the A Self Guru business, teaching online businesses how to legally protect their businesses, and opened her legal store selling legal page templates to business owners. Today, her business makes over $1 million a year.

“Legal is the glue that keeps your business together.”
Amira Irfan

A Self Guru review

Honest Amira Legal Bundle Review – 3 legal pages bundles

Starter Legal Bundle

  1. Privacy Policy (CCPA, CPRA & GDPR Compliant) – MUST HAVE
  2. Disclaimer Template – MUST HAVE
  3. Terms & Conditions Template – MUST HAVE
    +9 bonuses

Premium Legal Bundle

  1. Privacy Policy (CCPA, CPRA & GDPR Compliant)
  2. Disclaimer Template
  3. Terms & Conditions Template
  4. Sponsored Posts Contract Template
  5. Independent Contractor Template
  6. Guest Blogger Agreement Template
    +13 bonuses

VIP Legal Bundle – Comprehensive Legal Protection for Your Business Online

The VIP legal bundle is the most comprehensive legal page bundle you can find online for your website. Written by a lawyer, it includes 16 templates + 14 bonuses of legal agreements and templates, and 2 cool business bonuses that will help you make more money online.

This bundle will address any legal issue you encounter with your blog and is the best value-for-money deal on Amira’s website.


What’s Included in the VIP Legal Bundle

  1. Privacy Policy (CCPA, CPRA & GDPR Compliant)
  2. Disclaimer Template
  3. Terms and Conditions Template
  4. Sponsored Posts Contract Template
  5. Independent Contractor Template
  6. Guest Blogger Agreement Template
  7. Confidentiality Agreement Template
  8. Design Service Agreement Template
  9. Affiliate Agreement Template
  10. LLC Operating Agreement Template
  11. Media Release Agreement Template
  12. Sweepstakes (Giveaway) Terms & Conditions
  13. Coaching Agreement Template
  14. Consulting Agreement Template
  15. Website Sale Agreement Template
  16. Partnership Agreement Template


VIP Legal Bundle – 16 Business and Legal Bonuses

Amira constantly adds new bonuses to the VIP bundle. At the moment, she includes 16 useful bonuses.

  1. GDPR Visitors Rights Policy
  2. GDPR Email Marketing Policy
  3. Cookie Policy
  4. Earnings Disclaimer
  5. Testimonials & Product Review Disclaimer
  6. Sponsored Post Disclaimer
  7. Lawful Use Of Website Clause
  8. Third-Party Links Disclaimer
  9. Mandatory Arbitration Clause
  10. Mediation Agreement Template
  11. Late Payment Fee Legal Clause
  12. Non-Solicitation & Non-Recruit Clause
  13. Non-Compete Agreement
  14. Attorney Fees for Prevailing Party Legal Clause
  15. My Top 10 High-Paying Affiliate Programs
  16. The SECRET Pitch

My favorite bonuses

  • Sponsored Post Disclaimer 
  • Testimonials & Product Review Disclaimer
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Attorney Fees for Prevailing Party Legal Clause (VIP bonus)
  • List of Affiliate Programs—how Amira made $20,000 a month in her first year of blogging (and while working a full-time job)! (VIP bonus)
  • Amira’s secret pitch to influencers – easily convince influencers to promote your products (VIP bonus)

Important Details About Some of These Templates –

  • Guest blogger template—If you are going to allow guest bloggers on your website, you will need them to sign an agreement that says the guest post they are providing is copyright-free and free from any kind of legal violation, so you won’t have any problems afterward.

  • Media Release Agreement— To protect yourself when using someone’s name or photo in your business promotion, you will need a release from them. This release releases you from legal liability, meaning that you don’t owe them money for using their details (for example, owing thousands of dollars to someone because you used their photo in your promotional material).

  • Coaching Agreement— If you provide one-on-one or group coaching, you would need a coaching agreement to protect yourself from customers who rely on your consultation and don’t get the result they want and who can then sue you.

  • Website Site Agreement —This agreement would be very useful if you ever want to sell your website.

  • Partnership Agreement – if you decide to go into partnership with another person for your business, this agreement will define who manages what and avoid legal bottles.

  • Privacy Policy – this one is legally required on your site.

  • Disclaimer Template: This template protects you for what you publish on your website, such as promoting products with affiliate links, other recommendations you make on your site, and any advice that you give as part of your blog posts (health care niche or skin products—you don’t want someone to rely on this information, suffer a negative outcome, and sue you).

  • LLC operating agreement: This separates your personal assets from your business. You will need it as part of your legal records when you decide to form an LLC.

  • Terms & Conditions template – This template covers you not just for your website but also for products that you sell.

  • Sponsored Contract – If you are working with other brands on sponsored deals and creating content for these brands (like a TikTok video or a blog post), you would need a contract with this brand with the terms you decided on, including the payment terms, etc.

  • Independent Contractor Template (the freelance contract)— When you start hiring independent contractors to work for your business (like a virtual assistant, a graphic designer, a content writer, or an SEO specialist), this template is the one you need.

  • Confidentiality Agreement—When you hire people to work on your business, you want them to sign a confidentiality agreement because you want to protect your business information and how you do things at your business.

    Otherwise, people can get this information, and once they leave, they might become your competitor or go work with your competitor and share all your information with them.

  • Affiliate Agreement—You might have an affiliate program where people promote your products, so you’ll need an agreement with your affiliates before they start promoting your products.

  • Testimonials and other disclaimers —If you start selling products on your site (physical or digital) and want to use customers’ reviews, you would need to publish the Testimonials and other Disclaimers template on your website.

  • Letter of Agreement Template— This is the perfect wording if you don’t want to send your customer a contract and prefer to send them a letter with the terms you discussed.

Why Did I Purchase Amira’s VIP Legal Bundle?

  • The VIP legal bundle is the best value for money and is worth much more than what you pay for.

  •  When I started my blog, I knew I was serious about building a blogging business for the long run, so making sure there were no legal mistakes and starting an online business legally was the first thing on my mind.

  • I also knew that as my blog grew, I would hire contractors to help me. I was sure I would need the VIP bonuses, and I didn’t want the extra cost of buying these agreements separately.

  • Any template included in the bonuses section of the VIP bundle will cost you $100 – $150 if you buy them separately from Amira’s legal store. So, even if you only use a few of the 16 templates, taking the VIP bundle will make it worthwhile and save you tons of money in the long run. 

How does it Work?

  • Once you purchase one of the legal bundles, you will receive login information for your private membership area, where you can download your templates.

  • If your bundle includes a PDF guide, you will also receive a link to download it.

  • All you have to do is fill in the highlighted blanks with your details, and that’s it. 

  • You can create new pages on your website and then copy and paste the content of these templates to your website.

  • You will also receive an invitation to join the Facebook group, where you can ask Amira any questions you have.
ASelfGuru membership dashboard

How long will it take to customize and publish the legal policies on your website?

Customizing the 3 must-have legal templates (the Privacy Policy, the Disclaimer, and the Terms & Conditions Templates) and publishing them on your website will take you about 30 minutes!

Amira gives you such clear and detailed instructions on filling in the blanks that you can not go wrong!

Then, you can make yourself a nice cup of coffee, go through the whole bundle, and consider what other templates you would like to use now for your online business.


A Self Guru Facebook Group

The A Self Guru private Facebook group is your opportunity to ask Amira anything you need about the legal pages on your website and get answers directly from her. I have already used this option a couple of times and got answers from Amira very quickly!

Pros & Cons of the Business Legal Bundles


  • Free lifetime updates to all the legal pages you bought! This benefit is insane. That means that every time the law changes, you will receive an update to your template from Amira for free!

    You will never have to worry about seeking legal advice every year or two just to check if your legal pages are up-to-date.

  • Get support from Amira for your questions in the private Facebook group.

    For example, while customizing the templates for my website, I wasn’t sure about something related to the law in Australia (as my business is registered in Australia). I posted my question on the Private Facebook group, and she responded quickly. My question was resolved in no time.

  • Amira’s guides are laid out in a user-friendly way.

    You don’t need any legal background to understand what she explains. Amira breaks down the information in a simple and colorful way so you can read through it quickly and find your action items.

  • You can use the templates for all your sites and online businesses that you own – this will save you so much money!


The only problem I could think of here is overcoming the internal fear of starting. I can share that I bought the VIP bundle, and it took me a few weeks just to log in to the membership area. I thought it might take me a long time to complete it, and that I would need a lot of concentration.

I can tell you that once I downloaded the templates and filled in the blanks with my details, I laughed at myself; seriously, you wouldn’t believe how easy and fast this is!

My biggest recommendation is to do it today and get this over with.

Is Amira Legal Bundle Worth the Investment?

*Let’s start with the obvious. This is so much less expensive than hiring a lawyer.

Just one consultation with a lawyer can cost $500. On top of that, you will have to pay thousands of dollars for these legal documents.

*You also save a lot of money when buying the bundles instead of individual templates at Amira’s legal store. Your savings increase when you choose a more premium bundle; the maximum savings is on the VIP bundle.

Let’s run the numbers for this –


A Self Guru Starter Legal bundle 

Price – $197
The total value of buying all templates & bonus templates individually – $2675
Your savings – $2478


A Self Guru Premium Legal bundle

Price – $297
The total value of buying all templates & bonus templates individually – $5025
Your savings – $4728


A Self Guru VIP Legal bundle

Price – $597
The total value of buying all templates & bonus templates individually – $11,925
Your savings – $11,328!

You can use these templates on all your websites (websites that you own). So, if you start another blog or business, you don’t need to invest money in legal pages for your websites ever again. And you have free updates for life, so this is a no-brainer.

Amira Legal bundle price

All bundle prices are very affordable, and you get so much more value than what you’ve paid.

So if you are on the fence, it is worth mentioning that you need to have these legal pages on your website before you launch your website!

So if you website is already up and running it is super important to protect it legally asap. This will insure you are not exposed to any legal actions.

The prices of the bundles keep going up, so it is better to purchase as early as possible, and you will have free updates for life.


A Self Guru Starter Legal bundle price – $197

A Self Guru Premium Legal bundle price – $297

A Self Guru VIP Legal bundle price – $597

Amira Legal Bundle Alternatives

Free legal templates are never enough to protect your business.

They always miss important things, exposing you to risk and liability. Free templates are not up-to-date with law changes, and you won’t know how to customize them to your specific blog. You also have no one to ask questions or get instructions on customizing them to your specific business.

Another option is to hire a lawyer to write all these pages for you. That will cost thousands of dollars (I’ve been there; I’ve done that with my old blog), and you will have to constantly return to the lawyer to update these pages. This is a very expensive option that will also consume a lot of your time.

A Self Guru reviews

Amira has received hundreds (!) of 5-star reviews from her customers. Here are just a couple for you to check out –

All the stress I had about having a GDPR & CCPA compliant Privacy Policy went away when I found Amira’s Legal Template Bundle. It was quite affordable, so I instantly purchased her templates.
I love the fact that her templates were easy to customize, and I don’t have to pay for any future updates on the templates that I got. Thanks a lot, Amira; you’re a lifesaver.”
Remonia Richards

I had so much anxiety about making sure I was covered legally while starting my own blog. After going around in circles and driving myself crazy, I found A Self Guru and, oh my god, the relief. So easy to understand, so clearly laid out that even I understand the parts that needed filling in and finally super quick! Was up and running in 20 minutes! I cannot recommend the legal bundle enough! 
Lou Wildblood

Summary of A Self Guru Legal Bundle Review

This was an honest and thorough Amira Legal Bundle Review written by a user of Amira’s VIP legal bundle.

The A Self Guru legal bundle for your website is a huge money and time saver. It will save you the huge cost of hiring a lawyer to write these pages for your website, and the most significant benefit – it will help you sleep better at night knowing that your website is protected and you won’t get sued. 

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links at no extra cost to you! We only recommend courses & tools that we bought, used and loved! Thank you for supporting our blog.

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