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About Me

Hi, My name is Ashley, I'm a busy working mom and a passionate blogger.

I believe that I can create my own financial freedom so I can live the life I want and do the things I love to do every day (and not just on the weekends…). 

About Ashley

Hey, I’m Ashley, a super busy mom working full time in corporate and blogging as a side hustle, focusing on content creation for busy moms who want to create financial freedom with an online business.

My Expertise: Content creation, SEO and digital marketing

Where To Find Me: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook

My Experience – SEO specialist and content creator for 10+ years 


Who I Am

Hi, I’m Ashley. I write about online side hustle ideas that can fit the schedule of busy moms.

I LOVE researching, experimenting and writing about the most up-to-date profitable trends in this space so moms can generate extra income online and turn their side hustle into a profitable business that makes more money than their job. This is the best way for moms today to achieve financial independence, spend more time with their families, and live on their own terms. 

  • I am obsessed with building side hustles online and creating financial freedom for me and my family.
  • I absolutely LOVE blogging and aim to become a full-time blogger.
  • I live in Australia with my hubby, our 3 children and a dog:)
  • I am passionate about learning new skills and starting new projects all the time.
  • I am constantly overbooking myself and trying to do more than I really can, still trying to find the balance between achieving my goals and not burning out:)

My Story

I started my blog in 2022, using the methods I learned from Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging course and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course.

My greatest challenge starting this blog was time! As a mom working at a day job, this is very challenging to handle however, my passion for blogging and the belief I have that if you put the time and effort – you can build the life that you want.

I finally made my first affiliate commission in September 2023 (although it took almost a year since I started on my blog, I should mention that I wasn’t consistent at all with posting and was just trying to do my best with this blog while managing all other areas in my life).

blogging income report November 2023

The One Thing

The one thing that made the difference in my side hustle blogging was the focus! For years, I’ve been trying to build multiple side hustles at the same time, and this was a complete mistake. Trying to divide my time between multiple businesses while taking care of my children and going to work resulted in no business results, exhaustion and frustration. Once I decided to put all other things aside and focus on my blog, I was able to see results much faster!


What I’ve Learned

I made a bunch of mistakes along the way, like putting too much effort at the beginning in building and designing my website and spending money on things I really didn’t need (Instagram templates? Hiring a graphic designer?). Still, every step taught me a lot, where are the actions that will bring the most ROI (return on investment) and which are the actions that are a complete waste of my time and money, well, at least at this point of my business.

The most important lesson I’ve learned in my first year of blogging is to be patient with myself. Trying to build your dreams at the same time as managing all your other obligations and being there for your children is not easy. However, I know today that if I continue to put one step in front of the other (no matter how long it takes), I WILL get there:)

If you are a working mom that is building a side hustle,

or just thinking about it (it’s addictive, I am telling you 😊)

then come join me on this exciting Journey!

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